Bible: Craddock Family (Toronto, ON)
I am in possession of an 1865 King James family bible inscribed with Craddock names. Oral family history states that they lived in Toronto Ontario Canada but came originally from UK. Then, just before the turn of the present century, my grandfather, George W. Craddock the (third generation inscribed in the bible) left Toronto for New York City, where he met and married an Irish immigrant girl. That however, is another story. In the bible is an old, large photograph of a hotel in Toronto, The Prince James Hotel. This hotel has some significance also, but I don't know what it is. I hope this will be of some help to others, and in turn, I may receive some insights.

Jonelyn Craddock Barr, P.O.Box 380, Rosendale NY USA 12472

Mary Ann BURTON, 15 Feb 1826 - 14 Jun 1905
Married John William CRADDOCK 6 Jun 1847. He was born in Aug 1826.

One child:
John William CRADDOCK, 1 May 1852 - 1932
Married Elizabeth MURRAY 1 Jun 1877 (her birth and death are not recorded)

Their children:
George W. CRADDOCK, 1 Oct 1877 - 1952

Courtesy of Jonelyn Craddock Barr