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Surname (Time Period) Area of Ontario
BULLARD (abt. 1837) Perth County
CARROLL (1840-1858) Perth County, Downie / Blanchard /Startford
CLARK (1890 onward) Perth
CROZIER (1838-1930's) Perth
DE LAUCHE (1911-1944) Perth County
FOSTER (1841 - present) Perth Co., Bruce Co., Kent Co.,
LAIRD (1860s-1900s) Perth Co
MCFADDEN (1820-1900) Perth County
MOORE (1906) Perth County
O'LEARY (1860-1910) London/Middlesex Co, Stratford/Perth Co.
RANKIN (1830 - 1847) Perth County, Gore Of Downie
STANYER (1835-present) Perth County
TREACY (1836-1868) Perth County, Downie / Blanchard /Startford
WILSON (1830 1868) Perth County
WILSON (1832-1890) Wellington, Perth, and Grey County


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