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Prairie Heights Cemetery, Tramping Lake RM # 380 , SK

Community: Tramping Lake or Luseland
Township: SW 04-37-22 W3
Locality: Tramping Lake RM # 380
Municipality: West Central
Province: SK
GPS: 52.143843,-109.096963

Thick Carragana trees obscure part of several of the stones. Les Matters and wife/housekeeper and his children are buried in unmarked graves there. They were burned in a house fire. Only one daughter survived. Location: Kuhn Farm, SW corner, Section 4, 37, 22, W 3rd, on the old Kuhn Farm, farmed by Kim B. Finley, Luseland, Saskatchewan. Two miles east of Highway 21, intersection with Grid road 659, 6 miles west Tramping Lake. Quarter mile west of school house site (Prairie Heights) on ridge overlooking Tramping Lake Plains. The area was settled about 1905 - 07. This pioneer cemetery, about 1 acre in size, was first inventoried by Kerry and Theron Finley in June 2008. At that time the grave sites were obscured in a thicket of Carraganas ( Siberian Pea Shrubs), surrounded by Fescue ( Prairie Wool) grassland, and invading Brome grass. Settlement ca 1905-07. Part of rich Fescue grasslands associated with Grassy Lake Coulee. In the summer of 2009, through the efforts of descendants (Sharon Fluney) and local farmers, the cemetery was renovated, the Carraganas were removed and fallen tomb stones were righted. According to Sharon Fluney, in another Sask. genealogy site, " Les Matters and wife/housekeeper and his children are buried in unmarked graves there. They were burned in a house fire." The site was re-inventoried by Valerie Finley in September 2009. She found 14 grave sites with identification and noted at least one unmarked grave. Thus, including Les Matters and an unknown number of his family, there are at least 17 graves. The first burial was in 1922 and the last, Clarence Kuhn, was in 1957. Established 1922, last burial in 1957. On May 1929, Ward Cleveland of Tramping Lake paid $18 for lot 18, plot 1.

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  • Sharon Fluney

    Photos courtesy of Sharon Fluney & James K. Finley [2009]
    Indexed by Sherri Pettit

  • Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

    CLEVELAND, C.W.   1853 - 1929 (age: 76)
    CLEVELAND, Ward  
    CRYDERMAN, Johanna   1851 - 1935 (age: 78)
    FLUNEY, Blanche Marie   1913 - 1923 (age: 10)
    GRAHAM, Robert Scott   1883 - 1922 (age: 39)
    GRAHAM, Sarah Alice   1869 - 1944 (age: 74)
    HENNINGS, Henry   1863 - 1930 (age: 67)
    HOUSE, Frances Ann   1856 - 1933 (age: 77)
    HOUSE, H.H.   spouse
    HOUSE, H.H.   1856 - 1940 (age: 84)
    KUHN, Clarence   1885 - 1957 (age: 72)
    KUHN, Sarah Alice (Graham)   1869 - 1944 (age: 74)
    LANGILL, James David   1928 - 1928 (age: 28d)
    MATHERS, Elston   1923 - 1930 (age: 7)
    MATHERS, Lester   1884 - 1930 (age: 46)
    MATHERS, Nellie   ? - 1930
    MATHERS, Pearl   1894 - 1928 (age: 33)
    MICHAEL, ?   ? - 1925
    MICHAEL, Felda   1905 - 1934 (age: 29)
    ORR, E.M.   parent
    ORR, Geraldine Ethel   1919 - 1923 (age: 4)
    ORR, J.E.   parent
    QUINN, John Francis   1864 - 1926
    TAYLOR, James   1853 - 1930 (age: 77)
    TAYLOR, Johanna (Cryderman)   1857 - 1935 (age: 78)
    WILSON, (infant son)   1915 - 1915
    WILSON, Bertha   1904 - 1910 (age: 6)
    WILSON, Dana   1876 - 1943 (age: 67)
    WILSON, William   1875 - 1922 (age: 47)

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