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Namaka Mennonite Cemetery , Wheatland, AB
Namao Community Cemetery , Sturgeon, AB
Nampa Cemetery , East Peace, AB
Nanton Cemetery , Willow Creek, AB
Naples Catholic / Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
Nashville Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
National Sobor Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Native Burial Grounds (Indian) Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Nativity Blessed Virgin Mary Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Cemetery , Thorhild, AB
Nativity of the Holy Virgin / Kyslew / St Mary's Canadian Greek Orthodox Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Nedohen RC Cemetery , Spirit River, AB
Neerlandia Christian Reformed Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
Nemiscam Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Netherby Cemetery , Special Area 2, AB
Netherlands Reformed Congregation Memorial Cemetery , Lethbridge, AB
Neu Muehl of Delia Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Badlands, AB
Neuanlage Old Colony Mennonite Cemetery , Mackenzie, AB
Neuchatel & Battlebend Cemetery , Flagstaff, AB
Nevis Cemetery , Stettler, AB
New Arden / Evangelical Christian Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
New Bergthal Mennonite Cemetery , Mountainview, AB
New Brigden Cemetery , Special Area 3, AB
New Dale Hutterite Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
New Dayton Community Cemetery , Warner, AB
New Elmspring Cemetery , Cardston, AB
New Elmspring Hutterite Cemetery , Cardston, AB
New Home Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
New Norway Cemetery , Camrose, AB
New Rockport Hutterite Cemetery , Warner, AB
New Salem - Skafse Cemetery , Camrose, AB
New Sweden Scandinavian Mission Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
New York Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Warner, AB
Newbrook Community Cemetery , Thorhild, AB
Newburg Lutheran Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Newell Hutterite Cemetery , Newell, AB
No Name / Sounding Creek RC Cemetery , Paintearth, AB
No Name Cemetery , Parkland, AB
Nobleford Christian Reformed Cemetery , Lethbridge, AB
Noral Cemetery , Lakeland, AB
Norberg Pioneer Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Nordegg Memorial Cemetery , Clearwater, AB
Norden Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
North Park Pioneer Cemetery , Vermilion River, AB
North Star / Saints Peter and Paul Russo Orthodox Cemetery , Northern Lights, AB
North Star Cemetery , Northern Lights, AB
Northbank Russo Greek Orthodox Cemetery , Smoky Lake, AB
Northend Cemetery , Brazeau, AB
Northern Lights Cemetery , Edmonton, AB
Northfield Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Northmark Public Cemetery , Saddle Hills, AB
Northwood Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery , Cypress, AB
Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery , Provost, AB
Nose Mountain Cemetery , Greenview, AB
Notre Dame De Savoie Cemetery , Paintearth, AB
Notre Dame Des Victoires / Lac La Biche Mission , Lac La Biche County (formerly Lakeland), AB
Notre-Dame De Lourdes / Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery , Smoky River, AB

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