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Theodore Cemetery, Insinger RM # 275, SK

Community: Theodore
Township: SW 22-28-07 W2
Locality: Insinger RM # 275
Municipality: East Central
Province: SK
GPS: 51.435019,-102.925549

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  • Roy Hermanson

    Indexed by Julia Adamson

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    (unreadable), Lyle Douglas  
    ADAMSON, C.D.  
    ADAMSON, Charlie  
    ADAMSON, Chester  
    ADAMSON, Harry  
    ADAMSON, Henry  
    ADAMSON, Jessie  
    ADAMSON, Ruby Emma  
    ADAMSON, William Charles  
    ANDERS?, Delores  
    ANDERSDATTER, Sena   1845 - 1926
    ANDERSO?, Clark  
    ANDERSON, Ada G  
    ANDERSON, Alice Evelyn  
    ANDERSON, Andrea  
    ANDERSON, Andrew  
    ANDERSON, Annie  
    ANDERSON, Carmen   baby
    ANDERSON, Carmen   baby
    ANDERSON, Clark  
    ANDERSON, David Graham  
    ANDERSON, Delores  
    ANDERSON, Edith  
    ANDERSON, Edith H  
    ANDERSON, Emma  
    ANDERSON, Ethel Ida  
    ANDERSON, Glen  
    ANDERSON, Henry T  
    ANDERSON, Isabel  
    ANDERSON, Joanne  
    ANDERSON, Leslie S  
    ANDERSON, Marian  
    ANDERSON, Sam  
    ANDERSON, Stewart  
    ANDERSON, Vera  
    ANDERSON, William James  
    ANDERSON, William S  
    ANDERSON, Wllace Clark  
    ANDRUSHAK, Irene  
    ANDRUSHAK, Stefan  
    ANDRUSIAK, Irene  
    ANDRUSIAK, Stefan  
    ASHDOWN, Alfred  
    ASHDOWN, Alfred L  
    ASHDOWN, Jessie  
    AUSTIN, Anne V.R.  
    AUSTIN, E.R.  
    AUSTIN, Manley  
    AUSTIN, Pearl  
    AUSTIN, Pearl (Ketcheson)  
    AUSTIN, Phoebe  
    AUSTIN, R.  
    BARANESKY, Anthony  
    BARANESKY, Michel  
    BARBER, Charlie   infant
    BARRY, James  
    BASCHEV, James  
    BATES, Bill  
    BATES, Chris V  
    BATES, Christina  
    BATES, Evelyn  
    BATES, Rose  
    BAVERATTA, Steve   infant
    BAXTER, Francis E  
    BAXTER, James  
    BAXTER, Mary  
    BAZUK, Elsie  
    BAZUK, Fred  
    BEATTIE, Annie  
    BEATTIE, William  
    BECKMAN, (baby)  
    BECKMAN, Henry  
    BENNETT, Ernest  
    BENNETT, Ester  
    BENNETT, Frank  
    BENNETT, George  
    BENNETT, George Eric  
    BENNETT, Harry  
    BENNETT, Mary  
    BENNETT, William  
    BESBOROTKO, John  
    BEZBOROTKO, Marie  
    BILO, Paul  
    BILOK?, Gafitza  
    BILOKRE?, John  
    BILOKRELI, (unreadable)  
    BILOKRELI, Cheryl  
    BILOKRELI, Dorcas  
    BILOKRELI, Douglas  
    BILOKRELI, Edward  
    BILOKRELI, Francis  
    BILOKRELI, Fred  
    BILOKRELI, Gafitza  
    BILOKRELI, Glen  
    BILOKRELI, John  
    BILOKRELI, Marion  
    BILOKRELI, Marvin  
    BILOKRELI, Murray  
    BILOKRELI, Nellie  
    BILOKRELI, Nick J  
    BILOKRELI, Paul  
    BILOKRELI, Ron  
    BILOKRELI, Rudy  
    BILOKRELI, Steven  
    BILOKRELI, Violet  
    BILOKRELI, Walter F  
    BILOKRELI, William  
    BILOKRESKI, William  
    BILOKRYLY, Lorraine  
    BILOKRYLY, Maria  
    BILOKRYLY, Murray L.  
    BILOKRYLY, Nick L  
    BILOKRYLY, Pauline  
    BODNER, Jessie  
    BORTHWICK, Donald Roy  
    BORUTTA, John  
    BOULTER, Herbert Claude  
    BOW, Charles Douglas  
    BOW, Charlie S  
    BOW, James  
    BOW, James R  
    BOW, Janet R.  
    BOW, John B  
    BROWN, Alfred, Mrs.  
    BROWN, Fenton  
    BROWN, George S  
    BROWN, Ken  
    BROWN, William Clyde  
    BROWN, William J  
    BURATENSKY, John  
    BURATENSKY, Walter  
    BURNAD, Earld  
    BURNAD, Minnie Maria  
    BURNAD, Simeon  
    BURNARD, (unreadable)  
    BURNARD, E. Grover  
    BURNARD, Earld  
    BURNARD, Helen  
    BURNARD, Howard  
    BURNARD, Irene  
    BURNARD, Irwin  
    BURNARD, Ivan  
    BURNARD, Keith  
    BURNARD, Margaret  
    BURNARD, Minnie Maria  
    BURNARD, Ruth  
    BURNARD, Simeon  
    BURNARD, Trevor  
    BYLSMA, D  
    BYLSMA, Dora  
    BYLSMA, Harvey  
    BYLSMA, Havey  
    BYLSMA, Natalie  
    BYLSMA, Rhoda  
    CADILLAC, Edward  
    CHEFIL, (baby)  
    CHERNIPESKI, (unreadable)  
    CHERNIPESKI, William  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Christen  
    CLAZIE, Ellen  
    COBB, Hazel  
    COBB, Richard  
    CORNEY, Alice e (Merkley)  
    CORNEY, Alice E. (Merkley)  
    CROSS?, James   infant
    CROSSEN, James   infant
    CROSSEN, James  
    CROWTHER, Florence  
    CROWTHER, Montague  
    CURTIS, (unreadable)  
    CURTIS, Frank  
    CURTIS, Franklyn  
    CURTIS, Rose  
    DAHL, Clarence  
    DAHL, Lloyd  
    DAHL, Sophie  
    DAHL, Theodore  
    DAROCH, Mabel  
    DAY, Keith  
    DAY, Mary  
    DEBOGART, Ralph Van  
    DECOONEY, Mary  
    DEHAAN, Sonya  
    DICKMAN, Edwin  
    DICKMAN, Herman Henry  
    DICKMAN, Viola   infant
    DONALDSON, Isabella W  
    DONHOLIS, Angie  
    DONHOLIS, Fred  
    DONHOLIS, Maureen  
    DOWHOLIS, Ange  
    DOWHOLIS, Fred  
    DOWHOLIS, Glen  

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