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Cabano Cemetery , Temiscouata County, QC
Campbell Hall Cemetery , Quebec County, QC
Campbell's Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Cantley United Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Caplan Cemetery , Bonaventure County, QC
Capucins Cemetery , Matane County, QC
Carignan Cemetery , Chambly County, QC
Carleton Cemetery , Bonaventure County, QC
Carr Cemetery , Compton County, QC
Casady Cemetery , Drummond County, QC
Cassville Cemetery , Stanstead County, QC
Castlebar Cemetery , Richmond County, QC
Caswellboro Cemetery , Stanstead County, QC
Catholic Cemetery of Five Counties / Catholique 5 Cantons-Halifax-Nelson-Inverness-Ireland-Leeds , Megantic County, QC
Catholique d'Alma Cemetery , Lac St-Jean County, QC
Catholique de Drummondville Cemetery , Drummond County, QC
Catholiques de Jonquière Cemetery , Chicoutimi County, QC
Cedar Point Cemetery , Yamaska County, QC
Cemetiere Broadlands / Kempt Road Protestant Cemetery , Bonaventure County, QC
Cemetiere de la Fabrique Notre Dame de la Garde / St-Antoine-de-Padoue RC Cemetery , Bonaventure County, QC
Centre Cemetery , Montmagny County, QC
Centre Eardley Cemetery , Pontiac County, QC
Chandler Cemetery , Missisquoi County, QC
Chapel Hill Cemetery , Brome County, QC
Chapel's Corners Cemetery / Dunham United Church Cemetery , Missisquoi County, QC
Charlemagne Cemetery , L'Assomption County, QC
Chartierville Cemetery , Compton County, QC
Chateau Richer Cemetery , Montmorancy County, QC
Chateauguay Protestant Cemetery , Chateauguay County, QC
Chazel Cemetery , Abitibi County, QC
Chelsea Pioneer Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Chelsea Protestant (Old) Burial Ground , Gatineau County, QC
Chesterville RC Cemetery , Arthabaska County, QC
Chevery Cemetery , Duplessis County, QC
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery , Quebec County, QC
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery , Richelieu County, QC
Christ Church Anglican Episcopal Cemetery , Gaspe County, QC
Christ Church Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Christ Church Cemetery , Argenteuil County, QC
Christ Church Cemetery , Huntingdon County, QC
Christ Church Cemetery , Megantic County, QC
Christ Church Cemetery , Missisquoi County, QC
Christ Church Cemetery , Montcalm County, QC
Christ Roi Cemetery , Chateauguay County, QC
Christ Roi Cemetery , Joliette County, QC
Church Family / Bellevue Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Chute-St-Philippe Cemetery , Labelle County, QC
Cimetiere de Cap Rouge / St Felix Cemetery , Quebec County, QC
Cimetiere De La Cathedrale , St-Hyacinthe County, QC
Cimetiere de la Mission / Paroisse St-Malachie d'Ormstown Old , Chateauguay County, QC
Cimetiere de la Paroisse St-Malachie d'Ormstown , Chateauguay County, QC
Cimetiere de St-Jean-d'Orleans , Montmorancy County, QC
Cimetiere des Suisses , Gatineau County, QC
Cimetiere Golgotha , Charlevoix County, QC
Cimetière Oecumenique / Ecumenical Cemetery , Montcalm County, QC
Cimetiere Ste-Catherine , Stanstead County, QC
Clarendon Front / Armstrong's Burying Ground , Pontiac County, QC
Clark / Miller Cemetery , Huntingdon County, QC
Cloridorme Cemetery , Gaspe County, QC
Cochrane / Sleeper Cemetery , Compton County, QC
Colombier Cemetery , Saguenay County, QC
Compton Cemetery , Compton County, QC
Congregational Chapel Cemetery , Megantic County, QC
Copeland Family Burial Site , Gatineau County, QC
Cote de la Montagne Cemetery , Quebec County, QC
Craig's Methodist Cemetery , Pontiac County, QC
Crooker Cemetery , Compton County, QC
Crystal Lake Cemetery , Stanstead County, QC
Cushing Cemetery , Argenteuil County, QC

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