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L'Ancienne Lorette Cemetery , Quebec County, QC
L'Anse Cemetery , Montmagny County, QC
L'Assomption Cemetery , L'Assomption County, QC
L'Islet sur Mer Cemetery , L'Islet County, QC
La Baleine Cemetery , Charlevoix County, QC
La Patrie Cemetery , Compton County, QC
La Plaine Cemetery , L'Assomption County, QC
La Tuque Cemetery , Champlain County, QC
La Visitation de Gracefield / Old Gracefield Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Labelle Cemetery , Labelle County, QC
Lac a l'Arche Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Lac des Seize Iles Cemetery , Argenteuil County, QC
Lac Nominingue Cemetery , Labelle County, QC
Lac Saguay Cemetery , Labelle County, QC
Lac St Paul Cemetery , Labelle County, QC
Lac Ste Marie Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Lac-des-Ecorces Cemetery , Labelle County, QC
Lachute Protestant Cemetery , Argenteuil County, QC
Ladysmith Methodist Cemetery , Pontiac County, QC
LaGuerre / Calvin Presbyterian Church Cemetery , Beauharnois County, QC
LaGuerre Cemetery , Beauharnois County, QC
Lakefield Anglican Church Cemetery , Argenteuil County, QC
Lakeside Cemetery , Wolfe County, QC
Lakeview Memorial Gardens , Montreal, QC
Lantier Cemetery , Terrebonne County, QC
Laprairie Cemetery , Laprairie County, QC
Larouche Cemetery , Chicoutimi County, QC
Lauzon Cemetery , Levis County, QC
Laval Cemetery , Laval County, QC
Le Repos Saint-Francoise d'Assise Cemetery / Cimitiere de l'Est , Montreal, QC
Leadville Cemetery , Brome County, QC
Lemieux Cemetery , Nicolet County, QC
Les Jardins Urgel Bourgie Cemetery / Laval Memorial Gardens , Laval County, QC
Les Jardins Urgel Bourgie Cemetery / Montreal Memorial Gardens , Montreal, QC
Les Sentiers Commemoratifs de la Riviere , Terrebonne County, QC
Levis Cemetery , Levis County, QC
Libby Cemetery , Stanstead County, QC
Lochaber Bay Cemetery , Papineau County, QC
Lost River Cemetery , Argenteuil County, QC
Louiseville Cemetery , Maskinonge County, QC
Low United Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Lower Ireland Wesleyan Methodist / United Cemetery , Megantic County, QC
Lower Litchfield United / Litchfield Presbyterian Cemetery , Pontiac County, QC
Luskville (Old) Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Luskville RC Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC

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