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St Cyprien Cemetery, Meadow Lake RM # 588, SK

Community: Meadow Lake
Township: SW 24-59-17 W3
Locality: Meadow Lake RM # 588
Municipality: North West
Province: SK
GPS: 54.108925,-108.424224

Established in 1909, St Cyprien Cemetery was the first in Meadow Lake. The land was donated by Agnes (Morin) Delaronde and named in honour of her father Cyprian Morin. Her husband, William Delaronde was the first burial in 1909.

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery. They are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones, and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Indexed by Darlene LaFlamme

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    ADELLE, Marie  
    AFFIE, Hazel  
    ARNAULT, Clarence  
    AUBICHON, Cecile  
    AUBICHON, Charles  
    AUBICHON, George  
    AUBICHON, John Baptiste  
    AUBICHON, Silvia Mary  
    AUCLAIR, Marie Angelique  
    AUSTIN, Madeleine Maude  
    BALDINUS, Francis  
    BALDINUS, Philippe  
    BAUMAN, Frank  
    BEAR, (girl)  
    BEAR, Cecile  
    BEAR, Celestine  
    BEAR, Helen  
    BEAR, James  
    BEAR, Johnny  
    BEAR, Jules  
    BEAR, Louis  
    BEAR, Louise  
    BEAR, Marianne  
    BEAR, Marie  
    BEAR, Marie Cecile  
    BEAR, Michael  
    BEAR, Michel  
    BEAR, Pauteleau  
    BEAR, Philomene (Malboeuf)  
    BEAR, William  
    BEAUDRY, Jules  
    BELAND, Adrien  
    BELISLE, Wilfred  
    BERLAND, Virginia  
    BONNEAU, Cecile (Laboucane)  
    BOUCHER, J. Laurie Alex  
    BOUCHER, Marie Angile Cecile  
    BOURASSA, Louis  
    BOURASSA, Louis Joe  
    BOURASSA, Malvina (Boyer)  
    BOURASSA, Marie (Piche)  
    BOURGEOIS, Gregoire  
    BOYER, Felicite  
    BOYER, Malvina  
    BOYER, Marie Rose  
    BRASSARD, Marie Elizabeth  
    BRASSARD, Raymonde Cecile  
    BRIERE, Celina  
    BRIERE, Jeanne Bernadette  
    BRIERE, Marie Celina  
    BRUNEAU, Genevieve  
    BUSH, Harry  
    CAPLETTE, George  
    CARDINAL, Alex  
    CARDINAL, Marie  
    CAREY, Joe  
    CARON, Marie Angelique (Auclair)  
    CARTER, (baby girl)  
    CARTER, Georgina  
    CHAILLE, Marie Therese  
    CHARPENTIER, Louis  
    CHARRON, Charles  
    CHARTRAND, Marie Stella  
    CHATELAINE, Emma  
    CHATELAINE, Helen  
    CHATELAINE, Lawrence  
    CHATELAINE, Lizette  
    CHATELAINE, Marie Josephine  
    CHATELAINE, Marie Marguerite  
    CHATELAINE, Mary  
    CHEZE, Marcel  
    COLLINS, Marguerite  
    COLLINS, Maxime  
    COOPER, Henriette  
    D'LUGAS, Mary Louise  
    DELARONDE, Emile  
    DELARONDE, Marie Catherine  
    DELARONDE, William  
    DELORME, Joseph  
    DESJARLAIS, Aline  
    DESJARLAIS, Angelica  
    DESJARLAIS, Benjamin  
    DESJARLAIS, Henriette (Quintal)  
    DESJARLAIS, Jean Baptiste  
    DESJARLAIS, Lizette  
    DESJARLAIS, Louis Andrew  
    DESJARLAIS, Marie  
    DESJARLAIS, Marie Ann  
    DESJARLAIS, Marie Cecile  
    DESJARLAIS, Patrice  
    DESJARLAIS, Peter  
    DESJARLAIS, William  
    DESMARAIS, Angelique  
    DESMARAIS, J. Alfred  
    DESMARAIS, Marie Celeste  
    DESMARAIS, Marie Lizette  
    DESMARAIS, Vital  
    DOUITILLE, Celeste  
    DUCHARME, Alfred Alex  
    DUCHARME, Edward  
    DUCHARME, Joseph  
    DUCHARME, Joseph Hyacinth  
    DUCHARME, Marie  
    DUCHARME, Marie (Bear)  
    DUFRESNE, Marie (Cardinal)  
    DUHAIME, Louise  
    DUMAIS, Emilien  
    DUPUIS, Paul  
    EVANS, James Edward  
    EVANS, Josephine  
    EVANS, Josephine Arlene  
    FIDDLER, Jean Baptiste  
    FIDDLER, Mary Gloria  
    FIDDLER, Mirelda  
    FILLION, Louise (Duhaime)  
    FISHER, Etiene  
    FITZEL, Ludwig  
    FLAHR, Agnes Suzanne  
    FLAMMOND, Germaine  
    FLAMMOND, Helen (Malaterre)  
    FLAMMOND, Margaret  
    FLAMMOND, Mary Lillian  
    FLAMMOND, Oliver  
    FORTIN, Fredric  
    FOY, Edward  
    GAGNON, Amanda  
    GAGNON, Arthur  
    GALGAN, Josephine (Evans)  
    GERVAIS, (baby)  
    GERVAIS, Maxime  
    GERVAIS, Melanie  
    GERVAIS, Peter  
    GINGRAS, Anne Marie  
    GOTTLOB, John B.  
    GRATTON, (baby)  
    HARRIOT, Louise  
    HAZLETT, Mary  
    HENDERSON, James  
    HENDERSON, Jules  
    HIPKISS, Therese  
    HOULE, (baby)  
    HOULE, Agnes (Ladoucier)  
    HOULE, Alfred Leslie  
    HOULE, Mary Therese  
    KENNEDY, Agnes  
    KIRBY, Albert Edward  
    KOSLOSKI, Tony  
    KRAWEZE, (baby girl)  
    KRAWEZE, Anna  
    L'HEUREUX, Raymond  
    LABOSSIERE, (baby)  
    LABOUCANE, Cecile  
    LADOUCIER, Agnes  
    LAFOND, (baby)  
    LAFOND, Angelique  
    LALIBERTE, Cecile  
    LALIBERTE, J. Ernest Wm.  
    LANDRY, Antoinette  
    LANDRY, Damas  
    LANDRY, Genevieve (Bruneau)  
    LANDRY, George  
    LANDRY, Joseph  
    LANDRY, Virginia (Berland)  
    LANDRY, William  
    LANOUE, Leonard  
    LANOUE, Louis  
    LAROCQUE, William  
    LARONDE, Leonard  
    LAVALLEE, Arthur  
    LAVALLEE, Ernest  
    LAVALLEE, Marie (Quintal)  
    LAVALLEE, Moses  
    LAVALLEE, Pierre  
    LAVALLEE, Rene Howard  
    LEBLANC, Ambrose  
    LEBLANC, Felix Paul  
    LEBLANC, Victoria  
    LECKLINKER, Pelagie  
    LEFORT, Joseph Aimee  
    LEHOUX, (baby)  
    LEHOUX, Amanda (Gagnon)  
    LEVEILLE, Edward  
    LOUIS, Sader  
    MALATERRE, Helen  
    MALBOEUF, David  
    MALBOEUF, Emma  
    MALBOEUF, Joseph P. Ernest  
    MALBOEUF, Philomene  
    MALBOEUF, Rosaline  
    MARTEL, Marie Louise  
    MATCHEE, John Baptiste  
    MATCHEE, Joseph  
    MATCHEE, Marie  
    MATCHEE, Marie Adeline  
    MAURICE, Lillian  
    McCALLUM, Cecile  
    McCORDIC, James Arthur  
    McCORDIC, John  
    McDONALD, Marie (Robinson)  

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