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Genealogy On The Internet

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Review by

  • Eastman's Genealogy Newsletter, Apr 27-29 1999 issue
    (Thank you to Mr. Eastman for permission to reprint his review)

    Pettit's Genealogy on the Internet

    I had a chance to read a new book this week that was quite interesting. "Genealogy on the Internet" is a 156-page paperback written by Sherri Pettit, UE. Ms. Pettit gives a very good overview of the topic of online resources to aid in your genealogy research. Each chapter gives a brief overview without going into great depth. However, most of the chapters do give references where the reader may find still more information, if desired.

    The chapters in this book include:
  • Introduction
  • Glossary
  • What Is The Internet?
  • Before Going Online
  • Getting Set Up
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Now You're Online.. What Next?
  • First Time User Tips - Netiquette
  • E-Mail
  • Mailing Lists
  • Newsgroups
  • Get The Word Out!

  • Writing An Effective Query
  • Online Research Tips
  • Search Engines
  • Web Sites
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Search Plan: To Have, Or Not To Have?
  • Creating A Web Page
  • Privacy Online
  • Freebies
  • Programs
  • Links
  • Forums
  • The author and the publisher are Canadian, but most of the information in this book will apply anywhere in the world. The only exception is the section on dial-up bulletin boards; most of the ones listed in the book are in Canada. However, that consumes only a few pages. Everything else seems to apply equally to an international audience.

    I particularly liked the "Privacy Online" chapter. This should be required reading for every new online genealogist!

    While this is a small booklet, it does pack a lot of information within its covers. "Genealogy on the Internet" lists for 15.00 Canadian dollars, which works out to about $10.00 in U.S. funds. The company also lists a $5.00 (Canadian) shipping charge although they might want a bit more to ship to anyone outside of Canada. Anyone in the world can pay for this on a charge card and the credit card company will work out the conversion rate. International orders are simple when credit cards are used.

    For more information, look at: http://www.genealogystore.com