When in Ontario: 1840-1930
Where in Ontario: All of Ontario
Looking for any and all information on Jane Knight - born (? 1846 - ?, Ontario, Canada) - died 19 Oct 1925 - Vancouver B.C., Canada) - was married to William Curry (date unknown) - he was born (? 1843) - Sidney Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada) - died 6 Oct 1912 - Vancouver, B.C., Canada - only have one child listed - James Wilmont Curry (my grandfather on my mother's side)would like and and all information - any other children born to the family - birth dates, death dates, locations, parents names, children and all relative information on them also. Thank YOU!

Submitted 2006-07-17 by John Forsloff, (click here for e-mail box)

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