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Maple Leaf & St Anthony's Cemeteries, Kent County, ON

Maple Leaf & St Anthony's Cemeteries
Street Address: Maple Leaf Dr
Community: Chatham
Township: Chatham Township (Maple Leaf: Concession 2, Lots 2-3; St Anthony's: Concession 9, Part Lot 22)
Locality: Kent County
Municipality: Chatham-Kent
Province: ON
GPS: 42.398916,-82.155079

Maple Leaf Cemetery is registered to Municipality of Chatham-Kent. St Anthony's Cemetery is registered to R.C.E.C. of Diocese of London. First recorded burial was in July 1802.

From Dennis G Charron: Although the Cemetery has both St Anthony's (Catholic denomination) and Maple Leaf (Protestant denomination) it was initially Maple Leaf and is noted as Maple Leaf in all legal matters. Apparently the St Anthony Church had bought some land many years after the cemetery opened as Maple Leaf.

From History of the Parish of St Peter's, Supplementary by Rev. Father A.F. Scalisi, Sept. 30, 1945 (Courtesy of Tom Vella-Zarb): "The cemetery boasted a few stones as monuments as some 30-odd pine trees had been planted in a double row, cross fashion, through-out. The effect was nice but not thought practical as the roots would penetrate into graves. Almost every grave was an elevated mound. All of this obviously made it impossible to keep the grass cut. Twice a year, prior to my coming, a 'bee' was called for men with scythes to come and level the tall grass. The cemetery, therefore, was somewhat unsightly and quite undignified. In the fall of 1945, men came in response to an appeal, and, with a bull-dozer, every tree and mound disappeared and the debris cleared. The ground was then ploughed, weeded and further levelled. Finally in the Fall grass was sown and the large wooden cross was given a coat of aluminum paint. Later, when the grass is full and the ground firm, monuments will be straightened and markers placed at each grave or plot of graves."

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Photos courtesy of Dennis G. Charron, Robert Long, Tom Vella-Zarb, Grace Charbonneau, Mark Cunningham, Paula Brown, Barry Buckley, Max Crawford, Douglas & Donna Gammon, Jon Willis
    Indexed by Sherri Pettit, Susan Leitch, Nancy Ross-Hill, Giselle Loder, Mary Maddock, Marnie R, Tom Thompson, Jim Anderson, Brenda Marchese

    Chapel Drive 1-3, 8-12, 20-21 are part of New Maple Leaf Cemetery, Chapel Drive 3-7, 14-19 are part of New St Anthony's Cemetery. Chapel Drive 23, 24, 25 have no stones as of May 2012.

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    YAKO, Tatsuzo "Tom"   1923 - 2004
    YAMAJI, Heisuke   1906 - 1982
    YAMAJI, Kaz   ? ?
    YAMAJI, Kimi   1915 - 1992
    YAMAJI, Robert   ? - 19?7
    YEOMAN, Ruth Ann   1944 - 2008
    YIP, Tak Nuen "Johnny"   1930 - 1991 (age: 61)
    YOKOM, Eleanor M.   1928 - 2008
    YOTT, Edward Dean   1920 - 1991
    YOTT, Jeanie G.   1918 - 1997
    YOTT, Joseph Gerald   1917 - 1990 (age: 73)
    YOTT, Louis Raymond   1925 - 1990
    YOTT, Nelson "Paul"   1932 - 1998
    YOTT, Simone M (Monstrey)   1920 - 1997 (age: 77)
    YOUMANS, Elizabeth A.   1943 - 2006
    YOUNG, Brad   1965 - 1984
    YOUNG, Edwin Roy   1884 - 1940
    YOUNG, Edwin Roy   1884 - 1940
    YOUNG, Hester (Crackel)   1866 - 1944
    YOUNG, Hester (Crackel)   1866 - 1944
    YOUNG, James   1892 - 1972
    YOUNG, James   1892 - 1972
    YOUNG, Jason A.   1973 - 2001
    YOUNG, Joseph   1856 - 1934
    YOUNG, Joseph   1856 - 1934
    YOUNG, Maud   1885 - 1944
    YOUNG, Maud   1885 - 1944
    YOUNG, Ray Francis   1906 - 1924
    YOUNG, Ray Francis   1906 - 1924
    YOUNG, Sharon A.   1952 - 2000
    YOUNG, Thomas   1930 - 1999
    YOUNG, Violet (Knott)   1900 - 1953
    YOUNG, Violet (Knott)   1900 - 1953
    YOUNGS, Robert D.   1952 - 1999
    YTSMA, Albert J.   1917 - 2010
    YURKO, Roland Joe   1965 - 1996

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