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Wilmot Rural / Fredericton Rural Cemetery , York County, NB
Wilson Cemetery , Albert County, NB
Wilson Cemetery , Albert County, NB
Wilson Cemetery , Westmorland County, NB
Wilson's / McNamee Pentecostal Assembly Cemetery , Northumberland County, NB
Wilson's Beach Cemetery , Charlotte County, NB
Wilson's Point Protestant Cemetery , Northumberland County, NB
Windsor Cemetery , Carleton County, NB
Wirral United Baptist Church Cemetery , Queens County, NB
Wolfe Lake McManus Cemetery , Albert County, NB
Wood Cemetery , Sunbury County, NB
Wood Island Cemetery , Charlotte County, NB
Woodland Cemetery , York County, NB
Woodland United Church Cemetery , Kings County, NB
Woodlawn Cemetery , Kent County, NB
Woodlawn Road Cemetery , Westmorland County, NB
Woodrow Brogan's Land Cemetery , Queens County, NB
Woods Cemetery , Queens County, NB
Woodstock Anglican Cemetery , Carleton County, NB
Woodward's Cove Cemetery , Charlotte County, NB
Worden Private Cemetery , Queens County, NB
Worden Stone / Old Cemetery , Queens County, NB
Wright Island / Wright Family Cemetery , Westmorland County, NB
York County Municipal Home Cemetery , York County, NB
Young's Cove United Cemetery , Queens County, NB
Youth Training Centre Grounds , York County, NB
Zealand Cemetery , York County, NB
Zealand Station Cemetery , York County, NB
Zion Presbyterian Cemetery , Kent County, NB
Zionville Cemetery , York County, NB

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