Bible: Craddock Family (Toronto, ON)
Bible: Currier Family (NB)
Book Index: A History of Beaver Brook 1760-1959 (NB)
Book Index: Elgin County Historical Atlas (ON)
Book Index: Huron County Historical Atlas, 1879 (ON)
Book Index: Oxford County Historical Atlas, 1876 (ON)
Book Index: Perth County Historical Atlas, 1879 (ON)
Courts: Washington County Court Index 1839-1845 (NB)
Leeds County, Ontario, Original Patents from Crown
Marriages: Annapolis County (NS)
Obituary: ACKER, Denis Aubrey (NS)
Obituary: ACKER, Dorothy Laverta (NS)
Obituary: ACKER, Elva Eileen (NS)
Obituary: ACKER, Lloyd Wayne (NS)
Obituary: ACKER, Yvonne Marie (NS)
Obituary: ACKMAN, Anne Rosella (NS)
Obituary: ALLEN, Doris Mae (NS)
Obituary: ANNIS, Walter Percy (NS)
Obituary: ARENBURG, John Lewis (NS)
Obituary: ARENBURG, Margaret Rose (NS)
Obituary: AULENBACK, Fern Marshall (NS)
Obituary: AULENBACK, Lillie Viola (NS)
Obituary: BACKMAN, Herman Joshua (NS)
Obituary: BAKER, Archibald C. (NS)
Obituary: BAKER, Ruth Avadana (NS)
Obituary: BALTZER, Harold Russel (NS)
Obituary: BALTZER, Mildred Kathleen (NS)
Obituary: BARKHOUSE, Benjamin Lewis (NS)
Obituary: BARKHOUSE, Herbert William (NS)
Obituary: BARKHOUSE, Hudson Benjamin (NS)
Obituary: BARKHOUSE, Laurie Sr. "Mike" (NS)
Obituary: BARKHOUSE, Lorne Joseph (NS)
Obituary: BARKHOUSE, Ruby Phyllis (NS)
Obituary: BARKHOUSE, Wesley (NS)
Obituary: BAUGIL, Russell Ambrose (NS)
Obituary: BECK, Kathleen Robina "Kate" (NS)
Obituary: BELL, Carl Edward (NS)
Obituary: BEZANSON, Bertha Gladys (NS)
Obituary: BEZANSON, Clarence David (NS)
Obituary: BEZANSON, Dorothy Jean (NS)
Obituary: BEZANSON, Ella Margaret (NS)
Obituary: BEZANSON, George Weldon (NS)
Obituary: BEZANSON, Gertrude Eileen "Chick" (NS)
Obituary: BEZANSON, Hazel Catherine (NS)
Obituary: BEZANSON, Howard Eston (NS)
Obituary: BEZANSON, Lola Belle (NS)
Obituary: BEZANSON, Raymond Hugh "Ray" (NS)
Obituary: BEZANSON, Samuel William "Bill" (NS)
Obituary: BEZANSON, Wilhelmina Annie Thelma (NS)
Obituary: BLACKLOCK, John N. (NS)
Obituary: BLEASDALE, Opal Eugina (NS)
Obituary: BOEHNER, Bruce Roger Denton (NS)
Obituary: BOISVERT, Simone D. (LaPlante) (NS)
Obituary: BOLIVAR, Gladys Thelma (NS)
Obituary: BOLIVAR, Hazel Fannie (NS)
Obituary: BOLLIVAR, Doris Elizabeth (NS)
Obituary: BOLLIVAR, Marjorie Veronica (NS)
Obituary: BOND, Anna Marie (NS)
Obituary: BOND, Richard Bruce (NS)
Obituary: BOND, Virgil Howard (NS)
Obituary: BONN-HIMMELMAN, Catherine W. (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Amy Geneva (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Aubrey Adolphus (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Barbara Ann (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Borden Herbert (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Curtis Chesley (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Donald Chisholm (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Donald Hazlitt (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Dorothy May (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Edward (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Ernest Gordon (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Etta May (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Francis Henry Jr. "Frank" (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Frederick Emery (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, George Edward Wilfred (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Gertrude "Dorothy" (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Ian Rex "Boots" (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Inez V. (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Jessie Sinclair (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Jessie Wilson (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Laurie Samuel (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Marion Bernice (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Mary Jane (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Minnie Louise (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Phyllis Mary (NS)
Obituary: BOUTILIER, Thomas William (NS)
Obituary: BREMNER, Donald Robert (NS)
Obituary: BURGOYNE, J. Ford (NS)
Obituary: BURGOYNE, Ralph Noble (NS)
Obituary: BURKE, Daisy M.R (NS)
Obituary: BUSH, Clarence Caleb (NS)
Obituary: BUSHEN, Lemuel Davis (NS)
Obituary: CHISHOLM, Leonard W. (NS)
Obituary: CLATTENBURG, Iris Ethel (NS)
Obituary: CLATTENBURG, Peter John (NS)
Obituary: CLAUS, Gertrude M. (NS)
Obituary: CLEVELAND, Hilda Pearl (NS)
Obituary: CLEVELAND, Winton Arnold (NS)
Obituary: COCHRANE, Ethel Hirtle (NS)
Obituary: COLE, Alice Louise (NS)
Obituary: COLLICUTT, Hilda Elizabeth (NS)
Obituary: COLLICUTT, Susie Pearl (NS)
Obituary: CONRAD, Donald Hector (NS)
Obituary: CONRAD, Edith Lucy (NS)
Obituary: CONRAD, Evelyn Rose (NS)
Obituary: CONRAD, George Leland Grant (NS)
Obituary: CONRAD, Harry Lloyd (NS)
Obituary: CONRAD, Mildred Pauline (NS)
Obituary: CONRAD, Nellie Myrtle (NS)
Obituary: CONRAD, Ruth M. (NS)
Obituary: CONRAD, Vera Belle (NS)
Obituary: CONRAD, Watson Edward (NS)
Obituary: CONRAD, William James "Bill" (NS)
Obituary: CONROD, Joan Irene (NS)
Obituary: COOK, Darlene Ina Blanche (NS)
Obituary: COOKE, Jessie Alma Alberta (NS)
Obituary: COOLEN, Dorothy Marie (NS)
Obituary: COOLEN, Violet Mae (NS)
Obituary: CORBIN, Hughes Marshall (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Alvery Viola (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Arthur Stephen (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Arthur William (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Betty Doreen (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Carmon Murray Sr. (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Carolyn Eliza "Carrie" (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Emma Jean (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Eugene Edward (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Florence Jean (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Izilda Marion (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Lillas Belle (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Madelin Elaine (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Melvin Herbert (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Nellie F. (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Olive Charlotte Louise (NS)
Obituary: CORKUM, Ralph William, Capt. (NS)
Obituary: COVEY, Barbara Edith (NS)
Obituary: COVEY, Kester Rockwell "Kes" (NS)
Obituary: CRANDALL, Willis LeRoy (NS)
Obituary: CREASER, Eugene St. Clair, Capt. (NS)
Obituary: CREASER, G. Arnold, Pastor (NS)
Obituary: CREASER, Lorne Roy (NS)
Obituary: CROFT, Lillian I.B. (NS)
Obituary: CROOKS, Donald Perry (NS)
Obituary: CROOKS, Margaret Helen (NS)
Obituary: CROOKS, Myra Belle (NS)
Obituary: CROOKS, Nellie Marie (NS)
Obituary: CROOKS, Oscar Theodore "Oc" (NS)
Obituary: CROSS, Bernice Isabel (NS)
Obituary: CROSS, Jessie Mae (NS)
Obituary: CROSS, Rhoda Mae (NS)
Obituary: CROSS, Theadore William Urius (NS)
Obituary: CROUSE, Clarence Charles (NS)
Obituary: CROUSE, Dorothy Belle (NS)
Obituary: CROUSE, Frank Clifford (NS)
Obituary: CROUSE, Ira Roxway (NS)
Obituary: CROUSE, Jennie Mae (NS)
Obituary: CROUSE, Joan Barbara (NS)
Obituary: CROUSE, Mabel Elfreda (NS)
Obituary: CROUSE, Reta Evelyn (NS)
Obituary: CROUSE, Sylvia Mae (NS)
Obituary: CROUSE, Vera Louise (NS)
Obituary: DAGLEY, Ruby Evelyn (NS)
Obituary: DAUPHINEE, Ruth Evangeline (NS)
Obituary: DAURIE, Harold Nelson (NS)
Obituary: DAVIDSON, Noreen (NS)
Obituary: DEMONE, Marion Ismay (NS)
Obituary: DEMONE, Winnifred Jean Louise (NS)
Obituary: DEMONT, Donald Robert (NS)
Obituary: DEMONT, Golda Ethel (NS)
Obituary: DOLLIVER, Aubrey Alberton (NS)
Obituary: DOOLEY, Vivian (Matthews) (NS)
Obituary: DOREY, Agnes Carole (NS)
Obituary: DOREY, Bessie Lavina (NS)
Obituary: DREW, Clifford Charles (NS)
Obituary: EISENER, Kathleen Gertrude (NS)
Obituary: EISENHAUER, Charles A. (NS)
Obituary: EISNOR, Charles Arthur (NS)
Obituary: EISNOR, Dorothy Marie (NS)
Obituary: EISNOR, Douglas Avery (NS)
Obituary: EISNOR, Reta Leone (NS)
Obituary: ERNST, Charles H.A. "Charlie" (NS)
Obituary: ERNST, Clarence Gladstone (NS)
Obituary: ERNST, Clarence Howard (NS)
Obituary: ERNST, Edward Rogers (NS)
Obituary: ERNST, J. Stanley (NS)
Obituary: ERNST, Roslyn Eldora (NS)
Obituary: FADER, Dorothy Marguerite (NS)
Obituary: FALKENHAM, Madelyn Mary (NS)
Obituary: FANCY, Earl Kenneth (NS)
Obituary: FANCY, Frank Byard (NS)
Obituary: FANCY, Gordon William (NS)
Obituary: FANCY, Jessie Levine (NS)
Obituary: FANCY, Muriel Sylvia (NS)
Obituary: FANCY, Philip Allen (NS)
Obituary: FEENER, Arthur S. (NS)
Obituary: FEINDEL, Mabel Mae (NS)
Obituary: FINCK, Arthur Wellington (NS)
Obituary: FOOTE, Gordon Arthur (NS)
Obituary: FRAIL, Robert Wallace (NS)
Obituary: FRALICK, Garnet Granville (NS)
Obituary: FRALICK, Helen Marie (NS)
Obituary: FRANK, Carl Clair (NS)
Obituary: FRANK, Dorothy Louise (NS)
Obituary: FRASER, Inez Isabel (NS)
Obituary: FREDERICKS, Marjorie Jean (NS)
Obituary: GALLANT, Lorna-Jean Blanche (NS)
Obituary: GARBER, Arthur Leaman (NS)
Obituary: GARBER, Ena Louise (NS)
Obituary: GARCEAU, Lillian (McLean) (NS)
Obituary: GARRISON, Pearl Lois "Dolly" (NS)
Obituary: GATES, Frances Ora (NS)
Obituary: GATES, Ronald W. (NS)
Obituary: GETSON, Rhoda May (NS)
Obituary: GIFFEN, Ernest Brenton (NS)
Obituary: GRAVES, Roy Gorden (NS)
Obituary: GRAY, Pearl Lois (NS)
Obituary: GREEK, Clydie Elizabeth (NS)
Obituary: GREENLAW, Thomas Gilbert (NS)
Obituary: HAMM, Clara May (NS)
Obituary: HARDY, Elva Grace (NS)
Obituary: HARLOW, Audrey May (NS)
Obituary: HARLOW, Dorothy Mary (NS)
Obituary: HARMON, Norma Hope (NS)
Obituary: HARNISH, Earl (NS)
Obituary: HARNISH, Joan Audrey (NS)
Obituary: HARNISH, Larry Wayne (NS)
Obituary: HARNISH, Laura Helena Bell "Lena" (NS)
Obituary: HARNISH, Lottie Olive (NS)
Obituary: HARNISH, Margaret Eve (NS)
Obituary: HARNISH, Mildred Alberta (NS)
Obituary: HARNISH, Roy L (NS)
Obituary: HARPELL, James Densmore (NS)
Obituary: HARTLEN, Florence Victoria (NS)
Obituary: HARTLEN, Oscar James (NS)
Obituary: HATT, Beatrice Louise (NS)
Obituary: HATT, Freeman D. (NS)
Obituary: HATT, Granville Clark (NS)
Obituary: HATT, Kathleen Dorothy (NS)
Obituary: HATT, Pearl Margaret (NS)
Obituary: HAUGHN, Margaret Maye (NS)
Obituary: HEBB, Charles Edwin "Buddy" (NS)
Obituary: HEBB, Donald Fetterly (NS)
Obituary: HEBB, Doris Loretta (NS)
Obituary: HEBB, Dorothy Erma (NS)
Obituary: HEBB, Philip C.W. (NS)
Obituary: HEBB, William MacKenzie "Billie" (NS)
Obituary: HECKMAN, Dorothy M. (NS)
Obituary: HEISLER, Eric Marshall "Buddy" (NS)
Obituary: HEISLER, Lloyd Alton (NS)
Obituary: HEMEON, Ruby Jane (NS)
Obituary: HENNIGAR, Bertha Mae (NS)
Obituary: HENNIGAR, Ellen Pearl (NS)
Obituary: HENNIGAR, M. Etta (NS)
Obituary: HENNIGAR, Marion Smith (NS)
Obituary: HENNIGAR, Merton Leigh (NS)
Obituary: HERMAN, Gary Richard (NS)
Obituary: HILCHIE, David Wayne (NS)
Obituary: HILCHIE, Gloria J. (NS)
Obituary: HILTZ, Alfred Center (NS)
Obituary: HILTZ, Alma V. (NS)
Obituary: HILTZ, Daisy Belle (NS)
Obituary: HILTZ, Donald Layton "Bud" (NS)
Obituary: HILTZ, Edward Rae "Eddy" (NS)
Obituary: HILTZ, George Elliott (NS)
Obituary: HILTZ, Scott Edward (NS)
Obituary: HIMMELMAN, Aileen S. (NS)
Obituary: HIMMELMAN, Mary Elizabeth (NS)
Obituary: HIMMELMAN, Wilson George (NS)
Obituary: HIRTLE, Elwood Smith "Woody" (NS)
Obituary: HIRTLE, James H. (NS)
Obituary: HIRTLE, John Marshall "Jack" (NS)
Obituary: HIRTLE, John William (NS)
Obituary: HIRTLE, Nelson Eugene (NS)
Obituary: HIRTLE, Patricia Adeline Margaret (NS)
Obituary: HIRTLE, Viola Cynthia (NS)
Obituary: HUBLEY, Earle Frederick (NS)
Obituary: HUBLEY, Edna Pauline (NS)
Obituary: HUBLEY, Elizabeth "Betty" (NS)
Obituary: HUBLEY, G. Lester (NS)
Obituary: HUBLEY, George William (NS)
Obituary: HUBLEY, Gladys Edith (NS)
Obituary: HUBLEY, Hugh Sterling "Mackie" (NS)
Obituary: HUBLEY, Ira Austen (NS)
Obituary: HUBLEY, James A (NS)
Obituary: HUBLEY, Kenneth Arthur Sr. (NS)
Obituary: HUBLEY, Margaret H. (NS)
Obituary: HUBLEY, Vernon Humbert (NS)
Obituary: HUDSON, Olive Marguerite (NS)
Obituary: HUGHES, Major Daniel (NS)
Obituary: HUTT, Lloyd Delmar (NS)
Obituary: HUTT, Norman C. (NS)
Obituary: HYSON, Donald Ray (NS)
Obituary: ISENOR, Bernard Colson (NS)
Obituary: ISENOR, Charles Ivan (NS)
Obituary: ISENOR, Earl William Kitchener "Flanker" (NS)
Obituary: ISENOR, Judson Raphael (NS)
Obituary: ISNOR, Frank Alden (NS)
Obituary: IVERSEN, Edna Grace (NS)
Obituary: JODREY, Joseph Alexander (NS)
Obituary: JOLLIMORE, Arthur Ronald "Ronnie" (NS)
Obituary: JOLLIMORE, Carl Allan Kirby (NS)
Obituary: JOLLIMORE, Daisy Emma (NS)
Obituary: JOLLIMORE, Lily Elaine (NS)
Obituary: JOLLIMORE, Percy Wilson (NS)
Obituary: JOUDREY, Cecil E. (NS)
Obituary: JOUDREY, Chester Ernest (NS)
Obituary: JOUDREY, J. Albert (NS)
Obituary: JOUDREY, Janelle Ruth (NS)
Obituary: JOUDREY, John Robert (NS)
Obituary: JOUDREY, Jordan Carver (NS)
Obituary: JOUDREY, Kathleen (NS)
Obituary: JOUDREY, Lawrence Arnold (NS)
Obituary: JOUDREY, Mabel (NS)
Obituary: JOUDREY, Stuart Allen (NS)
Obituary: JOUDREY, Verda Gerene (NS)
Obituary: KAISER, Joan Elizabeth (NS)
Obituary: KAISER, Walter Stanley (NS)
Obituary: KAIZER, Charles R. (NS)
Obituary: KAIZER, Troy Christopher (NS)
Obituary: KAIZER, Vera Jean (NS)
Obituary: KEDDY, Amy Mildred (NS)
Obituary: KEDDY, Ellen Elizabeth (NS)
Obituary: KEDDY, Gordon Richard (NS)
Obituary: KEDDY, Lola Beatrice (NS)
Obituary: KEDDY, Mae Viola (NS)
Obituary: KEDDY, Ruth May (NS)
Obituary: KEDDY, Wilma Grace (NS)
Obituary: KEDY, Mildred Belle (NS)
Obituary: KEIZER, Harvey Joseph (NS)
Obituary: KNICKLE, Anthony J. "Tony" (NS)
Obituary: KNICKLE, Gilbert St. Clair (NS)
Obituary: KNICKLE, Laurel Burleigh (NS)
Obituary: KNICKLE, Olive Dorothea (NS)
Obituary: LaCHANCE, Nina D. (NS)
Obituary: LANGILL, Albert Fraser "Al" (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Alice Maud (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Andrew Boyd (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Basil Underwood (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Beatrice S. (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Elizabeth "Lily" (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Ernest Calvin (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Harvey Whitman (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Helena Edith (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Lawson Douglas (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Mae E. (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Margaret Elizabeth "Margie" (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Percy Elmore (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Sadie Irene (NS)
Obituary: LANGILLE, Simpson Lee (NS)
Obituary: LANTZ, Raymond Stanley (NS)
Obituary: LESLIE, Vivian Dorothy (NS)
Obituary: LEVY, Dorothy Muriel (NS)
Obituary: LEVY, Edward Arnold (NS)
Obituary: LEVY, Ernest R. (NS)
Obituary: LEVY, Francis Harold (NS)
Obituary: LEVY, Reginald Leo (NS)
Obituary: LEVY, Victor Eugene (NS)
Obituary: LEVY, Viola Geneva (NS)
Obituary: LLEWELLYN, Shirley Marie (NS)
Obituary: LOHNES, A. Lucille (NS)
Obituary: LOHNES, Arthur Bradford Ellsworth (NS)
Obituary: LOHNES, Jeramy John LeRoy (NS)
Obituary: LOHNES, Jessie Pearl (NS)
Obituary: LOHNES, Rayburn Leon (NS)
Obituary: LOHNES, Robert L. (NS)
Obituary: MacDONALD, Elane Gail (NS)
Obituary: MacDONALD, Reta M. (Swinehammer) (NS)
Obituary: MacLENNAN, Lewis L. (NS)
Obituary: MacLEOD, Katherine A. (NS)
Obituary: MADER, Carl Leon (NS)
Obituary: MADER, Isabelle Frances "Honey" (NS)
Obituary: MAILMAN, Alfred Gordon (NS)
Obituary: MAILMAN, Clifford Heber (NS)
Obituary: MAILMAN, Ira Fielding (NS)
Obituary: MANUEL, Lloyd Edward (NS)
Obituary: MANUEL, Muriel Amelia (NS)
Obituary: MANUEL, Richard Theodore "Dick" (NS)
Obituary: MARRIOTT, Harold Herbert (NS)
Obituary: MARRYATT, Frank W. (NS)
Obituary: MASON, George Desbrisay (NS)
Obituary: MASON, Ruby Anabel (NS)
Obituary: MASON, Russell A. (NS)
Obituary: MATTATALL, F. Lila (NS)
Obituary: MATTATALL, Margaret Hansen (NS)
Obituary: McGRATH, Elsie Marguerite (NS)
Obituary: McLEOD, Bertha S (NS)
Obituary: MEDICRAFT-HENNIGAR, Willa May (NS)
Obituary: MEISNER, Blaine Sanford (NS)
Obituary: MEISNER, Owen Victor (NS)
Obituary: MEISNER, Pauline Ruth (NS)
Obituary: MEISNER, Pearl Margueret (NS)
Obituary: MEISNER, Roy Alexander (NS)
Obituary: MEISTER, Cedric Gates (NS)
Obituary: MELVIN, Charles Robert (NS)
Obituary: MILLER, Harvey Russell "Jiggy" (NS)
Obituary: MILLETT, Mavis Frances (NS)
Obituary: MILLS, Grace Leone (NS)
Obituary: MILLS, Lewis Raymond (NS)
Obituary: MINGO, Ina Jean (NS)
Obituary: MINGO, Louis Gordon (NS)
Obituary: MORASH, Douglas L. (NS)
Obituary: MORASH, Elsie Mae (NS)
Obituary: MORASH, Ernest Roland (NS)
Obituary: MORASH, Florence Marie "Nonnie" (NS)
Obituary: MORASH, Howard Sidney (NS)
Obituary: MORASH, Margaret Esther (NS)
Obituary: MORASH, Shirley May (NS)
Obituary: MOSHER, Carl Edward (NS)
Obituary: MOSHER, Leota Winnifred (NS)
Obituary: MOSHER, Marion Victoria "Mim" (NS)
Obituary: MOSSMAN, Berlin Mansfield (NS)
Obituary: MURPHY, Clyde Fenwick "Murph" (NS)
Obituary: MYRA, Arthur Frederick (NS)
Obituary: MYRA, Darell Graham (NS)
Obituary: NAAS, Kathleen Vera (NS)
Obituary: NAUGLER, Cecil Ernest (NS)
Obituary: NAUGLER, Dorothy Ruth Elizabeth "Dot" (NS)
Obituary: NAUGLER, Jean Margaret (NS)
Obituary: NAUGLER, John-David Frederick (NS)
Obituary: NAUSS, Benjamin Earl (NS)
Obituary: NAUSS, Ernest Cedric (NS)
Obituary: NAUSS, Georgina Jane (NS)
Obituary: NOWE, Sherman Millage (NS)
Obituary: NOWE, Virginia May (NS)
Obituary: OICKLE, Alice Levina (NS)
Obituary: OICKLE, Beulah Marie (NS)
Obituary: OICKLE, Eldon St. Clair (NS)
Obituary: OICKLE, Ivan Freeman (NS)
Obituary: OICKLE, Kathleen Phyllis (NS)
Obituary: OICKLE, Marion Louise (NS)
Obituary: OIKLE, Elmer Leroy "Happy" (NS)
Obituary: OIKLE, Frances Glendean (NS)
Obituary: OXNER, Fraser "Carl" (NS)
Obituary: OXNER, Gary Lee (NS)
Obituary: OXNER, Myrtle Irene (NS)
Obituary: PARKER-HILTZ, Marcella Adelaide (NS)
Obituary: PARKS, Greta Dorothy (NS)
Obituary: PARNELL, Vera Ione (NS)
Obituary: PATRIQUIN, Everett Ralston "Bud" (NS)
Obituary: PAYZANT, Hazel Catherine (NS)
Obituary: PAYZANT, John Arthur (NS)
Obituary: PAYZANT, John H. "Jack" (NS)
Obituary: PELRENE, Ethel Blanche (NS)
Obituary: PENNEY, Clifford Archibald (NS)
Obituary: PENNY, Rita Mae (NS)
Obituary: PENTZ, Freda Burnette (NS)
Obituary: PENTZ, Raymond Arnold (NS)
Obituary: PERNETTE, Emma Susanna "Susie" (NS)
Obituary: PETTIPAS, Lillian M. (NS)
Obituary: PREEPER, Murray Dennis (NS)
Obituary: PRIEMUS, Barbara Elizabeth (NS)
Obituary: PUBLICOVER, Anna May (NS)
Obituary: PUBLICOVER, Mary Ann (NS)
Obituary: PUBLICOVER, Weldon Frank (NS)
Obituary: PULSIFER, Daniel Kent "Danny" (NS)
Obituary: RAFUSE, Clayton Garnet (NS)
Obituary: RAFUSE, Curtis Blakey (NS)
Obituary: RAFUSE, Eileen (NS)
Obituary: RAFUSE, Eva May (NS)
Obituary: RAFUSE, Gertrude Mae (NS)
Obituary: RAFUSE, Jessie Eugene (NS)
Obituary: RAFUSE, Kenneth LeRoy (NS)
Obituary: RAFUSE, Mary Manetta (NS)
Obituary: RAFUSE, Moyle Kitchener (NS)
Obituary: RAFUSE, Neil James "Chub" (NS)
Obituary: RAFUSE, Raymond Wesley "Ray" (NS)
Obituary: RAFUSE, Viola Victoria (NS)
Obituary: RAMEY, Beatrice Ceretha (NS)
Obituary: RAYFUSE, Earle Albert (NS)
Obituary: REEVES, Maurice Clayton (NS)
Obituary: REYNO, Vincent Paul (NS)
Obituary: RHODENIZER, Carrie Etta (NS)
Obituary: RHODENIZER, Elsie Marie (NS)
Obituary: RHYNO, Denton Atwood (NS)
Obituary: RHYNO, Gertrude Rhoda (NS)
Obituary: RHYNO, Helen Mary (NS)
Obituary: RHYNO, Lillian Pearl (NS)
Obituary: RHYNOLD, Clarence Edward (NS)
Obituary: RHYNOLD, Ludvy Ellston (NS)
Obituary: RICHARD, Daisy Kathleen (NS)
Obituary: RINGER, Audrey Louise (NS)
Obituary: RISSER, Jessica Leanne (NS)
Obituary: RITCEY, Alec Harvey (NS)
Obituary: RITCEY, Lloyd Melvin (NS)
Obituary: RITCEY, Norman Creighton (NS)
Obituary: ROBAR, Alfreda Maude (NS)
Obituary: ROBAR, Gordon Allison (NS)
Obituary: ROBAR, Lawson St. Clair (NS)
Obituary: ROBART, Willet L. (NS)
Obituary: RODENHISER, Amy Pearle (NS)
Obituary: RUSSELL, Gracie Emeline (NS)
Obituary: SARTY, Nellie Louise (NS)
Obituary: SARTY, Percy Herbe (NS)
Obituary: SARTY, Wilson Albert (NS)
Obituary: SAWLER, Beulah Leona May (NS)
Obituary: SAWLER, Daise Ruth (NS)
Obituary: SAWLER, Ralph R. (NS)
Obituary: SELIG, Allen Lewis (NS)
Obituary: SELIG, James S. "Toot" (NS)
Obituary: SELIG, Jennie M. (NS)
Obituary: SELIG, Margaret Janet (NS)
Obituary: SELIG, Richard H (NS)
Obituary: SELIG, Rockwell St. Clair (NS)
Obituary: SELIG, Sherri-Lynn A (NS)
Obituary: SHAFFNER, Ethel May (NS)
Obituary: SHUPE, Marvel B. (NS)
Obituary: SHUPE, Sarah Isabel (NS)
Obituary: SILVER, Bruce Leroy (NS)
Obituary: SILVER, Ellard Russell (NS)
Obituary: SILVER, Gladys Zetia (NS)
Obituary: SILVER, Marjorie Catherine (NS)
Obituary: SILVER, Randolph Roscoe (NS)
Obituary: SIMPSON, Lorna May (NS)
Obituary: SLAUENWHITE, Dorothy Glennis (NS)
Obituary: SLAUENWHITE, Leland Victor (NS)
Obituary: SLAUNWHITE, Bernice Rose (NS)
Obituary: SLAUNWHITE, Charles Clement "Clem" (NS)
Obituary: SLAUNWHITE, Constance Kathleen "Kay" (NS)
Obituary: SLAUNWHITE, Doris Ellen (NS)
Obituary: SLAUNWHITE, Edward Mahlon (NS)
Obituary: SLAUNWHITE, Hilda Mae (NS)
Obituary: SLAUNWHITE, James Harold (NS)
Obituary: SLAUNWHITE, James Merle (NS)
Obituary: SLAUNWHITE, Jennie Viola (NS)
Obituary: SMELTZER, Elizabeth Anne (NS)
Obituary: SMELTZER, George Harris (NS)
Obituary: SMELTZER, George Richard (NS)
Obituary: SMELTZER, Gertie Ina (NS)
Obituary: SMELTZER, Roxanna Ilene May (NS)
Obituary: SMITH, Aubrey Raymond (NS)
Obituary: SMITH, Carl Moran (NS)
Obituary: SMITH, Cynthia Gertrude (NS)
Obituary: SMITH, Emma Grace (Tutty) (NS)
Obituary: SMITH, Ina Mae (NS)
Obituary: SMITH, Marion Lillian Ruth (NS)
Obituary: SMITH, Stedman Ellis (NS)
Obituary: SNAIR, Dorothy Blanch (NS)
Obituary: SNAIR, Jeremiah "Jerry" (NS)
Obituary: SNYDER, Ralph Eugene (NS)
Obituary: SPERRY, Phyllis Marguerite (NS)
Obituary: SPIDLE, Curtis Norman (NS)
Obituary: SPINDLER, Fred Royal (NS)
Obituary: SPINDLER, Karen Moira (NS)
Obituary: SPONAGLE, Charles Edwin (NS)
Obituary: SPONAGLE, Hazel Louise (NS)
Obituary: SPONAGLE, Lester Kirwan (NS)
Obituary: STEVENS, Emily Ada (NS)
Obituary: STEVENS, Inez Pearl (NS)
Obituary: STEVENS, Victor Amos (NS)
Obituary: STEVENS, Wesley Howard (NS)
Obituary: STRUM, G. Ronald (NS)
Obituary: STRUM, Paul Frederick (NS)
Obituary: SWEET, Marion Loretta (NS)
Obituary: SWINIMER, Clifford L. (NS)
Obituary: SWINIMER, James Edward "Jim" (NS)
Obituary: SWINIMER, Ruby Evelyn (NS)
Obituary: SWINIMER, Vivian Mae (NS)
Obituary: TANCOCK, Eleanor Gertrude (NS)
Obituary: TANNER, Bernard Stewart "Bernie", Capt. (NS)
Obituary: TANNER, Ellen Clydie (NS)
Obituary: TANNER, Frances Norine (NS)
Obituary: TANNER, John Percey (NS)
Obituary: TANNER, Lavaughn Rosella (NS)
Obituary: TANNER, Mary Helen (NS)
Obituary: TANNER, Sylvia Ruth (NS)
Obituary: TANNER, William Howard (NS)
Obituary: TATTRIE, Freeman B. (NS)
Obituary: TATTRIE, Marie Mae (NS)
Obituary: TATTRIE, Mary Ann (NS)
Obituary: TIPERT, Reginald Morse (NS)
Obituary: TUFTS, Elsie May (NS)
Obituary: UMLAH, John Edward Cameron (NS)
Obituary: VARNER, Florence Annabelle (NS)
Obituary: VAUGHAN, Una Muriel (NS)
Obituary: VEINOT, Beatrice Harrit (NS)
Obituary: VEINOT, Clyde Lenly (NS)
Obituary: VEINOT, Goldie Pearl (NS)
Obituary: VEINOT, Maynard William (NS)
Obituary: VEINOT, Oran W. (NS)
Obituary: VEINOT, Rachel (NS)
Obituary: VEINOT, Ray St.Clair (NS)
Obituary: VEINOTTE, Carrie Lucretia (NS)
Obituary: VEINOTTE, Charles Stewart (NS)
Obituary: VEINOTTE, Gladys Ellen (NS)
Obituary: VEINOTTE, Hilda Viola (NS)
Obituary: VEINOTTE, Joshua Peter (NS)
Obituary: VEINOTTE, Lawrence James "Larry" (NS)
Obituary: VEINOTTE, Perry Harris (NS)
Obituary: VEINOTTE, Stuart Emerald (NS)
Obituary: VEITH, Gwynneth Irene (NS)
Obituary: VENIOT, Bernice Virginia (NS)
Obituary: VENIOTT, Arthur Gerald "Art" (NS)
Obituary: WAGNER, Audrey Louise (NS)
Obituary: WAGNER, Clara Myrtle (NS)
Obituary: WAGNER, Merle Alvin (NS)
Obituary: WALKER, Alphonsus William (NS)
Obituary: WAMBACH, Albert Archibald (NS)
Obituary: WAMBOLDT, Florence M. (NS)
Obituary: WAMBOLDT, Mary Iselda (NS)
Obituary: WAMBOLT, Carol Ann (NS)
Obituary: WAMBOLT, Melvin Stanley (NS)
Obituary: WEAGLE, Dorothy Evelyn (NS)
Obituary: WEAGLE, Eva May (NS)
Obituary: WEAGLE, Ina Mildred (NS)
Obituary: WEAGLE, Marion A. (NS)
Obituary: WEAGLE, Mildred Mae (NS)
Obituary: WEAGLE, Ronald (NS)
Obituary: WEBBER, Mark Phillip (NS)
Obituary: WEISNER, Theodore Carl (NS)
Obituary: WENTZELL, Alma Dorothy (NS)
Obituary: WENTZELL, Hazel Beatrice (NS)
Obituary: WENTZELL, Irvin Lester (NS)
Obituary: WENTZELL, Royce Chipman (NS)
Obituary: WENTZELL, Theresa (NS)
Obituary: WEST, Effie Laurene (NS)
Obituary: WESTHAVER, Leslie St. Clair (NS)
Obituary: WESTHAVER, Susan Marie (NS)
Obituary: WHITE, Lilly M. (NS)
Obituary: WHYNACHT, Cecil F. (NS)
Obituary: WHYNACHT, James Charles "Buddy" (NS)
Obituary: WHYNOT, Adele A. (NS)
Obituary: WHYNOT, Clara D. (NS)
Obituary: WHYNOT, Earl Freeman (NS)
Obituary: WHYNOT, Elden A (NS)
Obituary: WHYNOT, Evelyn Mae (NS)
Obituary: WHYNOT, Floyd Burton (NS)
Obituary: WHYNOT, June Marie (NS)
Obituary: WHYNOT, Kathleen F. (NS)
Obituary: WHYNOT, Lila Jenneta (NS)
Obituary: WHYNOT, Pauline Victoria (NS)
Obituary: WHYNOT, Wilson Grey (NS)
Obituary: WILE, Alice Mary (NS)
Obituary: WILE, Joyce Alice (NS)
Obituary: WILE, Myrna Louise (NS)
Obituary: WILE, Sadie Jane (NS)
Obituary: WILE, Virginia Celeste (NS)
Obituary: WILKIE, Oswald Nathaniel (NS)
Obituary: WILNEFF, Barbara Jean (NS)
Obituary: WILNEFF, Robert LeRoy (NS)
Obituary: WINTERS, Edith Gertrude (NS)
Obituary: WYNACHT, Dorothy B. (NS)
Obituary: YOUNG, Arnold Benjamin (NS)
Obituary: YOUNG, Muriel Jeanette (NS)
Obituary: YOUNG, Myra Marguerite (NS)
Obituary: ZINCK, Annetta Minnie (NS)
Obituary: ZINCK, Arlene Florence (NS)
Obituary: ZINCK, Christina (NS)
Obituary: ZINCK, Garth Reginald (NS)
Obituary: ZINCK, Hugh Fenwick (NS)
Obituary: ZINCK, Jean Florence (NS)
Obituary: ZINCK, John Walton (NS)
Obituary: ZINCK, Josiah Wilfred (NS)
Obituary: ZWICKER, Bessie M. (NS)
Obituary: ZWICKER, Joyce Cora (NS)
Obituary: ZWICKER, Muriel Vivian (NS)
Obituary: ZWICKER, Nellie (NS)
Obituary: ZWICKER, Paul Wallace (NS)
Obituary: ZWICKER, Ralph Frederick (NS)
Obituary: ZWICKER, Ross Blair (NS)
Obituary: ZWICKER, Tracy Lorraine (NS)
Obituary: ZWICKER, Virginia W. (NS)
Passenger List: "ANN", 1750 (NS)
Passenger List: "BETTY", 1752 (NS)
Passenger List: "GALE", 1751 (NS)
Passenger List: "GALE", 1752 (NS)
Passenger List: "MURDOCH", 1751 (NS)
Passenger List: "PEARL", 1751 (NS)
Passenger List: "PEARL", 1752 (NS)
Passenger List: "SALLY", 1752 (NS)
Passenger List: "SPEEDWELL", 1751 (NS)
Passenger List: "SPEEDWELL", 1752 (NS)
Passenger List: Those travelling with Cornwallis to Halifax in 1749 (NS)