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Fairfield Cemetery , Paintearth, AB
Fairlane Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Fairmount Cemetery , Strathcona, AB
Fairview / Hastings Coulee Cemetery , Flagstaff, AB
Fairview / Stone Cemetery , Lacombe, AB
Fairview Cemetery , Lacombe, AB
Fairview Public Cemetery , Pincher Creek, AB
Fairville Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Newell, AB
Faith Hill RC Immaculate Conception Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
Faith Union Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Fallis County Cemetery , Lac Ste Anne, AB
Farmers Independent Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Farmers' / Culp Community Cemetery , Smoky River, AB
Father Lacombe / Sisters of Providence Cemetery , Calgary, AB
Faust Cemetery , Big Lakes, AB
Felger Hutterite Cemetery , Lethbridge, AB
Fellowship Hutterite Cemetery , Pincher Creek, AB
Ferguson District Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Ferguson Flats Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Fern Valley Protestant Cemetery , Lac Ste Anne, AB
Ferrybank Cemetery , Ponoka, AB
Fertile Plains Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Fieger Family Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Field of Honour Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
First Baptist Cemetery , Leduc, AB
First Estonian Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
Fishburn United Church Cemetery , Pincher Creek, AB
Fisherton / Rundle's Mission Cemetery , Leduc, AB
Fishing Lake Cemetery , Bonnyville, AB
Fishlake Flats Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Five Mile Cemetery , Willow Creek, AB
Flat Lake Lutheran Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Flatbush Lutheran Community Cemetery , Lesser Slave River, AB
Flatbush Public Cemetery , Lesser Slave River, AB
Foisy Indian / Lakeview Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Foothills Cemetery , Foothills, AB
Foothills-Lovett Cemetery , Brazeau, AB
Foremost Town & Catholic Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Forest Hill Cemetery , Westlock, AB
Forest Home Cemetery , Ponoka, AB
Forestburg Baptist Cemetery , Flagstaff, AB
Forestburg Public Cemetery , Flagstaff, AB
Fork Lake Cemetery , Lac La Biche County (formerly Lakeland), AB
Fort Chipewyan Cemetery , Wood Buffalo, AB
Fort Chipewyan Roman Catholic Cemetery , Wood Buffalo, AB
Fort Fitzgerald Cemetery , Wood Buffalo, AB
Fort McMurray Pioneer Cemetery , Wood Buffalo, AB
Fort Saskatchewan Cemetery , Strathcona, AB
Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Cemetery , Strathcona, AB
Fort Saskatchewan Hutterite Cemetery , Strathcona, AB
Fort Smith Cemetery , Wood Buffalo, AB
Forty Mile Pioneer Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Fox Creek Cemetery , Badlands, AB
Fox Creek Roman Catholic Cemetery , Birch Hills, AB
Frains Ruth Greek Catholic Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Frank Cemetery , Crowsnest Pass, AB
Frankburg Cemetery , Foothills, AB
Frankburg Mormon Pioneer Cemetery , Foothills, AB
Free Methodist / Burtonsville Cemetery , Parkland, AB
Freudental Cemetery , Kneehill, AB
Fridhem Baptist Church Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Fridhem Lutheran Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Friedens Cemetery , Special Area 2, AB
Friedensfeld / Fredenselt Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Friedenstal RC Cemetery , Fairview, AB
Frog Lake 1 (Indian) Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Frog Lake 2 (Indian) Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Frog Lake Community Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Frog Lake Historical / German Lutheran Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Frog Lake RC (Indian) Cemetery , St Paul, AB

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