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Surname (Time Period) Area of Ontario
AVERY (1850-1950) Durham County
CARSON (1845-1901) Durham County
CORKER (about 1835-1865) Durham County, Port Hope
COWAN (1860-1960) Durham County
DOHERTY (1820-present) Durham & Ontario Counties
GRAHAM (1830-1900) Durham County, Orono and Pontypool
GROSE (1840-1900) Northumberland/Durham/Ontario/Wellington Ctys
HARRINGTON (1800-present) Durham & Ontario Counties
HEMPHILL (1845-1900) Durham County
HOPKINS (1844-1950) Durham County
HUTCHISON (1836- 1922) Clarke Twp., Durham County
LENT (1869-1969) Durham County
MCLELLAN (1841-2007) Durham County
NIDDERY (1800-1945) Durham County
PORTER (1819-Present) Manvers Township, Durham
RITSON (1800-1880) Durham County: Oshawa/Whitby
SHERIDAN (1791-1895) Durham,Simcoe,York Counties
STEWART (1834-1897) Durham and Simcoe,


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