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Surname (Time Period) Area of Ontario
BEIRNES (1833- present) Wellington County, Waterloo County, Huron County,Grey County,Muskoka District,Middlesex County
BOTHWELL (1830-1930) Grey County Sydenham Township
BROWN (1850-1950) Grey
DISNEY (1881 - 1918) Bentinck Twp., Grey County
GALLOWAY (1823-1900) Grey County
HARE/HAIR (1810 - 1865) Hornings Mill, Melancthon Twp, Grey Co.
IDLE (1860-2006) Grey County
JACKLIN (1845-1862) Grey Co
MCCAW (1848-1970) Grey County and Wellington County
MCLEAN (1853-1881) Grey County
MERRIAM (1790 - 2006) Northimberland, Grey, Kent, and Any Others
O'HEARN (1854-1901) Grey, Irish Lake, Glenelg Township
OLMSTEAD (1850=1950) Grey
PARKER (1857-1900) Grey County/Owen Sound
PATTERSON (1850-1930) Grey County
SMITH (1854-1950) Grey Co., Proton Twp.
SPIKER (1800's) Grey County
UMBACH (1843-2000) Grey County and Waterloo County
VAN WYCK (1800-1910) Grey County
WILCOX (1840-1950) Grey/St Vincent
WILSON (1832-1890) Wellington, Perth, and Grey County


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