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St Demetrius Cemetery, Redberry RM # 435, SK

St Demetrius Cemetery
Community: Krydor
Township: SW 16-44-08 W3
Locality: Redberry RM # 435
Municipality: North West
Province: SK
GPS: 52.784401,-107.113009

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Names contributed by Thomas BashukIndexed by Carrie Eirene Stevenson [2003]

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    BABCHUK, Mike  
    BABRINUK, Trofim  
    BAHUNIAK, Levia  
    BAHUNIAK, William  
    BARAN, Nikolai  
    BARANO, Stefania  
    BARANOWSKI, Myroslav  
    BARANOWSKY, Mikhail  
    BARANOWSKY, Varvara  
    BARANOWSKY, Walter  
    BARONOWSKY, Joseph  
    BAROWSKI, Ivan  
    BASHUK, Ivan  
    BASHUK, Maria  
    BASHUK, Maria  
    BASHUK, Nick  
    BASHUK, Paul  
    BASHUK, Phyllis Marie  
    BASHUK, Walter  
    BILOUS, Harry  
    BOHICH, Nikolai  
    BORONA, Horlina  
    BORONA, Simeon  
    BORYN, Hrihory  
    CHARKO, Julian Peter  
    CHECKNITA, Anthony  
    CHECKNITA, Tekla  
    CHOMA, Mary  
    CHOMA, Paul  
    CHUDEK, Elia  
    CHUDEK, Steve  
    CIONA, Anna  
    CIONA, Harry  
    CIONA, Katerina  
    CIONA, Stefan  
    CISECKI, Anastazia  
    CISECKI, Andrew J.  
    CISECKI, Evdokia  
    CISECKI, Lucko  
    CYBA, Helen  
    CYBA, Joe  
    CYBA, Mike  
    DEBITCH, Theodore  
    EVASIUK, Elias G.  
    EVASIUK, Olive L.  
    FEDEYKO, Ewdokia  
    FEDEYKO, Sylvester  
    FERENCE, Evdokia (Cisecki)  
    FRASER, Phyllis Marie (Bashuk)  
    GLABA, Anna  
    GLABA, Walko  
    GLAUBA, Andrew  
    HARACH, Eva  
    HARACH, Hrihory  
    HARACH, Ksynia  
    HARACH, Pauline  
    HOWCHIUK, Anna  
    HRAMYAK, Anna  
    JURKEWSKI, Jozef  
    KACHMAR, Mikhalo  
    KALISHCHAK, Timko  
    KHOROWYAK, Mikhail  
    KIRYK, Joseph  
    KIRYK, Prokop  
    KIRYK, Sophia  
    KOCIUK, Sophie  
    KRAWCHUK, Ivan  
    KRUSAK, Anna  
    KRYSAK, Catherine  
    KRYSAK, Maria  
    KRYSAK, Mike  
    KRYSAK, Petro  
    KUZMINSKI, Mary  
    LAZARKO, Tillie  
    LUCYK, Ewdokia  
    LUCYK, Theodore  
    LUCYK, Tillie (Lazarko)  
    M?, Varvava  
    MARCHUK, John  
    MARCHUK, Myroslow  
    MARCINIUK, Walter  
    MARIASZ, Peter  
    MARSHNYK, Paraskevia  
    MARSHNYK, Yosef  
    MARSINYK, Pawlo  
    MARTINOVICH, Ewhen M.  
    MARYSHCHAK, Paraskevia  
    MATVICHINA, Hrihory  
    MAZAN, Joseph  
    MELNYK, Eugene  
    MELNYK, Mike  
    MELNYK, Orest  
    MELNYK, Stephanie  
    METROV, Anna A.  
    MICHAYLUK, Helen  
    MICHAYLUK, Nick  
    MIKHAILUK, Anna  
    MILIK, Katerina  
    MOCHORUK, Fred  
    MOCHORUK, Malanka  
    MOHORIUK, Vasily  
    MOHY, Hrihory  
    MOKHORYK, Paraskevia  
    MULKA, Melania  
    MULKA, Peter  
    OLENISHYN, Stefan  
    OLENYSHYN, Konstantin  
    OLENYSHYN, Nastia  
    PROCIUK, Ewhenia  
    PROKOP, Maria  
    ROMANIUK, Anna  
    ROMANIUK, Steve  
    ROMANUCK, Michael S.  
    ROMANUCK, Rose  
    ROSCHYK, Dmytro  
    SAGANSKI, Alexandra  
    SAGANSKI, Martha  
    SAGANSKI, Miroslav  
    SAGANSKI, Pawlo  
    SAGANSKI, Philip  
    SAGANSKI, Teodoze  
    SAGANSKY, Nick  
    SEMENCHUK, Profor  
    SHYLUK, Ewhenia (Prociuk)  
    SHYLUK, Mary  
    SHYLUK, Peter  
    TETIUK, Yustin  
    TSIBA, Ivan  
    TSIBA, Maria  
    TSIBYLYAK, Lytsina  
    TSONO?, Semyen  
    TSYNA, Anna  
    VARINITSA, Khrystina  
    VARINITSA, Palahya  
    VECHAK?, Andrey  
    VOROBEN, Oleksey  
    VOROBOV, Sidor  
    WOROBEY, Dan  
    WOROBEY, Mokryna  
    WOROBEY, Peter  
    WOYTIUK, Lena Pauline  
    WOYTIUK, Walter Kuzma  
    WOYTOWICH, Andrew  
    WOYTOWICH, Ivan   1880 - 1953
    WOYTOWICH, Maria   1882 - 1948
    XARKO, Fotino  
    XARKO, Hrihory  
    XARKO, Mikhail  
    XARKO, Petro  

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