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Fernley Cemetery, Wawken RM # 93 , SK

Community: Wawota
Township: SE 06-11-01 W2
Locality: Wawken RM # 93
Municipality: South East
Province: SK
GPS: 49.872737,-102.13175

Church / Denomination: Scotstown Church, construction begain 6 Feb 1897 with the church opening in Summer 1898. Name changed to Scotstown Presbyterian Church in 1904. In 1914 the church was replaced with Fernley Presbyterian Church built on SE 6-11-1 W2.

Established 1917

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  • Julia Adamson
  • A Flight Through Time. Wawota and District History. Volume I. 1994. ISBN 1-55056-124-3.

    Indexed by Maureen Jensen; Julia Adamson of Saskatchewan GenWeb

  • Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    BIRD, E Mary  
    BIRD, William, Mrs.  
    BOOTH, Jim  
    BROWNLEE, Wesley  
    BROWNLEE, Wesley, Mrs.  
    BROWNLEE, William  
    CLARK, Bill  
    DALLAS, (Mrs)  
    DALLAS, Alexander  
    DALLAS, Ed  
    DALLAS, Matilda  
    DALLAS, Norman  
    DALLAS, Phyllis  
    DAVIS, Roy  
    DAVIS, Walter  
    EISLER, Jack  
    HEASMAN, H G  
    HEASMAN, H G, Mrs.  
    HUSBAND, Lorne  
    HUTCHISON, (Mrs)  
    HUTCHISON, H, Mrs.  
    HUTCHISON, Henry  
    HUTCHISON, John  
    KERR, Tom  
    KERR, Tom, Mrs.  
    KEYS, Rebecca Pearl  
    KEYS, William  
    KING, (infant)  
    LETTS, (Rev.)  
    McQUEEN, Annie  
    McQUEEN, Billy  
    McQUEEN, Jessie, Mrs.  
    McQUEEN, W  
    McQUEEN, William   ? - 1937
    McQUEEN, William J  
    MILTON, Billy  
    MILTON, William  
    MILTON, William, Mrs.  
    MORROW, Ed  
    MORROW, Ellen Jane  
    MORROW, Winfred's infant  
    OLIVER, Margaret  
    OLIVER, Norman  
    PRYCE, (infant)  
    PRYCE, Charles  
    PRYCE, Charlotte Ann  
    PRYCE, James  
    PRYCE, James, Mrs.  
    ROGERS, Sam  
    ROGERS, Sam, Mrs.  
    SCOTT, Andy  
    SCOTT, Kate  
    SCOTT, Lila Jean  
    SCOTT, Mary  
    SCOTT, Ray  
    SCOTT, Victor  
    SMULAN, Elmer  
    SMULAN, Emma  
    STUBBINGTON, Donald  
    SWANSON, (infant twins)  
    SWEET, (Dr)  
    SWEET, (infant)  
    WALLEY, W, Mrs.  
    WEATHERALD, (infants)  
    WEATHERALD, Annie  
    WEATHERALD, Charlie  
    WEATHERALD, Charlie, Mrs.  
    WEATHERALD, Connie  
    WEATHERALD, George  
    WEATHERALD, George, Mrs.  
    WEATHERALD, Gerald  
    WEATHERALD, Herb  
    WEATHERALD, Lillian Sabine Mary  
    WEATHERALD, Lyle  
    WEATHERALD, Mary  
    WEATHERALD, Thomas  
    WEATHERALD, Thomas, Mrs.  
    WEBB, Peter  

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