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Feversham Cemetery, Grey County, ON

Street Address: Grey Rd
Community: Feversham
Township: Osprey Township (Concession 9, Lot 16)
Locality: Grey County
Municipality: Grey Highlands
Province: ON
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Registered to Municipality of Grey Highlands. It was the first cemetery in the village and served all faiths. At one time there was a Wesleyan Methodist church associated with it. When the old log church was no longer useable Methodist services were held at the Presbyterian church. Eventually Methodist services in Feversham ceased. The cemetery was vandalized many years ago and the remaining stones were gathered and mounted together on a concrete base. This small cemetery is located at the southern edge of the village on the east side of Grey Rd 2. Turn east on John St. from Grey Rd. 2 to access the cemetery.

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  • Debra Mann
  • AMCTO: The Municipal Experts

    Photos courtesy of Debra Mann [2008]
    Indexed by Debra Mann

  • Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

    ALEXANDER, George   1791 - 1868 (age: 77)
    BOWES, Cambleman   1841 - 1882 (age: 41)
    BOWES, Camplman   spouse
    BOWES, Henry A.   1881 - 1882 (age: 1)
    BOWES, James   ? - 1879
    BOWES, John C.   1871 - 1882 (age: 11)
    BOWES, Margaret   1847 - 1879 (age: 32)
    BOWES, William W.   1870 - 1882 (age: 12)
    CAMERON, Catherine   1846 - 1872 (age: 26)
    CAMERON, Lucinda   parent
    CAMERON, Neil   1880 - 1881 (age: 1)
    CAMERON, Neil   parent
    CAMERON, Neil   spouse
    ELLIOTT, James   parent
    ELLIOTT, Julia Ann   parent
    ELLIOTT, Maria   1868 - 1882 (age: 14)
    FOX, Margaret   1821 - 1866 (age: 45)
    HORTON, Edward   1812 - 1864 (age: 52)
    HUDSON, Joseph   spouse
    HUDSON, Margaret   1815 - 1864 (age: 49)
    McGIRR, James   spouse
    McGIRR, Margaret (Fox)   1821 - 1866 (age: 45)
    VANMEER, ?   1876 - 1876 (age: 6w)
    VANMEER, Mary   parent
    VANMEER, Mary   parent
    VANMEER, Richard   1866 - 1875 (age: 9)
    VANMEER, Robert   1866 - 1877 (age: 11)
    VANMEER, S. J.   parent
    VANMEER, Samuel   1861 - 1875 (age: 14)
    VANMEER, Samuel E.   parent
    VANMEER, Samuel E.   parent
    VANMEER, Sarah   1865 - 1875 (age: 10)
    VANMEER, W. H.   parent

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