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Warwick United Church / Warwick Pioneer Cemetery, Lambton County, ON

Warwick United Church / Warwick Pioneer Cemetery
Township: Warwick Township (Concession 1, Lot 10)
Locality: Lambton County
Municipality: Warwick
Province: ON
GPS: 42.992822,-81.946678

Registered to Warwick United Church. From Lew McGregor: This cemetery is situated on part of the old original survey of Warwick Village 1832, which consisted of two hundred acres. West half of lot 10 and east half lot 10, each containing 100 acres. This original survey was laid out in lots and streets, the only buildings now on this parcel are on the south side of the Egremont Road south to the London Line (originally Hwy 7).

Warwick Township is laid out in two hundred acre lots East half and West half (each containing 100 acres). All concessions are laid out from the Egremont Road, the Egremont being Concession 1, those on the south are known as SER (South of Egremont Road) on the north, NER. The concessions run east and west.

The location of this cemetery is part of West half lot 10, concession 1 SER. It is South on 9 Sideroad (Warwick Village Road). This is a dead end road due to the 402 highway. The land surrounding the cemetery is being farmed.

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    Photos courtesy of Lewis McGregor [2012], Ron Spurr [2015]
    Indexed by Jim Anderson

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    LAMBERT, Eliza   1840 - 1932 (age: 92)
    LAMBERT, Eliza   1840 - 1932 (age: 92)
    LANE, Sarah   1862 - 1901 (age: 39)
    LEACH, Anna May   1918 - 2006 (age: 88)
    LESUEOR, Philip   1811 - 1884 (age: 72)
    LITTLE, Joseph   1812 - 1886 (age: 73)
    LONG, Ellen   1858 - 1948
    LONG, Ellen   spouse
    LONG, John   1845 - 1924
    LONG, Samuel   1807 - 1888 (age: 81)
    LOWRIE, Doris Ruth   1906 - 1988 (age: 82)
    LOWRIE, Wallace   1910 - 1992 (age: 82)
    LUCAS, Elizabeth   1827 - 1917 (age: 90)
    LUCKHAM, Freida A.   1906 - 1991 (age: 85)

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