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On 23 Dec 2017 Rootsweb removed access to all websites hosted on their servers. Most of CanadaGenWeb is hosted on Rootsweb and this action made our websites inaccessible both to us and to you our visitors. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do until Rootsweb restores service. In the interim our cemetery indexes can be searched but none of the photos are available. We hope that there is a swift resolution and that we'll be back online as soon as possible. We will update our blog and facebook page as we learn more. Rootsweb's message about this outage can be read on their blog.

  Eagle Hill Cemetery , Mountainview, AB
  Eagle Hill Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
  Eagle Valley Cemetery , Mountainview, AB
  Eaglesham Roman Catholic Cemetery , Birch Hills, AB
  Earling - Zion Lutheran Cemetery , Beaver, AB
  Earlville-Rutherford Cemetery , Ponoka, AB
  East Cardston Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Cardston, AB
  East Olds Baptist Cemetery , Mountainview, AB
  East Prairie Metis Cemetery , Big Lakes, AB
  East Raymond Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Warner, AB
  East Star Cemetery , Bonnyville, AB
  Eastgate Greek Orthodox Cemetery , Sturgeon, AB
  Eastlawn United Church Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
  Easyford Cemetery , Brazeau, AB
  Ebeneezer Cemetery , Cypress, AB
  Ebeneezer-Salem Cemetery , Cypress, AB
  Ebenezer Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
  Eckville Cemetery , Lacombe, AB
  Edenbrook Memorial Gardens , Calgary, AB
  Edgerton Cemetery , Wainwright, AB
  Edmonton Cemetery , Edmonton, AB
  Edmonton Jewish Cemetery , Edmonton, AB
  Eldorena Ruth Greek Catholic Cemetery , Sturgeon, AB
  Eldorena Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Cemetery , Sturgeon, AB
  Elinor Cemetery , Lethbridge, AB
  Elizabeth Metis Settlement Cemetery , Bonnyville, AB
  Elk Point East / Johnson Cemetery , St Paul, AB
  Elk Point West Cemetery , St Paul, AB
  Elkwater Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Cypress, AB
  Elkwater Hutterite Cemetery , Cypress, AB
  Ellice Free Methodist Cemetery , Ponoka, AB
  Elm Hutterite (Old) Cemetery , Cardston, AB
  Elm Spring Hutterite Cemetery , Warner, AB
  Elmworth Community Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
  Elnora Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
  Embarras Portage Cemetery , Wood Buffalo, AB
  Emerson Trail Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
  Emile Bosmans Memorial Garden / Calvary Cemetery , Camrose, AB
  Emmanuel Evangelical Cemetery , Beaver, AB
  Emmaus Lutheran Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
  Emmaus Lutheran Cemetery , Sturgeon, AB
  Emmaus Lutheran Church Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
  Empress Cemetery , Special Area 2, AB
  Empyrean Cemetery , Parkland, AB
  Enchant Cemetery , Taber, AB
  Endiang Cemetery , Stettler, AB
  Enoch Band (Indian) Cemetery , Edmonton, AB
  Enoch Band Old (Indian) Cemetery , Edmonton, AB
  Entwistle Cemetery , Parkland, AB
  Epiphany Lutheran of Sion Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
  Erlton Jewish Cemetery , Calgary, AB
  Erskine Cemetery , Stettler, AB
  Erskine Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Stettler, AB
  Estonian Lutheran Cemetery , Stettler, AB
  Etzikom Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
  Eureka River Cemetery , Clear Hills, AB
  Evangelical Christian Cemetery , Bonnyville, AB
  Evansburg Baptist Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
  Evansburg Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
  Evergreen Hutterian Brethren Cemetery , Taber, AB
  Evergreen Memorial Gardens , Edmonton, AB
  Evergreen Union Cemetery , Clearwater, AB
  Ewelme Hutterite Cemetery , Willow Creek, AB
  Ewing Cemetery , Stettler, AB
  Exaltation of the Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery , Camrose, AB
  Exshaw Cemetery , Bighorn, AB
  Exshaw Cemetery , Kananaskis, AB

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