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Jackfish Lake Cemetery , Alexander RM, MB
Jackhead-Dallas First Nation Roman Catholic Cemetery , Jackhead First Nation, MB
Jahnke Burial Site , Hanover RM, MB
James Burial Site , Louise RM, MB
James Valley Hutterian Brethren Colony Cemetery , Cartier RM, MB
Janizen Burial Site , Reynolds RM, MB
Janzen Burial Site , Ste Anne RM, MB
Janzen Burial Site , Ste Anne RM, MB
Janzen Burial Site , Hanover RM, MB
Janzen-Wiebe Cemetery , Franklin RM (now Emerson-Franklin RM), MB
Jaroslaw Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery , Bifrost RM (now Bifrost-Riverton RM), MB
Johnson Burial Site , Argyle RM, MB
Johnson Cemetery , St Laurent RM, MB
Johnston / St David United Cemetery , Woodworth RM (now Wallace-Woodworth RM), MB
Jonathansson Burial Site , Siglunes RM (now West Interlake RM), MB
Jonina Oddson Burial Plot , Stanley RM, MB
Julius Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery , Reynolds RM, MB

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