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MacGregor Cemetery , Special Area 3, AB
MacMillan Hutterite Cemetery , Foothills, AB
Maerz Cemetery , Kneehill, AB
Magic / Zion Christian Fellowship Cemetery , Ponoka, AB
Magnolia Cemetery , Parkland, AB
Magrath Cemetery , Cardston, AB
Mallaig Baptist Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Malmo Mission Covenent Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Mamaestie / Holy Trinity Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Mannville Cemetery , Minburn, AB
Mannville Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Minburn, AB
Manola Community Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
Manor / Ghost Pine Creek Anglican Cemetery , Kneehill, AB
Manyberries Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Markham Cemetery , Paintearth, AB
Marlboro Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Marten Cemetery , Beaver, AB
Martin's Salem United Cemetery , Beaver, AB
Marwayne Community Cemetery , Vermilion River, AB
Masinasin Cemetery , Warner, AB
Mattauks Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Matthaus Evangelical Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Mayerthorpe Cemetery , Lac Ste Anne, AB
Mayton Mennonite Cemetery , Mountainview, AB
Mayton Salem / Torrington East Lutheran Cemetery , Kneehill, AB
Maywood Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
McCall Grave Cemetery , Newell, AB
McCue Cemetery , Big Lakes, AB
McDougall Cemetery , Smoky Lake, AB
McLaughlin United Church Cemetery , Vermilion River, AB
McLennan Public Cemetery , Smoky River, AB
McLeod Valley Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Mcnabb Cemetery , Vermilion River, AB
Meadow Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Meadowbrook Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Meadowvale Cemetery , Ponoka, AB
Meadowview / St John's Lutheran Church Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
Meadowview Community Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
Meander River Roman Catholic (Indian) Cemetery , Mackenzie, AB
Meanook Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Medicine Valley / Diamond Valley Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
Meehan Cemetery , Kneehill, AB
Meeting Creek Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Meier Grave Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Mellowdale Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
Melville Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Memorial Cemetery Old , Wainwright, AB
Mennie Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Mennonite Crowfoot Cemetery , Wheatland, AB
Mennonite La Glace Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Mennonite Namaka Cemetery , Wheatland, AB
Mennonite Old Colony Cemetery , Clear Hills, AB
Mennonite Sharon Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Mennonite Sommerfeld Cemetery , Mackenzie, AB
Mercoal Cemetery , Brazeau, AB
Merna Cemetery , Flagstaff, AB
Merna Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery , Flagstaff, AB
Methodist Historic Cemetery , Smoky Lake, AB
Methodist Isolated Graves , Smoky Lake, AB
Metis' Cemetery , Leduc, AB
Metiskow Cemetery , Provost, AB
Mewassin Free Methodist Cemetery , Bonnyville, AB
Mewassin Reformed Cemetery , Parkland, AB
Mialta Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
Miami Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Warner, AB
Michichi (South) Cemetery , Starland, AB
Midland Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Taber, AB
Midway Colony of Hairy Hill Hutterian Brethren Cemetery , Minburn, AB
Mike Mihalcheon Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Milford / Sugar City #5 Hutterite Cemetery , Warner, AB
Milk River Cemetery , Warner, AB
Millet Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
Millwoods Community Church / Bruderfeld Moravian Cemetery , Edmonton, AB
Milo / O Perfect Peace Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
Miltow Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Warner, AB
Minburn Cemetery , Minburn, AB
Minburn Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Minburn, AB
Mirror Cemetery , Lacombe, AB
Mission Cemetery , Lac Ste Anne, AB
Mission Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Mission Hill Ukrainian Catholic Ruth Cemetery , Smoky Lake, AB
Mission Old Cemetery , Spirit River, AB
Mission St Henri Cemetery , Mackenzie, AB
Mitford Cemetery , Rockyview, AB
Moberly Graveyard Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Moland Lutheran / Old Hoyme Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Monarch Cemetery , Lethbridge, AB
Monitor Cemetery , Special Area 4, AB
Montagneuse Valley Cemetery #1 , Clear Hills, AB
Montagneuse Valley Cemetery #2 , Clear Hills, AB
Moon Valley Cemetery , Brazeau, AB
Moose Hill Cemetery , Thorhild, AB
Moose Portage Cemetery , Lesser Slave River, AB
Mooswa Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Morecambe Ruthenian Greek Catholic Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Morinville Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Sturgeon, AB
Morrin Cemetery , Starland, AB
Mosside Agnes United Church Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
Mother of Perpetual Help Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Mount Auburn Cemetery , Ponoka, AB
Mount Auburn Cemetery , Vermilion River, AB
Mount Calvary Roman Catholic Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
Mount Carmel Cemetery , Special Area 4, AB
Mount Carmel Roman Catholic / Mission of Viking Parish Cemetery , Beaver, AB
Mount Davis Cemetery , Kneehill, AB
Mount Pleasant / Strathcona Cemetery , Edmonton, AB
Mount Pleasant Cemetery , Northern Sunrise, AB
Mount Pleasant Cemetery , Rockyview, AB
Mount Pleasant Cemetery , Westlock, AB
Mount Pleasant Springvale Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
Mount St Francis Cemetery , Rockyview, AB
Mountain Park Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Mountain View Cemetery , Banff, AB
Mountain View Cemetery , Cardston, AB
Mountain View Cemetery , Lethbridge, AB
Mountain View Cemetery & Memorial Gardens , Calgary, AB
Mountain View Mennonite Cemetery , Foothills, AB
Mountainside / Blanchard Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Mountainview Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Wheatland, AB
Mountclare Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
Mundare Public Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Municipal District of Spirit River Cemetery , Spirit River, AB
Munson Cemetery , Starland, AB
Muslim Association of Calgary Cemetery , Calgary, AB
Myrnam Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Myrtle Creek Burial Ground , Thorhild, AB

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