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Engelfeld Union Cemetery, St Peter RM # 369, SK

Engelfeld Union Cemetery
Street Address: 1st Ave NW
Community: Englefeld
Township: SE 09-37-19 W2
Locality: St Peter RM # 369
Municipality: East Central
Province: SK
GPS: 52.163371,-104.657589

Municipal cemetery. Established 1913.

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Indexed by Julia Adamson

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    ALTERMATT, Margaret  
    ALTERMATT, Robert  
    ANDERSON, Clara L  
    BERNIOE, Eleanora Strome  
    CHAPPELL, Mabel  
    CHAPPELL, Minnie M  
    CHAPPELL, Mosendue  
    CHAPPELL, Thomas  
    DALE, Alfred  
    DALE, Mary  
    DALE, Nels O.  
    DALKE, (Mr)  
    DAYTON, Robert Andrew  
    DETWILLER, Charles  
    DETWILLER, Martha  
    EBERLE, Clarence  
    HARTMAN, Conrad  
    HINKLEY, (baby)  
    HONE, Sylvester Francis  
    HUDSON, Cecil  
    HUDSON, Darla M  
    HUDSON, Leonard E  
    JAKOB, Rosa  
    JAKOB, Walter  
    JOHNS, John E.  
    JOHNS, Lillie  
    KNACKSTEDT, August J  
    KNACKSTEDT, Marie E  
    KNACKSTEDT, Sophia A  
    LINELL, Anna  
    LOWE, William A  
    MIDDLEMASS, Muriel Dorothy  
    MISKOSKY, J., Mrs.  
    NEIGHBOR, (Miss)  
    NEIGHBOR, Emily  
    NOWLIN, L.R.  
    PEARCE, Harold S  
    PEARCE, Mabel  
    PEARCE, Samuel  
    PENDLE, Donald John  
    PENDLE, Frank  
    PENDLE, Katharine (Reay)  
    REAY, David  
    REAY, Katharine  
    REAY, Malcolm  
    REAY, Margaret Ann  
    REAY, Thomas C  
    RUPERT, Annie C  
    RUPERT, Elmer M  
    SCHUMAN, Frank  
    STIENER, (Mrs)  
    STROME, Astor S  
    STROME, Eleanora Frances  
    STROME, Erwin  
    STROME, Faith  
    STROME, Julia M  
    STROME, Lorne Snider  
    STROME, Luella Caroline  
    STROME, Mabel  
    STROME, Nelson  
    TAYLOR, Alex  
    TAYLOR, Mary  
    TAYLOR, Murdo R  
    THARP, Emma  
    THARP, Josiah Smith  
    WATSON, Edith  
    WATSON, Robert  
    WILLIAMS, Agnes A  
    WILLIAMS, Clara  
    WILLIAMS, George T.  
    WILLIAMS, Harold  
    WILLIAMS, John W  
    WILLIAMS, Minnie M  
    WILLIAMS, Morris J  
    WILLIAMS, Walter  

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