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Add a new cemetery
Is there an Ontario cemetery missing from our list of Ontario cemeteries? First, please double check by browsing by cemetery name and by locality to ensure the cemetery isn't listed under a different name. Once you've confirmed it's not listed please fill out our 'add a cemetery' form

Adding information to an existing cemetery
Please locate the cemetery in question and use the form available on the top right of that page. This ensures the new information is added to the correct cemetery.


In order to ensure corrections are applied to the appropriate cemetery please only submit corrections from the page where the error is located.

Cemetery Corrections
Locate the cemetery, click on the 'Additions/Corrections' link located on the right side of each cemetery page.

Name Index Corrections
Locate the name or cemetery, click on the name in question and fill out the form below the information/photo.


(Read more about being a lookup volunteer)

How a lookup offer works: Your name & e-mail address will be posted on this website with the cemetery/cemeteries you wish to offer lookups for. If a visitor to this website is interested in your offer they will contact you directly and you would fulfill or decline their request privately.

To offer a lookup locate the cemetery, click on the 'Offer a Lookup' link located on the right side of each cemetery page.


(Read more about sharing photos)

Have photos from a Canadian cemetery? Live near a cemetery or willing to travel to one?

Before sending in photos or heading out to a cemetery, please:

  • Check the cemetery in question to see if photos are already available.
  • Make us aware of your intent to photograph a cemetery in order to ensure another volunteer isn't already working on the same cemetery.

To offer photos locate the cemetery, click on the 'Submit Photos' link located on the right side of each cemetery page. If the cemetery is not on our list please let us know.

We only accept photos from the photographer. Please do not send photos you've obtained from others.


(Read more about being a transcriber)

Have you compiled a transcript or index of a Canadian cemetery and wish to have it posted on this website? To offer a transcript or index locate the cemetery, click on 'Submit Transcript' located on the right side of each cemetery page.

We can only accept transcriptions compiled by the submittor. If you did not create the transcript yourself, please do not send.