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Wawota Community Cemetery, Wawken RM # 93, SK

Wawota Community Cemetery
Street Address: Hwy 48
Community: Wawota
Township: NE 12-11-01 W2
Locality: Wawken RM # 93
Municipality: South East
Province: SK
GPS: 49.901024,-102.007092

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  • Julia Adamson
  • A Flight Through Time. Wawota and District History. Volume I. 1994. ISBN 1-55056-124-3.

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Indexed by Maureen Jensen; Julia Adamson of Saskatchewan GenWeb

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    ABRAHAM, William John  
    AHEARN, M.  
    AITKEN, Beatrice Jesse  
    ALLISON, Alexander W.  
    ALLISON, Edna Charlotte  
    ALLISON, Nellie  
    ALSTON, Ann Brown Nevin  
    ALSTON, David  
    AMES, Fred  
    ANDERSON, (unnamed)  
    BAKER, Derby  
    BAKER, Elaine Jean  
    BAKER, L.  
    BAKER, Sadie  
    BAKER, William  
    BANISTER, Muriel  
    BARNES, (unnamed)  
    BEGGS, Gordon  
    BEGGS, Roberta  
    BENNER, Alfred  
    BENNER, Elizabeth  
    BENNER, George  
    BENNER, Gladys  
    BENNY, William  
    BIRD, Frank  
    BLACK, Lillian  
    BLACK, Lorraine  
    BLACK, Paul  
    BLACK, Timothy  
    BLOCK, Katherine  
    BOGNER, Ellen  
    BOGNER, John  
    BONAR, James  
    BORRETT, Arthur  
    BORRETT, Louisa  
    BOURGON, Beatrice  
    BOURGON, George  
    BOURQUE, Irene Faye  
    BOURQUE, Joe  
    BOURQUE, Sarah Jane  
    BRAYFORD, Frank  
    BRICKER, Mary  
    BRICKER, Matilda  
    BRICKER, Mysiah Snider  
    BRICKER, Stanley  
    BROCKMAN, E. St. Leger  
    BROCKMAN, Henry B.  
    BROCKMAN, Mame  
    BROCKMAN, Percival  
    BROCKMAN, Sarah E.  
    BRODIE, Sarah  
    BRODIE, Walter  
    BUNCH, William  
    CAMERON, Amelia  
    CAMERON, John  
    CAMERON, Ruth M.  
    CAMPBELL, Emily  
    CAMPBELL, Robert John Henry  
    CHRISTOPHER, Edward  
    CHRISTOPHER, Margaret  
    CLARKE, Charlie  
    CLARKE, Priscilla  
    CLEMENTS, Clifford  
    CLEVELAND, Edward  
    COBBE, Fred  
    COBBE, Mannie  
    COFFEY, Basil  
    COFFEY, Beatrice Jesse (Aitken)  
    COLEMAN, Gordon  
    COLEMAN, Mabel  
    COLSON, John  
    COMEAU, Nellie Marion  
    CORKISH, (infant)  
    CORKISH, Shelly  
    CORNWELL, Caroline  
    CORNWELL, George  
    COTTERILL, Godfrey  
    COTTERILL, Lillian  
    COURAGE, Alice  
    COURAGE, Philip  
    COURAGE, Stella  
    CRAMPEAN, Rhoda Alice  
    CREW, Herbert Augustus  
    CROWHURST, Anna Maria  
    CROWHURST, John  
    CURRIE, Eva  
    CURRIE, Nelson  
    DAVIES, Edward  
    DAVIES, Ellen M.  
    DAVIES, James  
    DAVIES, Keith  
    DAVIS, Clive  
    DAVIS, Frank  
    DAVIS, Roger Allan  
    DAVIS, Wilhelmina  
    DENEVERS, Allan  
    DENEVERS, Bertha  
    DENEVERS, Edouard Allan Victor   1937 - 2012
    DENNIS, F. Les  
    DENNIS, Irene  
    DICKSON, David  
    DICKSON, Isobel  
    DRINNAN, Dixie  
    DRINNAN, Wilf  
    DRUMM, Barry Alan  
    DRUMM, Douglas  
    DRUMM, Elizabeth  
    DRUMM, Gladys  
    DRUMM, Harold John  
    EASTON, Alex  
    EASTON, Irene  
    FARQUHAR, James  
    FORD, Clifford  
    FORD, George A.  
    FORD, Isabella K.  
    FORD, Kenneth George  
    FORD, Ronald  
    FORD, Thomas James  
    FRITH, Norman  
    GABEL, Rosemary  
    GARRATT, Agnes  
    GARRATT, Garry J.  
    GARRATT, Jim  
    GARRATT, Malcolm Henry  
    GARRATT, Martin  
    GARVEY, Bernard "Bert"  
    GOERTZ, Peter Martin  
    GOODEN, Verne  
    GRAHAM, Leonard  
    GRAINGER, George  
    GREENBANK, Jason  
    GREENBANK, Jessie  
    GREENBANK, Robert  
    GREENBANK, William "Bill"  
    HABEL, Andy  
    HALDENBY, Isabella  
    HALDENBY, John H.  
    HALDENBY, Les  
    HAMBLETON, Lorne  
    HAMPSHAW, Florence  
    HAMPSHAW, Robert Hilliard  
    HARRIS, Archie B.  
    HARRIS, Delia  
    HARRIS, Henry  
    HARRIS, Shirley  
    HATFIELD, Frances Rebecca  
    HATFIELD, L.  
    HENRY, Nathaniel  
    HIRST, Ethel Faye  
    HOLLOWAY, Caroline Olive  
    HOLLOWAY, Ernest  
    HOLMSTROM, Helge  
    HOLMSTROM, Kelly  
    HOLTE, Alf  
    HOLTE, Lucy  
    HOPKINSON, Elizabeth May  
    HOPKINSON, Emily  
    HOPKINSON, Francis  
    HOPKINSON, George  
    HOPKINSON, Leonard  
    HOUSE, Frank  
    HOUSE, Joan  
    HOUSE, Mildred  
    HOWARTH, Raymond  
    HUNTER, Dave  
    HUSBAND, Ernest  
    HUSBAND, G. Wellington  
    HUSBAND, John Wm.  
    HUSBAND, Kathleen  
    HUSBAND, Lavina  
    HUTCHISON, Amos  
    HYDE, Clara  
    HYDE, E. Benjamin  
    HYDE, Thomas R.  
    JACKLIN, John E.  
    JACKLIN, Lorena  
    JANE, Norman  
    KERR, Carson  
    KERR, Mary  
    KETCHESON, Doris  
    KETCHESON, Gordon  
    KEYES, William E.C.  
    KIRK, Charles  
    KIRK, Charles E.  
    KIRK, Gerald  
    KIRK, Susan  
    KNUTH, Johannes  
    LAIDLAW, Florence  
    LAIDLAW, John G.  
    LAMB, John  
    LAMB, Wes  
    LAROSE, Bessie  
    LAROSE, Dorothy  
    LAROSE, Ellen  
    LAROSE, Melvin  
    LAST, Frederick  
    LAUGHLIN, Dorothy Jane  
    LAUGHLIN, Eleanor  
    LAUGHLIN, George  
    LAUGHLIN, John  

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