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Surname (Time Period) Area of Ontario
BAILEY (1825-1850) All of Ontario
BAILEY (1881 - now) York County
BAINES (1820-1900) York County
BAKER (1850-1930) Bruce County
BAKER (1750-1850) Hastings County
BAKER (1745-1830) Dundas County
BAKER (1870-1940) Middlesex
BALLEUX (1950-2006) All of Ontario
BANKES (1800-Present) Middlesex County
BARR (1890-present) SE Ontario
BARR (1840-1870) All of Ontario
BARRON (1900-present) York County
BARWELL (1874-PRESENT) All of Ontario
BEARDSALL (1851-1900) Simcoe County
BEATY (1834-2000's) Hastings County
BEEDLE (1855-1955) Middlesex
BEILHARTZ (1880-2006) Algoma District
BEIRNES (1833- present) Wellington County, Waterloo County, Huron County,Grey County,Muskoka District,Middlesex County
BELL (1825-1915) Algoma District
BELL (1825-1880) Victoria County
BELL (1860-1960) York County Toronto
BELL (1850-1950) Mersea Twp., Essex County
BELL (1830-1930) Kent County
BEMIS (1852-1990) Wellington
BLACK (1830-1930) Cobourg, Northumberland County
BLACKBURN (1899-1999) York County
BLEWETT (1850-1918) Victoria County
BOAL (1816) Lanark
BOISSONEAU (1847-1925) Algoma District
BONAR (1850-1900) Peterborough County
BORDEN (1858-1927) Laxton Twp, Victoria County
BOTHWELL (1830-1930) Grey County Sydenham Township
BOUCHER (1933-2006) All of Ontario
BOYCE (about 1800's) Frontenac Countyboyce
BOYD (1828-1910) Hastings County
BOYD (1850-1999) Wentworth
BOYLE (1860-2006) Hasting Co. / Bangor Twp.
BRACE (1830-1883) Huron County
BRACKENBURY (1850-1900) Elgin County
BRANDON (1800 - 1865) Lennox & Addington County
BREZEE (1800-1880) All of Ontario
BRICE (1875-1900) Lanark South
BRISBOIS (1850-2006) Peterborough County
BROCKIE (1837-present) Wellington County, Bruce County
BROWN (1840 - 1940) Hastings
BROWN (1850-1950) Grey
BROWN (1930-1970) Prince Edward County, Consecon
BROWN (1860-present) York County
BROWN (ABT 1840-1871) Wentworth County, Maybe Barton Twp
BRYAN (abt. 1783-1805) Stormont/Cornwall
BUCK (1790-1850) Townsend Twp., Norfolk
BULLARD (abt. 1837) Perth County
BULLOCK (1870-1940) Middlesex
BURKE (1857) Hastings
BURKE (1810-present) Victoria County
BURNSIDE (1837-present) Wentworth County
BURR (1850-1900) Kent County
BURRIDGE (1855-1900) Wentworth County
BUTLER (1830's-1900) Essex County
BYRNE (1847-1900) Leeds and Grenville Counties


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