Leeds County, Ontario, Original Patents from Crown
From: Ontario Land Registry Access

Name / Institution or governmental body: Richard Quinn
Date (mm/dd/yyyy): 7/9/1831
Escott Township, Leeds County
Concession: 1
Lot: 2
Scanned Page #: 4
Original Page #: 1
Book #: 64
Notes: E pt 50 ac. Impounded 13 Apr 1889 E side line given as 73 chains

Directions to original documents (6/26/20):
- Go to Ontario Land Registry Access
- On first page, put in Leeds (LRO28) in box. Then select Historical books (box lower right).
- On next page, put in Abstract/Parcel Register Book in top box.
- Select Concession in second box. Do not put in any other information.
- Hit Search Books. A list of townships and concessions will come up.
- Choose a Township.

The list of names come from the first patent from the Crown for each lot, and many lots were subdivided when the patent was issued. A map of the township and the various concession is included in the front of some of concession documents. The documents relate to the change of ownership of the lot or parts of the lot up to around 2009. The exchange of lands, either by sale or inheritance, is documented and is often a very good source of information about names of wives or children or year of death for some original owners.

For visual instructions, please view this PDF

Courtesy of Pamela Wright