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Grund Frelsis Lutheran Cemetery, Argyle RM, MB

Community: 1/2 mile east of Frelsis
Township: NE 12-06-14 W
Locality: Argyle RM
Municipality: Pembina Valley Region
Province: MB
GPS: 49.466775,-99.234954

Land donated by Johannes Sigurdson. Cemetery est. 1882, church built 1889, first burial Aslaug Sigurdon 1882.

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  • George E. Fedyck
  • Manitoba Community Profiles

    Index courtesy of George Fedyck [2008]
    Indexed by Sherri Pettit

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

    ANDERSON, Andres  
    ANDERSON, Andres (2 sons & 2 daughters)  
    ANDERSON, Benedict  
    ANDERSON, Bjorn  
    ANDERSON, Bjorn Stefanson  
    ANDERSON, Gudrun J.  
    ANDERSON, Kristin  
    ANDERSON, Kristin  
    ANDERSON, Kristjan  
    ANDERSON, Margaret Sigridur  
    ANDERSON, Pall  
    ANDERSON, Pall A.  
    ANDERSON, Rebecca  
    ANDERSON, Snaebjorn  
    ANDERSON, Stefan Bjornson  
    ANDERSON, Vigdis  
    ANDERSON, Zola  
    ANTONIUS, A.W., Mrs.  
    ARADOTTIR, Gudny  
    ARASON, Anna Gudrun  
    ARASON, Herman  
    ARASON, Skapti  
    ARNADOTTIR, Maria  
    ARNASON, Haldor  
    ARNASON, Johanna S.  
    ASMUNDSON, Asmundur  
    ASMUNDSON, Kristbjorg  
    BACKMAN, Gudmundur  
    BACKMAN, Kristjana  
    BALDWIN, (Father)  
    BALDWIN, (Mother)  
    BALDWIN, Anna  
    BALDWIN, Carl  
    BALDWIN, Grandfather  
    BARDARSON, Gudbjorn S.  
    BERG, Halldor B.J.  
    BERGSON, Bergman  
    BERGSON, Edna Laura  
    BERGSON, Jonas  
    BERGSON, Lilja  
    BERGSON, Sarah Louisa  
    BERGSON, W.G.D. "Dan"  
    BJORNSON, Gunnlaug R.  
    BJORNSON, Jonas  
    BJORNSON, Oliver  
    BJORNSON, Rurik Hjortur  
    BJORNSON, Sigurbjorg  
    BJORNSON, Sigurlaug  
    BJORNSON, Sigurveig  
    BJORNSON, Thorbjorg  
    BJORNSSON, Bjorn   1887 - 1889?
    CHRISTIE, C. Melvin  
    CHRISTIE, Gudbjorg  
    CHRISTIE, John  
    CHRISTIE, Matthildur  
    CHRISTIE, Stephen  
    CHRISTIE, Thorun  
    CHRISTIE, Wilbert  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Caroline  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Helga Sigurlina  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Johann Bjorn  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, John William  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Kristin (Jonsdottir)  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Laura Inga  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Lylia Sigurborg  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Matthildur  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Sigurdur  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Sigurdur H.  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Sigurdur Halldor  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Sigurjon  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Sigurveig  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, Sigurveig Aolbjorg  
    CHRISTOPHERSON, William Christopher  
    DAHLMAN, Victor  
    DALMAN, Kristjan F.  
    DALMANN, Kristin  
    DANIELSSON, Thorsteinn  
    EINARSSON, Benedikt  
    EINARSSON, Thorun  
    ERLENDSON, Erlendur  
    ERLENDSON, Sigurleifar  
    FREDERICKSON, Albert  
    FREDERICKSON, Bergljot  
    FREDERICKSON, Fridjorn F.S.  
    FREDERICKSON, Olgeir  
    FREDERICKSON, Sigridur  
    FREDERICKSON, Sigurgeir  
    FREDERICKSON, Vilborg  
    FRIDRICKSSON, Fridjon  
    FULLER, Doris Shirley (Johnson)  
    GISLASON, Barn  
    GISLASON, Theirra Kristjan  
    GOODMAN, G. Fred  
    GOODMAN, Gudbjorg  
    GOODMAN, Gudrun  
    GOODMAN, Helga  
    GOODMAN, Jon  
    GOODMAN, Magnus  
    GOODMAN, Peter  
    GOODMAN, Pte. Peter  
    GOODMAN, Sigridur  
    GOODMANSON, Hans W.  
    GOODMANSON, Thorbjorg  
    GUDJONSDOTTIR, Thorun (Einarsson)  
    GUDMUNDSON, Anna J.  
    GUDMUNDSON, Thorlakur  
    GUDNASON, Christine  
    GUDNASON, G. Halldor "Dori"  
    GUDNASON, Gudny J.  
    GUDNASON, John  
    GUDNASON, Jonina (infant)  
    GUDNASON, Paul  
    GUDNSON, Petur  
    GUNDY, Fridbjorn  
    GUNDY, Joel  
    GUNDY, Norman  
    HAFLIDOTTIR, Gudridur (Magnusson)  
    HALL, Helene  
    HALLDORSSON, Gudmundur Sumarlidi (Magnusson)  
    HALLGRIMSON, Byring  
    HALLGRIMSON, Edwin Peter  
    HALLGRIMSON, Emil Sigurdur  
    HALLGRIMSON, Sigurborg  
    HALLGRIMSON, Sveinn A.  
    HALLSON, Gudjon  
    HELGADOTTIR, Manna (Thorsteinson)  
    HELGASON, Carrie  
    HELGASON, Erlendur  
    HELGASON, Fredrick  
    HELGASON, Grandmother  
    HELGASON, Gudlaug  
    HELGASON, Jonas  
    HELGASON, Kristin  
    HELGASON, Sigridur  
    HELGASON, Veiga  
    ISBERG, C Th.  
    JOHANNSDOTTIR, Thorbjorg (Bjornson)  
    JOHANNSON, Kristjana  
    JOHANNSON, Theodor  
    JOHANNSSON, Egill  
    JOHANNSSON, Herman  
    JOHANNSSON, Maria  
    JOHANNSSON, Pall  
    JOHANNSSON, Sigurbjorn  
    JOHANNSSON, Sigurjon  
    JOHNSON, Arnbjorg  
    JOHNSON, Arni  
    JOHNSON, Christian  
    JOHNSON, Dora  
    JOHNSON, Doris Shirley  
    JOHNSON, Halldor Johann  
    JOHNSON, Hannes H.  
    JOHNSON, Helga  
    JOHNSON, John A.  
    JOHNSON, John W.  
    JOHNSON, John W.  
    JOHNSON, Jonas  
    JOHNSON, Jonina Helga  
    JOHNSON, Kristjon  
    JOHNSON, Kristridur  
    JOHNSON, Margeret Kona Hannes H.  
    JOHNSON, Margret  
    JOHNSON, S. Peter  
    JOHNSON, Sigmundur  
    JOHNSON, Sigurveig  
    JOHNSON, Soffia  
    JOHNSON, Thomas TH.  
    JOHNSON, Thorun (Christie)  
    JOHSON, Stefan  
    JONASDOTTIR, Sigurborg  
    JONASSON, Bjarni  
    JONSDOTTIR, Gudrun (Storm)  
    JONSDOTTIR, Kristin  
    JONSDOTTIR, Thora Kona Hans  
    JONSON, Arnleif Wife of G.  
    JONSON, Gudjon  
    JONSON, Gunnlaug Bjorg  
    JONSSON, Arnfridur  
    JONSSON, Einar  
    JONSSON, Emily  
    JONSSON, Fridrik  
    JONSSON, Gundi  
    JONSSON, Hans  
    JONSSON, Jon  
    JONSSON, Jon  
    JONSSON, Margret  

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