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Victoria Lawn / St Catharines Cemetery, Lincoln County , ON

Street Address: Queenston St.
Community: St Catharines
Township: Grantham Township (Concession 7, Lot 10)
Locality: Lincoln County
Municipality: St Catharines
Province: ON
GPS: 43.160979,-79.201164

Church / Denomination: Non-Denominational

Registered to City of St. Catharines. Established 1856 as St Catharines Cemetery, renamed Victoria Lawn in 1897 in honour of England's Queen Victoria. By the 1920s additional land from a farm across Queenston St was purchased, and the cemetery grew again in the 1960s when more land was purchased to the south.

In 1918 the Cullinen Mausoleum was constructed with 300 crypts, and in the 1980s several additional mausoleums were built. The Garden of Memories Mausoleum was built in 2000.

At present, Victoria Lawn covers 170 acres and cares for more than 70,000 burials.

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    Photos courtesy of Jo-Anne Trousdale ( [2011-2014]
    Names contributed by Kim Hogan, Ralph R Hammond-Green
    Indexed by Jo-Anne Trousdale (

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    PAOLOZZI, Mary Ann   ? - 1952
    PEARSON, Catherine   1825 - 1905 (age: 80)
    PEARSON, Catherine   1875 - 1951 (age: 76)
    PEARSON, Harry   1873 - 1935 (age: 62)
    PEARSON, John   1837 - 1884 (age: 47)
    PEARSON, Maggie E.   1869 - 1887 (age: 18)
    PEARSON, Mary   1863 - 1928 (age: 65)
    PEARSON, William   1865 - 1882 (age: 17)
    PEPIN, Betty   1930 - 1983
    PEPIN, Vernon   1929 - 2006
    PHELPS, Charles J. "Mike"   1940 - 2009 (age: 69)
    PHILLIPS, Ethel Radcliffe   1880 - 1958
    PLUMER, Doris Aileen   1921 - 2011
    POIRIER, Bridget (Foley)   1854 - 1946
    POIRIER, Leonard   1896 - 1904
    POTTS, Lily   1903 - 1989
    POWERS, Ellen   1824 - 1893 (age: 69)
    PRESTO, Rosemarie   1929 - 2008
    PRINCE, Charlotte   parent
    PRINCE, Francis A.   ? - 1874?
    PRINCE, Sherriff W.?   parent
    PURDY, Rena Agnes   1884 - 1965 (age: 81)
    PURTILL, Elizabeth D.   1862 - 1914 (age: 52)
    PURTILL, Ellen (Mcdonnell)   1813 - 1903 (age: 90)
    PURTILL, John M.   1850 - 1909 (age: 59)
    PURTILL, John M.   spouse
    PURTILL, Michael   1824 - 1894 (age: 70)
    PURTILL, Michael   spouse
    PURTILL, Veronica E.   1890 - 1966 (age: 76)

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