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Kildonan Presbyterian Cemetery, Winnipeg City , MB

Street Address: 2373 Main St & John Black Avenue
Community: Winnipeg
Locality: Winnipeg City
Municipality: Winnipeg Capital Region
Province: MB
GPS: 49.953443,-97.099711

Approx 4,000 graves. From cemetery pamphlet: "The graveyard has five sections, which illustrate the development of the site over 150 years. The oldest section extends north from the old stone wall past the Church, and west to Main Street. Here can be found the last resting place of many of the Selkirk settlers and their descendants, and former employees of the Hudson's Bay Company." "The oldest marker still existing is for little Marion Munroe who died 25th of January 1854.".

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    Photos courtesy of George Fedyck [2008], Lawrence Gilson & Keith Armstrong, Doug Phillips
    Indexed by Alison Mitchell-Reid

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    SANDERS, Catherine H   1864 - 1886 (age: 22)
    SANDERS, Edward   parent
    SANDERS, Ethel May   1880 - 1880
    SANDERS, Maggie   1863 - 1880 (age: 17)
    SANDERS, Margaret   parent
    STALKER, Robert  
    SULLIVAN, Ann (Graham)   1830 - 1902 (age: 72)
    SULLIVAN, Jennie   1860 - 1889 (age: 29)
    SUTHERLAND, Alexander J   1878 - 1922 (age: 44)
    SUTHERLAND, Alice (Davis)   1854 - 1912 (age: 58)
    SUTHERLAND, Anne   1796 - 1879 (age: 83)
    SUTHERLAND, Catherine   1834 - 1905 (age: 71)
    SUTHERLAND, Christie   1842 - 1917 (age: 75)
    SUTHERLAND, Christina M   1876 - 1947 (age: 71)
    SUTHERLAND, G   spouse
    SUTHERLAND, George   spouse
    SUTHERLAND, George   1879 - 1879
    SUTHERLAND, George   1854 - 1896 (age: 42)
    SUTHERLAND, George   1801 - 1880 (age: 79)
    SUTHERLAND, Henrietta (Gunn)   1819 - 1904 (age: 85)
    SUTHERLAND, Jane   parent
    SUTHERLAND, Jane   1833 - 1897 (age: 64)
    SUTHERLAND, Laurenda B   1885 - 1886 (age: 1)
    SUTHERLAND, Robert   parent
    SUTHERLAND, Samuel   ? - 1874
    SUTHERLAND, William   1847 - 1905 (age: 58)
    SWINFORD, Mary Ann (Linklater)   1855 - 1890

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