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Walpole Cemetery, Walpole RM # 92, SK

Walpole Cemetery
Street Address: Hwy 48
Community: Walpole
Township: NW 36-10-33 W1
Locality: Walpole RM # 92
Municipality: South East
Province: SK
GPS: 49.886245,-101.838657

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Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

Indexed by Maureen Jensen; Julia Adamson of Saskatchewan GenWeb

This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

ARMSTRONG, Alexander  
BALL, Ellen  
BANISTER, Beatrice  
BANISTER, Clement John  
BANISTER, Mary Ann  
BANISTER, Sidney H.  
BIRNIE, Jane  
BIRNIE, John  
BIRNIE, Marilyn  
BIRNIE, William  
BLOCK, Emil  
BLOCK, Eugene Paul  
BLOCK, William  
BLOHM, Emil  
BOEHMER, Shelly Joan  
BOWES, David Laverne  
BROUGHTON, Stanley  
BURKE, Clara J.  
BURKE, Herbert  
BURKE, Orpha M.  
BURKE, Wayne  
BURKE, William Allen  
BURNEY, William, Mrs.  
CLARK, (unreadable)  
CLAY, Daniel  
CLAY, Elijah  
CLAY, Elijah, Mrs.  
CLAY, Susanna Alice  
COURIER, Amelia D.  
CURRIE, Flora  
CURRIE, John  
DAVIDSON, Charles James  
DAVIDSON, Elenor Ida  
DAVIS, (baby)  
DICKSON, Janet  
DICKSON, Peter  
DICKSON, William  
DONAHUE, Marie  
EDWARDS, Bruce E.  
ENNIS, Clifford  
ENNIS, David C.  
ENNIS, Murray  
FAULKNER, Joseph Edwin  
FERGUSON, Eliza Theresa  
FERGUSON, John James  
FISK, Henry  
FRANKLIN, Gladis  
FRANKLIN, Wilbert  
FRAZER, Alex  
FRAZER, George  
FRAZER, James Ivan  
FRAZER, Mary Ann  
HALL, Albert E.  
HANCON, (baby)  
HANSON, (baby)  
HANSON, Ellen Marie  
HANSON, Hans  
HOOKER, Margaret Amelia  
HOWE, William, Mrs.  
HUDDLESTON, Jane Elizabeth  
HUDDLESTON, John William  
JACK, Charles F.  
JACK, James Peter  
JACK, Margaret  
JOHNSON, Florence Winnifred  
LEE, Jean  
LEE, William Clement  
MATHER, (baby)  
MATHER, Isa Imogene  
McCANNEL, (baby)  
McCANNEL, Alexander  
McCANNEL, Archibald  
McCANNEL, Blanche  
McCANNEL, Edith  
McCANNEL, Gilbert George  
McCANNEL, John  
McCANNEL, Margaret  
McCANNEL, Susan Caroline  
McCAULEY, Thomas, Mrs.  
McCONNACHIE, (baby)  
McCONNACHIE, Florence May  
McCONNACHIE, Neil Clay  
McCONNACHIE, Neil, Mrs.  
McNEIL, Alexander  
McNEIL, Charlotte  
McVEIGH, James Duncan  
McVEIGH, Jean  
McVEIGH, John J.  
METCALF, David Arthur  
METCALF, David, Mrs.  
MILLER, Donna Walter  
MILLER, Verla  
MILLS, Cecil Howard  
MILLS, George  
MURRAY, Floryan  
MURRAY, Lloyd Alvin  
NEWBURRY, Evelyn Alice  
OLSON, Charles John  
OLSON, Clifford H.  
OLSON, Emma  
PERREY, (baby)  
PERRY, Samuel  
PERRY, Samuel, Mrs.  
POTTER, Adna Carline  
POTTER, Isabella Margarett  
POTTER, James  
POTTER, Luella May  
POTTER, Robert Roy  
PRICE, Eva S.  
PRICE, William  
PURDEN, Garfield, Mrs.  
PURDON, Mary Colleen  
PURDON, Mary Jane  
PURDON, Randy Alexander  
PURDON, Robert  
PURDON, Rocky Ernest  
RAUY, Leo  
RAUY, Marlene Dee  
RICHARDSON, Cuthbert  
RIGBY, George A.  
ROBINSON, Arthur  
ROGERS, Agnes C.  
ROGERS, Silas  
ROGERS, Wilfred James  
ROWE, Anna  
RUSSELL, (baby)  
SCOTT, Flora Jane  
SHATFORD, Eymour  
SIMM, John Henry  
SOTKOWY, Frank Paul  
THOMPSON, Evelyn Vera  
THOMPSON, Gordon  
TYREMAN, Robert J.  
VODDEN, James  
WALKER, John Henry  
WALKER, Margaret May  
WALKER, William  
WALSH, Charles  
WALSH, Mary Jane  
WIGHT, Donald Elwood Bruce  
WIGHT, Elgin  
WIGHT, Jane  
WIGHT, Richard  
YEO, Charlotte Mary  
YOUNG, (baby)  
YOUNG, Lily C.  

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