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Gagnon Cemetery , Nouveau-Quebec County, QC
Gentilly Cemetery , Nicolet County, QC
Gentle-Welch Cemetery , Huntingdon County, QC
George Cemetery , Brome County, QC
Georgetown Cemetery , Chateauguay County, QC
Gilman Cemetery , Missisquoi County, QC
Gisla Cemetery , Frontenac County, QC
Glen Cemetery , Argenteuil County, QC
Glen Farnham Cemetery , Shefford County, QC
Glenbrook Cemetery , Brome County, QC
Godbout Cemetery , Saguenay County, QC
Gore Cemetery , Huntingdon County, QC
Gould Cemetery , Stanstead County, QC
Gould Cemetery , Compton County, QC
Grace Church Anglican Cemetery , Argenteuil County, QC
Grace United Cemetery , Compton County, QC
Gracefield New Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Grand-Remous Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Greenlay George Cemetery , Megantic County, QC
Griggs-Steel Pioneer Cemetery , Missisquoi County, QC
Grimes Burial Ground , Brome County, QC
Grove Hill Cemetery , Compton County, QC
Guyenne Cemetery , Abitibi County, QC

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