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Babb Farm Cemetery , Bonnyville, AB
Balsam Grove Cemetery , Thorhild, AB
Banff Cemetery , Banff, AB
Baptist Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Baptist Freedom Settlers Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Barby / Glen Banner Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Bardo / Zion Lutheran Cemetery , Beaver, AB
Barnwell Community Cemetery , Taber, AB
Barons Village Cemetery , Lethbridge, AB
Barrhead Community Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
Bashaw Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Bassano Cemetery , Newell, AB
Batt Cemetery , Mackenzie, AB
Battle River Cree Burial Cemetery , Northern Lights, AB
Battle River Lutheran Cemetery , Wainwright, AB
Bauder Family Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Bawlf / The Village of Bawlf / Park Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Bawlf Lutheran Church Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Beacon Cor Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Bear Creek Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Bearspaw Cemetery , Bighorn, AB
Beauvallon / Pobida Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Beaver River Metis Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Beaverhill Lake / East Beaverlake Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Beaverlodge Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Beazer Cemetery , Cardston, AB
Beckett Grave Cemetery , Special Area 2, AB
Beechmount Cemetery , Edmonton, AB
Beierbach Homestead Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Beiseker Cemetery , Rockyview, AB
Beiseker Hutterite Cemetery , Rockyview, AB
Bellevue Miner's Cemetery , Crowsnest Pass, AB
Bellevue Union Cemetery , Crowsnest Pass, AB
Bellis United Church Cemetery , Smoky Lake, AB
Belloy / Grizzly Bear Cemetery , Birch Hills, AB
Belvedere Community Church / All Saints Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
Benalto Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
Bentley Cemetery , Lacombe, AB
Bentley Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Lacombe, AB
Bentley Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery , Lacombe, AB
Berenice School Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Bergen Cemetery , Mountainview, AB
Bergthaler Mennonite Cemetery , Mackenzie, AB
Berry Creek Gospel Hall Cemetery , Newell, AB
Berry Creek Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Special Area 2, AB
Berrymoor Cemetery , Brazeau, AB
Beth Tzedec Memorial Park , Calgary, AB
Bethal Community Church / Bethel Full Gospel Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Bethania Lutheran Cemetery , Flagstaff, AB
Bethany Lutheran / Trinity & St Matthew's Lutheran Cemetery , Leduc, AB
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery , Provost, AB
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery , Edmonton, AB
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery , Newell, AB
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery , Strathcona, AB
Bethany Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation Cemetery , Starland, AB
Bethel Baptist Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery , Kneehill, AB
Bethel Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Bethlehem / Dinant Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Bethlehem / Ferry Point Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Big Bend Hutterite Cemetery , Cardston, AB
Big Meadow Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Cemetery , Bonnyville, AB
Big Point Cemetery , Big Lakes, AB
Big Prairie Cemetery , Mountainview, AB
Big Valley Cemetery , Stettler, AB
Birch Hills Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Birch Hills, AB
Bismark Lutheran Cemetery , Ponoka, AB
Bissell Memorial United Church Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Bittern Lake / Rosenroll Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Bittern Lake Village Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Black Diamond Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Blackfalds Cemetery , Lacombe, AB
Blackie Cemetery , Foothills, AB
Blairmore New Cemetery , Crowsnest Pass, AB
Blairmore Old Union Cemetery , Crowsnest Pass, AB
Blessed Mary Greek Catholic Roman Catholic Cemetery , Smoky River, AB
Blessed Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic / Ruthenian Greek Catholic Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Blood Band Cemetery , Cardston, AB
Blood Band RC Cemetery , Cardston, AB
Bloomsbury Pentecostal Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
Blue Hills Cemetery , Big Lakes, AB
Blue Jay & Charron Community Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Blue Ridge Cemetery , Woodlands, AB
Blue Ridge Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Cardston, AB
Blue Sky Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Badlands, AB
Blueberry Creek Baptist Cemetery , Clearwater, AB
Blueberry Mountain Cemetery , Saddle Hills, AB
Bluegrass Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Warner, AB
Bluffton / St Mary's Catholic Cemetery , Ponoka, AB
Bohdan Pokrowa Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Bon Accord Cemetery , Sturgeon, AB
Bonanza Hillhaven Cemetery , Saddle Hills, AB
Bonny Glen Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
Botha Woodland Cemetery , Stettler, AB
Bottrel / Westbrook Cemetery , Rockyview, AB
Boundary Creek Cemetery , Cardston, AB
Bow City Cemetery , Newell, AB
Bow City Hutterite Cemetery , Newell, AB
Bow Island Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Bowden Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
Bowville Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
Box Elder Hutterite Colony Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Boyer Reserve (Indian) Cemetery , Mackenzie, AB
Boyle Municipal Cemetery , Lac La Biche County (formerly Lakeland), AB
Bradshaw Cemetery , Ponoka, AB
Brant / Sharon Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
Brant Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
Brant Hutterite Colony Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
Bratton Family Graves Cemetery , Willow Creek, AB
Breton Cemetery , Brazeau, AB
Briarcliffe Three Lake Cemetery , Peace, AB
Bridgeview Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
Brightwood Cemetery , Brazeau, AB
Brinsley (Kreschatek) Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Britestone Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Brocket Cemetery , Pincher Creek, AB
Brooks Cemetery , Newell, AB
Brown Family Plot , Provost, AB
Brownvale Cemetery , Peace, AB
Bruce Cemetery , Beaver, AB
Bruce Hutterite Cemetery , Beaver, AB
Bruderheim Moravian Church Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Brûlé Mines Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Brush Hill Reform Cemetery , Minburn, AB
Buck Creek Cemetery , Brazeau, AB
Buffalo Lake Roman Catholic Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Bulwark / St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery , Paintearth, AB
Bulyea Cemetery , Special Area 2, AB
Bunker Hill / Knob Hill Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
Burdett Town & Catholic Cemeteries , Forty Mile, AB
Burlington Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Burn Brae / Homeglen Cemetery , Ponoka, AB
Burnsland Cemetery , Calgary, AB
Burnt Lake Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
Bushland Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Butte Lutheran Cemetery , Special Area 4, AB
BV Mary Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery , Thorhild, AB
Byemoor Cemetery , Stettler, AB
Byemoor Hutterite Cemetery , Stettler, AB

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