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Adamiwka (Holy Ghost) Cemetery, Rosthern RM # 403 , SK

Community: Rosthern
Township: NW 31-41-02 W3
Locality: Rosthern RM # 403
Municipality: West Central
Province: SK
GPS: 52.579864,-106.281178

Established 1909

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  • Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project

    Indexed by Carrie Eirene Stevenson

  • Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    BIZNYK, Anna  
    BIZNYK, Hrihory  
    BLOCHA, Petro  
    BLOSHKA, Alex  
    BORIS, Anna  
    BORIS, Ivan  
    BOROWSKY, Mary  
    BOROWSKY, Tanach  
    BOROWSKY, Ustina  
    BURLACK, Ewdokia  
    BURLACK, Yakiw  
    HRAPCHAK, Antin  
    HRAPCHAK, Katherine  
    HRAPCHAK, Paraskevia  
    HRAPCHAK, Wasyl  
    HRYCAN, Anastasia  
    HRYCAN, Ivan  
    HUCHKOWSKY, Anna  
    HUCHKOWSKY, Anna  
    HUCHKOWSKY, Bohdan  
    HUCHKOWSKY, Hnat  
    HUCHKOWSKY, Jacob  
    HUCHKOWSKY, Julia  
    HUCHKOWSKY, Maria  
    HUCHKOWSKY, Peter  
    HUMENIUK, (unreadable)  
    HUMENIUK, Joseph  
    HUMENIUK, Justina  
    HUMENIUK, William "Bill"  
    HYCHAK, Ivan  
    JANOW, Antonia  
    KAMINSKI, Anna  
    KAMINSKI, Sofia  
    KAMINSKI, Vasil  
    KAMINSKI, Yosofat  
    KLEPAK, Anna  
    KLEPAK, Karol  
    KLEPAK, Mikhailo  
    KOBEL, Paraska  
    KOBEL, Petro  
    KOPIAKOWSKI, Andrew  
    KOPIAKOWSKI, Katrina  
    KOPIAKOWSKI, Sylvester  
    KOVEL, Paranka  
    KURMEY, Mikhailina  
    KURMEY, Nikola  
    KURMEY, Semko  
    MANIKA, Anna  
    MANIKA, Anna  
    MANIKA, Anthony  
    MANIKA, Jacob  
    MANIKA, Maria  
    MANIKA, Nick  
    MARTINIUK, Maria  
    MARTINIUK, Peter  
    MUKANIK, Dmytro  
    MUKANIK, Ivan  
    MUKANIK, M.  
    MUKANIK, Robert L.  
    OSNOSKI, Yozef  
    PARCHAK, Maria  
    PRYMA, Orest  
    RABCHINSKI, (unreadable)  
    REGUSH, Anna (Manika)  
    REMENDA, Wasilina  
    ROGOZINSKI, Albin  
    ROGOZINSKI, John Steven  
    ROGOZINSKI, Joseph  
    ROGOZINSKI, Josephine  
    ROGOZINSKI, Maria  
    ROGOZINSKI, Maria  
    ROGOZINSKI, Pawlia  
    STADNIK, Maksim  
    STADNIK, Maria  
    TERNOFSKY, Annie  
    TERNOFSKY, Peter  
    TOMYN, Paraska  
    TWARYNSKI, Anna  
    TWARYNSKI, Anton  
    TWARYNSKI, Franko  
    TWARYNSKI, Hrihory  
    TWARYNSKI, Michael  
    TWARYNSKI, Olga  
    TWARYNSKI, Orisya  
    TWARYNSKI, Parska  
    TWARYNSKI, Vasil  
    VIDYK, Pawlo  
    VIZNYK, Hrihory  
    WEKENMANN, Anna (Huchkowsky)  
    WEKENMANN, Roland  
    WIDYK, Kateryna  
    WIDYK, Paul  
    WOLOSHYN, Erina  
    YUSEHUK, Anna  
    ZILKOWSKY, John  
    ZILKOWSKY, Julia  
    ZILKOWSKY, Nick  

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