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Family Tree Maker 2010

  Cemetery   Locality, Province
  Wabasca Municipal Cemetery   Opportunity, AB
  Walker Family Cemetery   Cypress, AB
  Walsh Community Cemetery   Cypress, AB
  Wanham Belloy Cemetery   Birch Hills, AB
  Wanham Cemetery   Birch Hills, AB
  Warburg Hutterite Cemetery   Leduc, AB
  Warner Town & Old Catholic Cemetery   Warner, AB
  Waskatenau Old-Timer's / All Saints Cemetery   Smoky Lake, AB
  Waskatenau United Church / Woodward Cemetery   Smoky Lake, AB
  Water Glen Baptist Cemetery   Camrose, AB
  Water Valley / Christ the King Church Cemetery   Mountainview, AB
  Waterhole Cemetery   Fairview, AB
  Watino Cemetery   Smoky River, AB
  Wavy Lake Cemetery   Flagstaff, AB
  Wayetenau Community Cemetery   Smoky Lake, AB
  Wayne Cemetery   Badlands, AB
  Webster Cemetery   Grande Prairie, AB
  Wellsdale Cemetery   Vermilion River, AB
  Wenz Cemetery   Cypress, AB
  Wesley Band Cemetery   Bighorn, AB
  West Duchess Cemetery   Newell, AB
  West Haven Cemetery   Ponoka, AB
  West Raley Hutterite Cemetery   Cardston, AB
  West Zion Cemetery   Mountainview, AB
  Westcott United Church Cemetery   Mountainview, AB
  Westerdale United Churchyard Cemetery   Mountainview, AB
  Westlawn Memorial Gardens & Edmonton Crematorium   Edmonton, AB
  Westlock Town Cemetery   Westlock, AB
  Westvale Cemetery   Birch Hills, AB
  Westward Ho Cemetery   Mountainview, AB
  Wetaskiwin East Area Cemetery   Wetaskiwin, AB
  Wetaskiwin Memorial Cemetery   Wetaskiwin, AB
  Wetaskiwin Old Cemetery   Wetaskiwin, AB
  Wetaskiwin West Area Cemetery   Wetaskiwin, AB
  White Lake Cemetery   Lethbridge, AB
  White Mountain Cemetery   Saddle Hills, AB
  Whitecourt Cemetery   Woodlands, AB
  Whitefish Lake Cemetery   Bonnyville, AB
  Whitelaw Cemetery   Fairview, AB
  Whitemud Cemetery   Smoky River, AB
  Whitla Cemetery   Forty Mile, AB
  Whitsuntide Russo Orthodox Cemetery   Leduc, AB
  Wildwood Hutterite Cemetery   Parkland, AB
  Wildwood Memorial Gardens   Parkland, AB
  Wilhelmina Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery   Camrose, AB
  Willow Creek Cemetery   Leduc, AB
  Willow Range Cemetery   St Paul, AB
  Willow Wilde Cemetery   Barrhead, AB
  Willowdale (Private) Cemetery   Saddle Hills, AB
  Willowgrove / Abilene Cemetery   St Paul, AB
  Wilson Hutterite Cemetery   Lethbridge, AB
  Wimborne Cemetery   Kneehill, AB
  Windy Ridge Cemetery   Barrhead, AB
  Winniandy Cemetery   Greenview, AB
  Winnifred Cemetery   Forty Mile, AB
  Winnifred Hutterite Cemetery   Forty Mile, AB
  Wisdom Bethel Evangelical Cemetery   Forty Mile, AB
  Wolf Hill / Sullivan Cemetery   Stettler, AB
  Wolfer Cemetery   Cypress, AB
  Woodland Cemetery   Yellowhead, AB
  Woodland County Cemetery   Parkland, AB
  Woodlawn Cemetery   Yellowhead, AB
  Woody Nook Christian Reformed Cemetery   Lacombe, AB
  Woolford Cemetery   Cardston, AB
  Worsley Cemetery   Clear Hills, AB
  Wrentham Cemetery   Warner, AB

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