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Surname (Time Period) Area of Ontario
LABALLISTER (1850-present) York County
LADOUCEUR (1800-1900) Essex
LAIRD (1860s-1900s) Perth Co
LANDON (1785-1999) Lansdowne
LANGFORD (1850-1939) Parry Sound District
LAPP (1800-present) Ontario County
LARBALESTIER (1850-present) York County
LAVIGNE (1900-1955) Russell County
LAWSON (1840-1900) Haldimand County
LAWSON (1790-Present) Northumberland County
LEACH (1850-1887) Huron County
LEBANNISTER (1850-present) York County
LEE (1880-present) Ontario County
LEES (1878-1970) York
LEFFLER (1800-2007) All of Ontario
LEGAULT (1850-1940) All of Ontario
LEITH (1800-1930) All of Ontario
LENG (1800-1860) Huron County
LENT (1869-1969) Durham County
LEONARD (1800-1900) Brant County
LESLIE (1933-2006) All of Ontario
LEWIS (1855-1950) Wellington
LINDSAY (1800-1925) Haliburton County: Snowdon Township
LINDSAY (1806-1883) Melancthon Twp, Dufferin County
LINDY (1930-1940) Elgin
LINEHAM (1865-1890) Kent County
LISCOMB (1800-2007) Victoria County
LITTLE (1800-1880) Prescott County, East Hawkesbury Twp
LIVINGSTON (1850-1900) Frontenac County
LONGWORTH (1900-present) Wentworth County
LOVELESS (1872-1884) SW Ontario
LOWDEN (1847-2000) Wentworth
LOWREY (1803 - 1850) Windham Twp., Norfolk Co.
LOWRY (1830-1840) Simcoe/Tecumseth
LOWRY (1865-present) Elgin County
LUFF (1880-present) York County
LUNDY (1840-1920) Grenville County
LYNCHKE (1885-1940) Carleton
LYNCHKE (1880 -1940) Carleton County


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