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Port Alice District Cemetery, Alberni - Clayoquot Regional District, BC

Port Alice District Cemetery
Street Address: Port Alice Rd
Community: Port Alice
Locality: Alberni - Clayoquot Regional District
Province: BC
GPS: 50.386449,-127.450229

The town of Port Alice is about 6 km north of the Cellulose plant. The original town moved in the 1960s and the Cemetery is where the original townsite was. The Cemetery is located just above the Cellulose Plant and below the remains of the Golf Course. There's overflow parking just below the Cemetery.

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  • Mary Mahoney-Robson

  • Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Photos courtesy of Mary Mahoney-Robson [2016]
    Indexed by Sherri Pettit

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

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    ?NDMAN, John?  
    ADACHI, (baby)  
    ADACHI, (baby)  
    ADACHI, Makiko  
    ADACHI, Mitsuko   1923 - 1925 (age: 2)
    AKERLEY, Albert Walter   1904 - 1953
    ALLAM, (unreadable)  
    ANDERSON, Helen  
    ANDERSON, W.  
    ASTO, Florence  
    ASTON, Fred   1891 - 1946
    AUDETTE, (twins)  
    BARNETT, J., Mrs.  
    BARNETT, Joseph  
    BASTON, Helena A.   1896 - 1961
    BEATTY, Taylor  
    BECKER, (baby)  
    BENSKI, Michael   1891 - 1952
    BENSON, Ed  
    BERG, A.  
    BERGENHAD?, Andrew  
    BEST, Margaret   1883 - 1941
    BLACK, Charles J.   1906 - 1965
    BLIGHTON, William George  
    BOWDEN, M.D.F.  
    BRODIE, (baby)  
    BROWN, Art  
    BRYANT, Doreen   1930 - 1958
    BRYANT, Valerie   1957 - 1958 (age: 9w)
    BUCHAN, W.  
    BURNS, David  
    BUTLER, F.W.  
    CASSIDY, (baby)  
    CHOW, York Ling   1933 - 1951
    CHUNG, Seto   ? - 1949
    CLANCY, William  
    CLARKE, C.G.  
    CLARKE, J., Mrs.  
    CLARKE, Kathleen M.  
    COLKIN, J.O., Mrs.  
    COPPICK, Deborah   infant
    COX, Charles  
    COX, Harry   ? - 1942
    CUNNINGHAM, Delmar  
    DALY, (baby)  
    DALY, Jesse  
    DAVIE, Ferguson   infant
    DEANS, (baby)  
    DEEGAN, (baby)  
    DEWITTE, Velma May   1916 - 1989
    DONG, Wah   1885 - 1947 (age: 62)
    ECKLAND, O.S.  
    ECKLEY, Harold  
    ELLIS, G.  
    EMERY, J.  
    ENGLISH, Lucille  
    ERICKSON, Andrew E.  
    EVJEN, John  
    FATA, (baby)  
    FIELD, (baby)  
    FISHBACK, John  
    FLEMMING, (baby)  
    FRASER, O.G.  
    GARDNER, John  
    GARNEAU, Roger  
    GATON, James  
    GIBAULT, Jean  
    GILLIS, Rod  
    GRASS, John  
    GREENLAW?, Eileen   infant
    GREIG, John  
    GROVES, (baby)  
    GUY, Robert  
    HAMILTON, Frances  
    HANSEN, (unreadable)  
    HANSEN, Absorn Ben  
    HANSEN, Harold  
    HANSEN, John  
    HARVEY, Lewis  
    HASHIMOTO, Yukimo  
    HEDBERG, Donald Ernest  
    HENDRICKSON, Harald   1890 - 1937 (age: 47)
    HIKOTA, (baby)  
    HOLE, (baby)  
    HUG, Paul  
    HUREN, Andrew  
    IRVINE, David  
    JOHNSON, (baby)  
    JUNG, Hung  
    JUNG, Kip  
    KANAYASHI?, (baby)  
    KASHIWAI, Toshiko   1897 - 1927 (age: 30)
    KEE, Chow   1867 - 1936 (age: 69)
    KING, Archibald Arthur   1887 - 1952
    KIRK, (baby)  
    KOBERSKI, (baby)  
    KONISHI, Shigeru   ? - 1926
    LAKE, Ester  
    LANCE, Henry William "Edwin"   1883 - 1948
    LEE, (baby)  
    LEPITTRE, Samuel  
    LOMAS, (Mrs)  
    LOMAS, (Rev)  
    LOPINYS, Dianna   1953 - 1953
    LOW, Wing   1931 - 1959 (age: 28)
    LYBANEER?, Joseph  
    MacLEOD, Helen Elizabeth   1952 - 1952
    MacMASTER, Angus   1903 - 1954
    MacMASTER, Richard   1906 - 1995
    McCAUGHEY, William  
    McINTYRE, (baby)  
    McKENZIE, J.A.  
    McKINLEY, J.  
    McNABB, Andrew Ralph   ? - 1940?
    McPHEE, George  
    MILLS, Charles H.  
    MOLL, Harry  
    MURRAY, (baby)  
    MURRAY, Norman  
    NETLAND, Nels  
    NOLAN, (baby)  
    O'NEIL, Joseph  
    O?SAVANT, Gaston  
    PAQUET, (baby)  
    PATTERSON, (unreadable)  
    PHIPPS, Betty  
    QUAYLE, Dawn Heather   1955 - 1956
    ROSS, Alex N.  
    RUZJAM, Steve  
    RYAN, F., Mrs.  
    SEENEY, Deborah  
    SHERBERG, Henry   1883 - 1948
    SHERBERT?, Oliver  
    SINNES, Chris  
    SKARIN, H.  
    SORENSON, Velma May (Dewitte)   1916 - 1989
    SORKO, John  
    STANLEY, Craig   1964 - 1966
    STERLAND, Herbert T.   1907 - 1958
    STOA, Carl  
    STURDY, Florence Annie   1914 - 1961
    SUEY, Louie How   1885 - 1951
    SURFIELD, Ada  
    SUTTON, Paddy  
    SUZUMURA, Yoshitomo   1883 - 1925 (age: 42)
    SWANN, William Boyd  
    SZABO, Julius  
    TABATA, Fumie?  
    TERAMOTO, (baby)  
    THOMPSON, (baby)  
    THON, Brian William   1964 - 1968
    TOMINGAS, Robert  
    TRIDER, Roy G.  
    TURKAREK, Walter  
    WAKEFIELD, Alfred  
    WALLACE, Robert  
    WARNER, William H.   1944 - 1944
    WEATHERUP, Thomas  
    WHITE, James E.   1904 - 1949
    WHODAL?, (unreadable)  
    WILSON, I.  
    YATES, (baby)  
    YEO, William  

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