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Family Tree Maker 2010

  Cemetery   Locality, Province
  Cabins Roman Catholic (Indian) Cemetery   Mackenzie, AB
  Cache Lake Ruthenian Catholic Cemetery   Smoky Lake, AB
  Cache Percotte Creek Cemetery   Yellowhead, AB
  Cadomin Cemetery   Yellowhead, AB
  Calahoo Cemetery   Sturgeon, AB
  Caldwell / MacKenzie Cemetery   Cardston, AB
  Calling Lake Community Cemetery   Opportunity, AB
  Calling Lake Municipal Cemetery   Opportunity, AB
  Calmar Community Cemetery Association   Leduc, AB
  Calumet Cemetery   Camrose, AB
  Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery #1   Wetaskiwin, AB
  Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery #2   Wetaskiwin, AB
  Calvert Cemetery   Strathcona, AB
  Cameron Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery   Lethbridge, AB
  Camrose Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery   Camrose, AB
  Camrose Municipal (Old) Cemetery   Camrose, AB
  Canaan Cemetery   Wetaskiwin, AB
  Canmer Cemetery   Special Area 3, AB
  Canmore Cemetery   Bighorn, AB
  Cappon / St Wolodymyr Cemetery   Special Area 3, AB
  Captain Poulson Cemetery   Lac Ste Anne, AB
  Carbon Village Cemetery   Kneehill, AB
  Carcajou Cemetery   Northern Lights, AB
  Cardston Cemetery   Cardston, AB
  Carmangay Village Cemetery   Vulcan, AB
  Carnwood Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery   Brazeau, AB
  Caroline Cemetery   Clearwater, AB
  Carstairs Cemetery   Mountainview, AB
  Cash Creek Cemetery   Athabasca, AB
  Cassils Cemetery   Newell, AB
  Castor Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery   Paintearth, AB
  Castor Municipal Cemetery   Paintearth, AB
  Catholic (Old) Cemetery   Willow Creek, AB
  Catholic Cemetery   Newell, AB
  Cavell Cemetery   Lamont, AB
  Cavendish Cemetery   Special Area 2, AB
  Cayley Cemetery   Foothills, AB
  Cayley Hutterite Cemetery   Foothills, AB
  Central Grove Cemetery   Northern Lights, AB
  Central Lutheran Church Cemetery   Provost, AB
  Central Native Cemetery   Wetaskiwin, AB
  Central Valley Cemetery   Camrose, AB
  Century Meadows Baptist Church / Fellowship Baptist Cemetery   Camrose, AB
  Cessford / Berry Creek Cemetery   Special Area 2, AB
  Chahor Russo Greek Orthodox Cemetery   Smoky Lake, AB
  Champion Catholic Cemetery   Vulcan, AB
  Champion Cemetery   Vulcan, AB
  Chase Flats Cemetery   Greenview, AB
  Chauvin (Old) Cemetery   Wainwright, AB
  Chauvin Cemetery   Wainwright, AB
  Cheddarville / Dovercourt Cemetery   Clearwater, AB
  Cherry Grove Cemetery   Lac La Biche County (formerly Lakeland), AB
  Cherry Point Cemetery   Clear Hills, AB
  Chevra Kadusha Society Cemetery   Calgary, AB
  Chinese Cemetery   Calgary, AB
  Chiniquay Cemetery   Bighorn, AB
  Chinook Union Cemetery   Special Area 3, AB
  Christ Church Anglican Cemetery   Foothills, AB
  Christ Church Anglican Poplar Lake Cemetery   Sturgeon, AB
  Christ Church Cemetery   Vermillion, AB
  Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery   Red Deer, AB
  Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery   Barrhead, AB
  Christ the King Cemetery   Big Lakes, AB
  Christ the King RC Cemetery   Mountainview, AB
  Christ the King Roman Catholic Cemetery   Westlock, AB
  Christian Church Cemetery   Camrose, AB
  Christianson Private Cemetery   Red Deer, AB
  Church of England Cemetery   Cypress, AB
  Church of God Cemetery   Cypress, AB
  Church of God Cemetery   Cypress, AB
  Church of God Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery   Kneehill, AB
  Church of the Archangel St Michael / Russo Greek Orthodox St Michael Church of Sochawa Cemetery   Lamont, AB
  Church of the Redeemer Cemetery   Mountainview, AB
  Clairmont Mennonite Cemetery   Grande Prairie, AB
  Claresholm Cemetery   Willow Creek, AB
  Clear Hills Reserve (Indian) Cemetery   Clear Hills, AB
  Clear Lake Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery   Willow Creek, AB
  Clear Prairie Cemetery   Clear Hills, AB
  Clearbrook Greek Catholic Cemetery   Thorhild, AB
  Cleardale Cemetery   Clear Hills, AB
  Clearview Hutterian Brethren / Hutterian Brethren Church of Clearview Cemetery   Newell, AB
  Clearwater Cemetery   Leduc, AB
  Cleverville Cemetery   Vulcan, AB
  Clinton Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery   Paintearth, AB
  Clive Cemetery   Lacombe, AB
  Clover Bar Cemetery   Edmonton, AB
  Cluny Hutterite Cemetery   Wheatland, AB
  Cluny Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery   Wheatland, AB
  Coal Branch Cemetery   Yellowhead, AB
  Coaldale Community Cemetery   Lethbridge, AB
  Coaldale Mennonite Cemetery   Lethbridge, AB
  Coalspur Cemetery   Brazeau, AB
  Colchester Cemetery   Strathcona, AB
  Coleman Catholic / Holy Ghost Cemetery   Pincher Creek, AB
  Coleman Union Cemetery   Pincher Creek, AB
  Colinton Cemetery   Athabasca, AB
  Colleton Cemetery   Leduc, AB
  Community Cemetery / Cimetiere St Jean Baptiste   Sturgeon, AB
  Community Ortho Bath Cemetery   Smoky Lake, AB
  Comrey Cemetery   Forty Mile, AB
  Conjuring Creek Community Cemetery   Leduc, AB
  Conklin Cemetery   Wood Buffalo, AB
  Consort Area Cemetery   Special Area 4, AB
  Content Cemetery   Red Deer, AB
  Cooking Lake Cemetery   Strathcona, AB
  Cop Hill Cemetery   Special Area 3, AB
  Cornerstone Cemetery   Mackenzie, AB
  Cornwall Cemetery   Greenview, AB
  Coronation Town Cemetery   Paintearth, AB
  Correctional Institute Cemetery   Lethbridge, AB
  Cosmo Cemetery   Lac Ste Anne, AB
  Cottrell Cemetery   Special Area 3, AB
  Coutts Town / Old Anglican Cemetery   Warner, AB
  Cowley Cemetery   Pincher Creek, AB
  Coyote Ukrainian Community Cemetery   Lac Ste Anne, AB
  Craigmyle Cemetery   Starland, AB
  Craigmyle Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery   Starland, AB
  Cravath Corner Cemetery   Special Area 2, AB
  Cremona Cemetery   Mountainview, AB
  Cremona Old Cemetery   Mountainview, AB
  Crispell Grave Cemetery   Westlock, AB
  Cromrie Cemetery   Smoky Lake, AB
  Crooked Lake Cemetery   Wetaskiwin, AB
  Crooked Road Cemetery   Lamont, AB
  Cross Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery   Camrose, AB
  Cross Lake Cemetery   Westlock, AB
  Crossfield Cemetery   Rockyview, AB
  Crystal Springs Hutterite Cemetery   Cardston, AB
  Czar Lutheran Cemetery   Provost, AB

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