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MacGillivray Cemetery , Papineau County, QC
Maclarens Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Magpie Cemetery , Saguenay County, QC
Malvern Cemetery , Sherbrooke County, QC
Mancebourg Cemetery , Abitibi County, QC
Maniwaki 1 / Assumption RC Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Maniwaki 2 / Assumption RC Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Maniwaki 3 / Assumption RC Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Maniwaki Protestant Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Manning Farm Cemetery , Huntingdon County, QC
Maple Grove Anglican Cemetery , Megantic County, QC
Maple Grove Methodist / Methodist de Maple Grove / McLean Cemetery at Dinning Bridge , Megantic County, QC
Maple Grove Pentecostal Cemetery , Pontiac County, QC
Maple Grove United Cemetery , Pontiac County, QC
Maplewood Cemetery , Drummond County, QC
Marie-Reine-du-Monde / St Patrick Cemetery , Montcalm County, QC
Marieville RC Cemetery , Rouville County, QC
Marlow Cemetery , Beauce County, QC
Marsh Cemetery , Compton County, QC
Marshall Family Cemetery , Huntingdon County, QC
Martindale Pioneer Memorial Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Maskinonge Cemetery , Maskinonge County, QC
Matagami Cemetery , Nouveau-Quebec County, QC
Matane Cemetery , Matane County, QC
Mausolee Lalime Cemetery , St-Hyacinthe County, QC
McAulay Cemetery , Frontenac County, QC
McClatchie / James McClatchie Cemetery , Huntingdon County, QC
McClatchie Family Cemetery , Huntingdon County, QC
McCrea-Kingsbury Cemetery , Huntingdon County, QC
McWatters Cemetery , Temiscamingue County, QC
Melbourne Ridge Cemetery , Richmond County, QC
Merlin-Kyle Cemetery , Huntingdon County, QC
Merrifield Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Methodist Leeds Cemetery , Megantic County, QC
Mid-Laurentian United Church Cemetery , Montcalm County, QC
Milan Cemetery , Frontenac County, QC
Mille Isles Methodist Cemetery , Argenteuil County, QC
Mille Isles Protestant Cemetery (Presbyterian) , Argenteuil County, QC
Moffet Cemetery , Temiscamingue County, QC
Mohr Cemetery , Pontiac County, QC
Moisie Cemetery , Saguenay County, QC
Mont Carmel Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Mont Carmel Cemetery , Kamouraska County, QC
Mont St Michel Cemetery , Labelle County, QC
Mont-Marie Cemetery , Levis County, QC
Mont-Royal Cemetery , Montreal, QC
Montpellier Cemetery , Papineau County, QC
Morse Cemetery , Brome County, QC
Mount Hermon Cemetery , Quebec, QC
Mount Pleasant Cemetery , Laval County, QC
Mount Royal Cemetery , Montreal County, QC
Mudgett Cemetery , Brome County, QC
Mulgrave Baptist Cemetery , Papineau County, QC
Munro Hall Cemetery , Huntingdon County, QC
Murray Bay RC Cemetery , Charlevoix County, QC

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