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Cock Family Cemetery, Colchester County, NS

Street Address: Old Tatamagouche Rd N
Community: East New Annan
Locality: Colchester County
Province: NS
GPS: 45.605798,-63.281155

Church / Denomination: No church affiliation

GPS location is approximate.

The Cock Cemetery at East New Annan is one of the most historic of some forty burial places in North Colchester. In it are buried members of the first family to settle in that part of New Annan, as well as the first white child born in Pictou. Located on the west side of the road leading to Alex McDonald's and 265 feet from the highway limits, it occupies a piece of land measuring some 60 by 90 feet in the southwest corner of a small field. This field is rapidly returning to forest while the cemetery itself is completely covered with woods. Some of the trees measure six inches in diameter.

This property was part of a land grant of 200 acres to Robert and Mary Cock dated 1816. They and their family were among the first to settle in that vicinity. According to gravestone inscriptions, Robert was the first to be buried in this cemetery, and the inscription on his tombstone reads: In memory of Robert Cock, died October 16, 1842, aged 76 years. Also his wife, Mary Harris, first white child to be born in Pictou, died September 1, 1864, aged 98 years. The last burial according to gravestone inscriptions, was in 1925 when Janet King, wife of James D. Cock was buried.

Six gravestones are still standing, as well as three individual grave markers. One stone has fallen and is badly broken. There is a story that many years ago, one of Cock’s oxen ran away and in his wanderings, knocked down and broke this stone. Ground depressions indicate some twenty one burials which coincides with the number of entries on the stones. There are probably more.

Directions: From Tatamagouche take Rt. 246 west for 0.5 kms ( 0.3 miles), turn left on the Truro Road and go 12 kms (7.2 miles) to Kennedy Hill Road. Turn left and go 0.5 kms (0.3 miles) to next intersection where you turn right. Go about 0.2 kms (0.1 miles), turn right onto a grassy road and go to a gate that has two steel wagon wheels in its structure. The cemetery is still not visible. Go an additional 10 m. through grass and bushes to find it.

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Photos courtesy of Roberta Cameron. Transcript compiled by Donald Beeler.

This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

COCK, Aubrey   1881 - 1890 (age: 9)
COCK, Aubrey   1875 - 1875 (age: 2m)
COCK, Bessie   1883 - 1884 (age: 11m)
COCK, Catherine (Conkey)   1842 - 1920
COCK, Eliza   1845 - 1854 (age: 9)
COCK, George H.   1839 - 1896 (age: 57)
COCK, Henrietta   1874 - 1881 (age: 7)
COCK, James D.   1842 - 1925
COCK, Janet (King)   1845 - 1925
COCK, Lavinia (Drysdale)   1812 - 1903 (age: 91)
COCK, Mary (Harris)   1766 - 1864 (age: 98)
COCK, Robert   1796 - 1882
COCK, Robert   1803 - 1906 (age: 103)
COCK, Robert   1766 - 1842 (age: 76)
COCK, Robert   1871 - 1880 (age: 9)
COCK, Thomas   1878 - 1882 (age: 4)
COCK, William   1797 - 1862 (age: 65)
CONKEY, Catherine   1842 - 1920
DRYSDALE, Lavinia   1812 - 1903 (age: 91)
HARRIS, Mary   1766 - 1864 (age: 98)
KING, Elizabeth   1838 - 1908
KING, Janet   1845 - 1925
NELSON, Mabel   1879 - 1881 (age: 2)
Peel, James William  

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