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  Ubezhdenie (Linden Valley) Cemetery , Cote RM # 271, SK
  Uhrynow / Parchomas Cemetery , Redberry RM # 435, SK
  Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery , Livingston RM # 331, SK
  Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery , Porcupine RM # 395, SK
  Ukrainian Greek Catholic Cemetery , Prince Albert RM # 461, SK
  Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Cemetery , Colonsay RM # 342, SK
  Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Cemetery , Prince Albert RM # 461, SK
  Ukrainian Marker Site , Grant RM # 372, SK
  Ukrainian Peoples Cemetery , St Philips RM # 301, SK
  Ukrainian Pioneer Cemetery , Sliding Hills RM # 273, SK
  Ulmer Cemetery , McLeod RM # 185, SK
  Union Hills Cemetery , McCraney RM # 282, SK
  Unique Church Cemetery , Clayton RM # 333, SK
  Unnamed Roman Catholic Cemetery , Good Lake RM # 274, SK
  Unsworth Cemetery , Piapot RM # 110, SK
  Unwin / Beechwood Cemetery , Manitou Lake RM # 442, SK
  Upex Cemetery , Invermay RM # 305, SK
  Uranium City Cemetery , Far North, SK
  Uspenie Cemetery , Livingston RM # 331, SK

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