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The Dickhout Family
Johann Heinrich Dickhaut b: 1754 Dudenhofen, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany d: 1804 PA. Married Anna Catharina Teigert 1778 NY b: 1754 d: 1830 York Co., ON.
1. Veronica (Fronica) Dickhaut/Dickhout b: 1779
2. Dorothea Dickhaut/Dickhout b: 1780. Married Jacob Seip
3. John Henry Dickhaut/Dickhout b: 1782. Married Elizabeth Clark
4. Elizabeth Dickhaut/Dickhout (Not a "proven" child in this family!) b: 1783 PA d: Abt 1859 Lee Co., IL. Married Jacob Miller Abt 1799 most likely Welland or Wentworth Co., ON b: 1776 Prussia (Germany) d: ON
5. Daniel Dickhaut/Dickhout b: 1785 d: 1859. Married Catharine Kilmer d: 1840 (buried Lowbank Cem)
6. Catherine Dickhaut/Dickhout b: 1788 d: infancy
7. George Dickhaut/Dickhout b: 1788 d: infancy
8. Catherine Dickhaut/Dickhout b: 1790. Married Thomas Morden
9. Barbara Dickhaut/Dickhout b: 1791
10. John Dickhaut/Dickhout b: 1796 d: 1875. Married Sarah Clark d: 1872
11. William Peter Dickhaut/Dickhout b: 1797. Married Amy Kinnear.

Johann Heinrich "Henry" Dickhaut is presumed to be the son of Franziscus "Franz" Dickhaut and Johanette Dorothea Ottilia. Franz was the son of Joh. Leonhard Dickhaut and Anna Christine, the fifth of seven children.

Further information on this family is appreciated. Send via the e-mail form below.

My Dickhout connection:
1 Joh. Leonhard Dickhaut b: Abt 1684 d: 20 Aug 1739
+Anna Christine b: Abt 1682 d: 3 Dec 1739
... 2 Franziscus "Franz" Dickhaut b: 23 Oct 1716 Germany? d: 26 Jun 1792
... +Johanette Dorothea Ottilia m: 1 Feb 1740/41 b: Abt 1704 d: 13 Oct 1771
...... 3 Johann Heinrich "Henry" Dickhaut b: 11 Feb 1754 Germany d: 8 Mar 1804 PA
...... +Anna Catharina Teigert m: 16 Aug 1778 NY b: 1754 d: 25 Nov 1830 ON
......... 4 Elizabeth Dickhaut/Dickhout b: 16 Nov 1783 PA d: IL
......... +Jacob Miller m: Abt 1799 ON b: 28 Aug 1776 Prussia (Germany) d: 16 Nov 1848 ON

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