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Corpus Christi Polish Roman Catholic Cemetery, St Clements RM, MB

Street Address: 5819 Henderson Hwy
Community: Narol
Township: NW 34-12-04 E1
Locality: St Clements RM
Municipality: Interlake Region & Winnipeg Capital Region
Province: MB
GPS: 50.058334,-96.974039

Church / Denomination: Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church. Built in 1907, the original structure was replaced with a larger building in 1940, then again c2010 with another larger structure.

First burial 1905. Land purchased from Franciszik Tomczak and blessed in 1907. The cemetery was expanded in 1966 using land purchased by Franciszik's son Charley Tomczak.

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  • Peter McLure
  • Karol Miller

  • Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Photos courtesy of George Fedyck [2008], additions from Kim Ellison
    Indexed by Sherri Pettit

    This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

    ADAMAK, Jan  
    AITKENHEAD, Brian  
    BUKSAK, (baby)  
    BUKSAK, Edward  
    BUKSAK, Frank  
    BUKSAK, Katherine  
    BUKSAK, Walter  
    CHESLEY, Elizabeth  
    CHESLEY, Thomas  
    COPP, Stanley  
    DANOWSKI, Constance  
    DANOWSKI, Frank  
    DOHERTY, Helen (Parfaniduk)  
    EVASKAVICH, Margaret   1922 - 2006 (age: 84)
    FORTIUK, Elsie   1918 - 2006
    GAYNOR, Rozalia  
    GAYNOR, Vincent  
    GENTRY, James  
    GIRKS, Joseph  
    GOLANOWSKI, Mikolai  
    GRIKS, Caroline  
    GUSNOSKI, Agnes  
    GUSNOSKI, Michael  
    GUSNOWSKI, Jan  
    GUSNOWSKI, Maria  
    GUSNOWSKI, Martin J.  
    HNATIUK, Roman  
    HNATIUK, Tekla  
    HOC, Edward  
    HRABI, Josef  
    HRABI, Joseph  
    HRABI, Tekla  
    HUTTS, Helen  
    HUTTS, Jan   1862 - 1926
    HUTTS, Justyna  
    HUZARSKA, Tekla  
    HUZARSKI, Eva Mary  
    HUZARSKI, Frank Bruno  
    HUZARSKI, John  
    HUZARSKI, Joseph  
    HUZARSKI, Karol  
    HUZARSKI, Mary A.  
    HUZARSKI, Michael  
    HUZARSKI, Tekla  
    JASHYN, George  
    JASHYN, Michael  
    JISGYRB, Am Oeter  
    JOSEFCHUK, Nellie  
    KARPINSKI, Anna  
    KARPINSKI, fred  
    KING, Pauline (Miller)  
    KIYAN, William  
    KOSAKIEWICZ, Anastazya  
    KOWALISZYN, Bronislawa  
    KOWALISZYN, Kazimierz  
    KRUGER, Mary  
    KRUGER, Paul  
    KRUSZELNICKA, Gynolfa  
    KRUSZELNICKI, Frank   1885 - 1968
    KRUSZELNICKI, Josephine   1898 - 1982
    KRUSZELNICKI, Marian G.B.  
    KRUSZELNICKI, Pauline  
    KRYSCHUK, Elizabeth  
    KRYSCHUK, Ludvick  
    KRYSCHUK, Stanislawa  
    KRYSCHUK, Stephen  
    LOZINSKI, Betty  
    LOZINSKI, Nick  
    LUBINIECKI, Helen  
    LUDVICEK, Anna  
    LUDVICEK, Gustav  
    LUDVICEK, Stanley  
    LUDWICK, Anne Marie  
    LUDWICK, Joseph Paul  
    LUDWICK, Marilyn  
    LUDWICZYNSKI, Katherine  
    MALAZDREWICH, Elsie (Fortiuk)   1918 - 2006
    MALAZDREWICZ, Grzegorz  
    MALAZDREWICZ, Karolina  
    MALAZDREWICZ, Natalia  
    MALAZDREWICZ, Paranka  
    MALAZDREWICZ, Stanley  
    MALAZDREWICZ, William  
    MALIS, Caroline  
    MALIS, Stanley  
    MARUDA, Agnieszka  
    MARUDA, Antoni  
    MILLER, Andrew  
    MILLER, Charlie  
    MILLER, Edward  
    MILLER, Frances  
    MILLER, Frank  
    MILLER, John Andrew  
    MILLER, Maria  
    MILLER, Mary  
    MILLER, Nellie  
    MILLER, Pauline  
    MILLER, Stanley  
    MINKUS, Cheryl Ann  
    NEUMANN, Jean  
    NEUMANN, John  
    NOVAKOWSKI, Thomas  
    NOWAKOWSKI, Eleanora  
    NOWAKOWSKI, John  
    NUWAK, Bronislawa  
    ODLOWSKI, Adam  
    OGONOSKI, Angela "Nellie"  
    OGONOSKI, Frank J.  
    OLESCHUK, Edward  
    OLESCHUK, Helen  
    OLESCHUK, Michael  
    OLESCHUK, Nelelie  
    OLESCZUK, Paul  
    OLESZCZUK, Anny  
    OLESZCZUK, Franciszek  
    OLIKON, Julia  
    OLIKSON, Wladislaw  
    ONHAISER, Anne  
    ONHAISER, Theophil  
    ONHASEY, Elizabeth (ONHAUSER)  
    ONHASEY, Frances (ONHAUSER)  
    ONHAUSER, Bartholomew  
    ONHAUSER, Elizabeth (ONHASEY)  
    ONHAUSER, Frances (ONHASEY)  
    ONHAUSER, John   1897 - 1917
    ONHAUSER, Mary  
    ONHAUSER, Rosalia  
    PAJAK, Joseph  
    PAJAK, Sophie  
    PARFANIDUK, Helen  
    PARFANIUK, Aniela "Nellie"  
    PARFANIUK, Kyrik  
    PAYUK, Mike  
    PERSONA, James  
    PETASKI, Joseph  
    PETASKI, Lucwick  
    PETASKI, Margaret (Evaskavich)   1922 - 2006 (age: 84)
    PETASKI, Michael  
    PETASKI, Polly  
    POLIX, Barbara  
    POLIX, Edward N.  
    POLIX, Nicholas  
    PUKALO, Aniela  
    PUKALO, John  
    RITCHIE, Joseph  
    RITCHIE, Rose  
    ROCZYNA, Bernice  
    ROCZYNA, Piotr "Peter"  
    ROSNEY, Berbnard  
    RYSHAK, Edward J.  
    RYSHAK, Lily M.  
    RZYHAK, Maria  
    SHASKI, Bernatka  
    SHASKI, Nadia  
    SINKO, Geroge  
    SMITH, Nick  
    STEMKOSKI, Caroline  
    STEMKOSKI, John  
    STEMKOSKI, Joseph  
    STEMKOSKI, Stella  
    STEMKOWSKI, Catherine  
    STEMKOWSKI, Edward F.  
    STEMKOWSKI, Joseph A.  
    STEMKOWSKI, Julia L.  
    STEMKOWSKI, Olga  
    SZAJEWSKI, Victoria  
    SZAJEWSSKI, Charles  
    TOMCZAK, Bernice  
    TOMCZAK, Charles  
    TOMCZAK, Eva  
    TOMCZAK, Frank  
    TOMCZAK, Joyce  
    TOMCZAK, Lawrence Charles  
    WACHAL, Albert  
    WACHAL, Anna  
    WACHAL, Anne  
    WACHAL, Anton  
    WACHAL, Edward  
    WACHAL, Emilia  
    WACHAL, frank  
    WACHAL, Frank A.  
    WACHAL, Jan  
    WACHAL, Kathleen  
    WACHAL, Maria  
    WACHAL, Mary  
    WACHAL, Teresy  
    WACHAL, Wencel  
    WICZYNSKA, Maheal Luj  
    WISNIEWSKI, Marcia  
    WISNIEWSKI, Rosalie  
    WISNIEWSKI, Valentine  
    ZATORSKI, Annie   ? - 1952 (age: 74)
    ZATORSKI, Frances E.   1914 - 1991 (age: 77)
    ZATORSKI, Joseph   ? - 1945 (age: 73)

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