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Vestfold Icelandic / Hove Cemetery, Coldwell RM, MB

Community: Vestfold
Township: SE -24-18
Locality: Coldwell RM
Municipality: Interlake Region
Province: MB
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On land belonging to the Tom family for over 100 years, and presently resided by Gerald Tom. Cemetery est. 1894, first deaths twins Kristjana Thora & Helgi Freeman Eyjofson.

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  • George E. Fedyck

  • Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Index courtesy of George Fedyck [2008]
    Indexed by Sherri Pettit

    This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

    ANDERSON, Marion Gladys  
    AUSTFORD, Gudmundur J.  
    AUSTFORD, Gudridur  
    AUSTFORD, Johanna (Jonson)  
    BYRON, Sigurdur  
    EINARSON, Benjamin  
    EINARSON, Einar H.  
    EINARSON, Gudny Sigurbjorg  
    EINARSON, Halldor  
    EINARSON, Helga  
    EINARSON, Laufey  
    EINARSON, Vilborg  
    EYOLFSON, Gudrun (Helgadottir)  
    EYOLFSON, Helgi Freeman  
    EYOLFSON, Kristjana Thora  
    EYOLFSON, Sigurdur  
    HELGADOTTIR, Gudrun  
    JOHNSON, Bjorg  
    JOHNSON, Elizabeth  
    JOHNSON, Jonina Kristin  
    JOHNSON, Silzelia  
    JOHNSON, Stefana  
    JOHNSON, Svein  
    JOHNSON, Thorbjorg  
    JONSON, Gudny  
    JONSON, Halldor  
    JONSON, Johanna  
    JONSON, Jon Thisilfjord  
    JONSSON, Jon  
    JONSSON, Thoirleifur  
    KOCH, Raymond V.  
    MAGNUSON, Gudmundur  
    MAGNUSSON, (baby daughter)  
    MCKAGUE, James Stewart  
    OLSEN, Helga  
    PALLSON (PAULSON), Agust  
    PALLSON (PAULSON), Sigrun  
    PALSSON, Kristin  
    SIGURDSON, Baldwin Helgi  
    SIGURDSON, Bergur  
    SKAGFELD, (child)  
    STEFANSON, (baby daughter)  
    STEFANSON, August  
    STEFANSON, Gudrun  
    STEFANSON, Holmfridur  
    STEFANSON, Kristjan Bessi  
    STEFANSON, Stefan  
    STEFANSSON, Gudmundur  
    STEFANSSON, Jonina  
    STEPHENSON, Stephen  
    THORDARSON, Steinunn Asta Elizabeth  
    THORDARSON, Vigfus  
    VIGFUSSON, Haldora  
    VIGFUSSON, Kristjan  

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