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Zion Cemetery, Walpole RM # 92, SK

Zion Cemetery
Community: Spring Creek
Township: NE 15-12-32 W1
Locality: Walpole RM # 92
Municipality: South East
Province: SK
GPS: 50.018443,-101.768506

Established 1894.

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  • Julia Adamson

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Indexed by Maureen Jensen; Julia Adamson of Saskatchewan GenWeb

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    ADAMSON, Maria Lumb  
    ADAMSON, William Robert  
    BILKIE, (unreadable)  
    BILTO, Paul  
    BROATCH, Algernon P.  
    BROATCH, Bessie Darling  
    BROOK, Caroline  
    BROOK, John James  
    BROOK, Sarah J.  
    BROOKS, Jeff  
    CALLENDER, Charles  
    CALLENDER, Harold  
    CALLENDER, Margaret Ann  
    CALLENDER, Merle  
    CAMPBELL, John  
    CRAIG, Gavin, Mrs. (Darling)  
    DARLING, Gavin, Mrs.  
    DARLING, Susan  
    DIAMOND, Susannah  
    EASTON, Annie Adah  
    EASTON, James Watson  
    EASTON, Jennie Adah  
    EASTON, John Edward  
    EASTON, Miriam  
    EASTON, Phyllis  
    EASTON, Watson  
    FAULKNER, Albert Ernest  
    FAULKNER, Annie  
    FAULKNER, George  
    FAULKNER, James  
    FAULKNER, John J.  
    FAULKNER, Susannah  
    KAAKE, Adam  
    KAAKE, Alice Bertha  
    KAAKE, George Russell  
    KAAKE, Herbert H.  
    KAAKE, Letitia A.  
    KAAKE, Mary Jane  
    KETCHESON, Catherine M.B.  
    KETCHESON, Florence Hazel  
    KETCHESON, Frederick David  
    KETCHESON, Fredrick Waldon  
    KETCHESON, George Earle  
    KETCHESON, Mary F. (Madill)  
    KETCHESON, Owen Franklin  
    KETCHESON, Owen Percy  
    KETCHESON, Susan (Darling)  
    KETCHESON, Theodore  
    KETCHESON, Thomas Harvey  
    KETCHESON, William Everett  
    MADILL, Mary F.  
    MAILES, Lavina  
    MANNING, John  
    McDERMOTT, Philip  
    McDERMOTT, Philip's Child  
    McDONALD, (unreadable)  
    McDONALD, William Alexander  
    McDOUGALL, Allan John  
    McDOUGALL, Clinton  
    McDOUGALL, Eliza Anne Arnold  
    McDOUGALL, Flora A.  
    McDOUGALL, Neil  
    McINTYRE, Joanna  
    MILLER, Elizabeth  
    MILLER, Mary Laura  
    MILLER, Walter D.  
    MILLER, William George  
    NABHOLZ, Lawrence Perry  
    PERCY, Adam John  
    PERCY, Alice Bertha (Kaake)  
    PERCY, James  
    PERCY, Norman William  
    ROEBUCK, Ann  
    ROEBUCK, Arthur  
    ROEBUCK, Joanna (McIntyre)  
    ROEBUCK, John  
    ROEBUCK, Samuel Lumb  
    SHATFORD, Gordon  
    THARRET, Albert Ernest Wilburn  
    WHITTINGTON, Annie  
    WHITTINGTON, John Robert  
    WHITTINGTON, William Givens "Givie"  

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