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Family Tree Maker 2010

  Cemetery   Locality, Province
  Jacobsberg (St Anne's) Cemetery   Souris Valley RM # 7, SK
  Jan Huss Cemetery   Rudy RM # 284, SK
  Jansen Cemetery   Prairie Rose RM # 309, SK
  Janssen / Canopus Cemetery   Old Post RM # 43, SK
  Jaroslaw Cemetery   Orkney RM # 244, SK
  Jasmin Cemetery   Ituna Bon Accord RM # 246, SK
  Jean Baptiste De La Salle   Battle River RM # 438, SK
  Jeffrey Cemetery   Baildon RM # 131, SK
  Jehovah's Witness Cemetery   Calder RM # 241, SK
  Jensen Cemetery   Viscount RM # 341, SK
  John Bolley Homestead Cemetery   Willow Bunch RM # 42, SK
  John Davis Homestead Cemetery   Willow Bunch RM # 42, SK
  Johnson Cemetery   Canaan RM # 225, SK
  Johnson Cemetery   Enniskillen RM # 3, SK
  Johnson Cemetery   Laurier RM # 38, SK
  Johnson Cemetery   Lake Alma RM # 8, SK
  Johnson Cemetery   Rodgers RM # 133, SK
  Johnson Cemetery   Rosedale RM # 283, SK
  Jonat Cemetery   Orkney RM # 244, SK
  Jordan River / Arborfield Old Cemetery   Arborfield RM # 456, SK
  Josephstal Catholic Cemetery   Happyland RM # 231, SK
  Jost Cemetery   Piapot RM # 110, SK
  June Rose Cemetery   Wood Creek RM # 281, SK
  Justrabo Cemetery   Poplar Valley RM # 12, SK

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