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Taber Memorial Gardens , Taber, AB
Tail Creek Cemetery , Stettler, AB
Tangent Roman Catholic Cemetery , Birch Hills, AB
Tawatinaw Cemetery , Westlock, AB
Taylor Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
Taylorville Cemetery , Cardston, AB
Teepee Creek Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Tees New Cemetery , Lacombe, AB
Tees Old Cemetery , Lacombe, AB
Telfordville United Church Cemetery , Leduc, AB
Temple Hill Town Cemetery , Warner, AB
Thompson Hutterite Cemetery , Cardston, AB
Thorhild County Cemetery , Thorhild, AB
Thorsby Community Cemetery , Leduc, AB
Thorsby Pentecostal Cemetery , Leduc, AB
Thorsby Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery , Leduc, AB
Three Creek Community Cemetery , East Peace, AB
Three Hills Town Cemetery , Kneehill, AB
Tindastoll Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
Tingley Cemetery , Vermilion River, AB
Tofield Cemetery , Beaver, AB
Tofield Gospel Cemetery , Beaver, AB
Tofield Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Beaver, AB
Tomahawk Cemetery , Parkland, AB
Topland Cemetery , Woodlands, AB
Torrington West Baptist Cemetery , Kneehill, AB
Traditional Burial Grounds / Fort Edmonton / Rossdale Burial Site , Edmonton, AB
Travers / Sweet Valley Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
Trenville Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery , Lac Ste Anne, AB
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery , Pincher Creek, AB
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery , Ponoka, AB
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery , Edmonton, AB
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery , Flagstaff, AB
Trochu Baptist Cemetery , Kneehill, AB
Trochu Town Cemetery , Kneehill, AB
Trondhjem Lutheran Church Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Trondhjem Old Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Tschetter Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Rockyview, AB
Twilight Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Smoky River, AB
Twin Creek Cemetery , Leduc, AB
Twin Creek Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Vulcan, AB
Twin Spruce Russian Greek Catholic / St Michael's Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Two Hills Public Cemetery , Two Hills, AB

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