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L'Haiville Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
La Crete Christian Fellowship Cemetery , Mackenzie, AB
La Pearl Cemetery , Wainwright, AB
Lac La Biche Community Cemetery , Lac La Biche County (formerly Lakeland), AB
Lac La Biche Evangelical Free Church Cemetery , Lac La Biche County (formerly Lakeland), AB
Lac Ste Anne Cemetery , Lac Ste Anne, AB
Lacombe Area Cemetery , Lacombe, AB
Lafond Catholic Cemetery , St Paul, AB
LaGlace Bible Fellowship Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Lake Demay Burial Grounds , Camrose, AB
Lake Demay Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Lake Elinor Cemetery , Lakeland, AB
Lake Olivia / Lakeview Cemetery , Beaver, AB
Lake Road / Gooseberry Lake Road Cemetery , Special Area 4, AB
Lake Saskatoon Municipal Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Lake View Cemetery , Stettler, AB
Lakedell Community Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
Lakeside Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Taber, AB
Lakeview / Edberg Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Lakeview Cemetery , Bonnyville, AB
Lakeview Cemetery , Bonnyville, AB
Lakeview Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
Lakeview Cemetery , Stettler, AB
Lakeview Community Cemetery , Provost, AB
Lakeview Independant Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Lakeview-Fenn Cemetery , Stettler, AB
Lamont County Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Lamont Town Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Lamont United Chipman Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Lamoureux Catholic Cemetery , Strathcona, AB
Land of Rest Cemetery , Saddle Hills, AB
Landonville Community Cemetery , Vermilion River, AB
Langdon Historical Cemetery , Rockyview, AB
Lanuke Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Lars Johnson Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Larson Private Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Last Rest Cemetery , Mountainview, AB
Lathom Hutterian Brethren Colony Cemetery , Newell, AB
Laverine Cemetery , Cardston, AB
Lavoy Cemetery , Minburn, AB
Leaman Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Leavitt Cemetery , Cardston, AB
Lebanon / Thelma Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Leceister Cemetery , Big Lakes, AB
Leduc New Cemetery , Leduc, AB
Leduc Old / Leduc East Cemetery , Leduc, AB
Leduc Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery , Leduc, AB
Leedale Hutterite Cemetery , Lacombe, AB
Legion / Beaverbrook Cemetery , Paintearth, AB
Leslieville Community Cemetery , Clearwater, AB
Lessard Cemetery , Bonnyville, AB
Lethbridge Hebrew Cemetery , Lethbridge, AB
Levelland Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery , Wheatland, AB
Liberal Cemetery , Stettler, AB
Lille Cemetery , Ranchland, AB
Limestone Lake Ukrainian Catholic / St Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Linaria Cemetery , Westlock, AB
Lincoln / Forfar Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Lindale Community Cemetery , Brazeau, AB
Linden Mennonite Cemetery , Kneehill, AB
Lisburn Community Cemetery , Lac Ste Anne, AB
Little Bow Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
Little Bow Hutterite Cemetery , Willow Creek, AB
Little Buffalo Cemetery , Northern Sunrise, AB
Little Horseguard Cemetery , Clearwater, AB
Little Knoll Finnish Lutheran Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Little Mountain Cemetery , Edmonton, AB
Little Plume Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Little Rock United Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Little Smoky Community Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Livingstone / St George Cemetery , Pincher Creek, AB
Livingstone Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Pincher Creek, AB
Lloydminster Cemetery , Vermilion River, AB
Lobley Cemetery , Mountainview, AB
Lobstick Methodist Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Lomond Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
Lomond Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
Lone Ridge Cemetery , Leduc, AB
Lonebutte Cemetery , Special Area 2, AB
Long Lake Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Long Valley Union Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Lornedale Cemetery , Beaver, AB
Lougheed Village Cemetery , Flagstaff, AB
Louis Bull Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
Lousana Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
Lovettville Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Lunnford Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
Lutheran Burials Cemetery , Special Area 3, AB
Lutheran Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Lutheran Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Lutheran Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Lutheran Cemetery , Willow Creek, AB
Lutheran Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB

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