1881 Stanhope Twp, Peterborough
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LAC # C-13240
LDS # 1375876
District: Peterborough East
District No: 125
Sub-District: Stanhope & Sherburne & McClintock Twps
Sub-District No: j
Includes Sherborne Twp & McClintock Twp (Haliburton Co)

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   This transcript has not been proofread, you can verify the information in this transcript by viewing the census images at Library & Archives Canada

What do the headings mean?
Aikins James
Allen Joe
Archer Annie
Archer Caroline May
Archer Elisa Jane
Archer Henrietta
Archer John
Archer Rebecca
Archer Thos. E.
Armstrong Geo.
Armstrong Jane
Armstrong Margt.
Bailey Ann
Bailey Elisa Jane
Bailey Noa John
Bailey Richd.
Bailey Richd. M.
Baillin? Mary Ann
Baillin? Richd. T.
Baillin? Thos.
Ball Thomas
Bank Adeline
Bank Chas. H.
Bank Claria
Bank Ellin M.
Bank Elmira Jane
Bank Gedion
Bank Geo. (Burk?)
Barclay Wm.
Barnum Annett
Barnum Emma
Barnum Idia
Barnum John
Barnum John
Barnum Lyddia
Barnum Prsey?
Barnum Wm. Earnest
Barry Elisa
Barry Geo.
Barry Hiram J.
Barry James
Barry Mary Jane
Bate Geo. E.
Bate John
Bate Lenord
Bate Mary Ann
Beatty Alex.
Beatty Ann Jane
Beatty Joseph
Beatty Joseph
Beatty Margt.
Beatty Mary
Beatty Sarah
Beatty Wm.
Begg Agness
Begg Ann
Begg Ellen Ford
Begg Franklin
Begg Fredrick
Begg James
Begg Janet
Begg Mary E.
Begg Peter S.
Bell Annie
Bell John W.
Benson John
Benson Richd.
Billing Charity
Billing John H.
Blott Catharine
Blott Whitney W.
Bucannan Robt.
Buck Elisa J.
Buck James
Buck John
Buck Marion
Buck Mary
Buck Richd.
Buck Sarah
Bull Andrew
Bull Ann
Bull Daniel
Bull Sarah
Bull Wm.
Clancy Jacob
Clancy Jane
Clancy Rachel
Clancy Wm.
Clark Benj.
Clark John
Clarke Annie
Clarke Emily
Clarke Fanny
Clarke Geo.
Clarke Jane
Cole Ada Maud
Cole Bertha E.
Cole Carry May
Cole Ema Jane
Cole Geo. H.
Cole John James
Cole Louisa A.
Cole Luca Ida
Cole Richd.
Cole Sarah A.
Cole Sarah K.
Cole Zaciria
Cole Zaciria W.
Conners James
Cooper Alma
Cooper Fanny
Cooper Geo.
Cooper James
Cooper John A.
Cooper Mary Ann
Cooper May
Cooper Rebecca
Cooper Wm.
Cooper Wm.
Coulter Archie
Coulter Hugh
Coulter Hugh
Coulter James H.
Coulter Jane
Coulter Margt.
Coulter Margt.
Coulter Rachel
Coulter Wm. John
Craig John
Crawford Eliz.
Crawford John
Crawford John
Crawford Matilda
Damyon Ann
Damyon Chas.
Damyon James
Damyon Phobia
Damyon Wm.
Davis Caleb
Davis Eliz.
Davis Mary
Davis Phillip
Dawson Agness
Dawson Elden
Dawson Fredrica
Dawson John
Dawson Lewisa
Dawson Mrs. Peter
Dawson Peter
Dawson Richd.
Dawson Stephen
Deacon Alex.
Deacon H.S.
Deacon Margt. Jane
Deacon Nancy
Deacon Robert
Deacon Robt.
Deacon Wm. Henry
Demell Caroline
Demell Christina
Demell Eliz.
Demell Ellen
Demell Ellen Jane
Demell Flora Jane
Demell John
Demell Mary E.
Demell Rachel E.
Demell Simon N.
Demell Susan Ann
Demell Wm.
Ferguson Jane
Ferguson John
Ferguson Margt.
Ferguson Mary Jane
Ferguson Robt.
Ferguson Robt.
Ferrin (t?) Benj.
Ferrin (t?) Geo.
Ferrin (t?) Henrietta
Ferrin (t?) Henry (Ferrier)
Ferrin (t?) Maria
Ferrin (t?) Wm.
Fitzsimonds Andrew
Fitzsimonds Catharine
Fitzsimonds Catharine
Fitzsimonds Francis
Fitzsimonds Henry
Fitzsimonds Henry
Fitzsimonds James
Fitzsimonds Jane
Fitzsimonds Joseph
Fitzsimonds Lettia
Fitzsimonds Lissia
Fitzsimonds Mary
Fitzsimonds Rachel
Fitzsimonds Rebecca
Fitzsimonds Rh?bona
Fitzsimonds Robt.
Foot Bessie
Foot Fredrick
Foot Henry
Foot Mary Ann
Foot Nellie
Foot Wm.
Foot Wm. Henry
Gainer James
Gannon Daniel
Gannon Hugh
Gannon James
Gannon Janet
Gannon John
Gannon John James
Gannon Margt.
Gannon Rachel
Ghent Geo.
Goodman Ann
Goodman Ann
Goodman Eliz.
Goodman Eliz. Ann
Goodman Thos.
Goodman Wm.
Goodman Wm. Geo.
Green ?. Ellis
Grimmett? Annie
Grimmett? Daniel
Grimmett? Eliz.
Grimmett? Geo.
Grimmett? John
Grimmett? John
Grimmett? Martin
Grimmett? Tom T.
Hadden Ellen Jane
Hadden Geo. A.
Hadden Robt. James
Hardbottle James
Henderson Britannia
Henderson Geo.
Henderson Lillie
Henderson Rebecca
Henderson Ruben
Hewitt Albert Jas.
Hewitt Alex.
Hewitt Arthur
Hewitt Geo.
Hewitt Harriett
Hewitt James
Hewitt John
Hewitt Joseph
Hewitt Margt.
Holland Mary
Hoover Christie
Hoover Francis
Hoover Lewella
Horsley Allen
Horsley Annie
Horsley Ellie
Horsley Emma
Horsley Geo.
Horsley Henry
Horsley John
Horsley Minni
Johnston Annetta
Johnston Annie
Johnston Catharine
Johnston Clara
Johnston Edwin (Johnson?)
Johnston Elisa
Johnston Hannah
Johnston Hannah
Johnston Hannah
Johnston James
Johnston James
Johnston Jimima?
Johnston John
Johnston Margt.
Johnston Mary Catharine
Johnston Mary Jane
Johnston Matthew
Johnston Robt.
Johnston Rosie
Johnston Sussanah
Johnston Wm.
Johnston Wm. James
Johnston Wm. John
Jones Abigal
Jones Adiline
Jones Catharine
Jones Catharine
Jones Cordelia
Jones Elis.
Jones Eliz.
Jones Fanny M.
Jones Francis
Jones Francis
Jones Francis
Jones Geo. H.
Jones Geo. W.
Jones Lewella
Jones Margt.
Jones Phiobia
Jones Saml.
Jones Sarah
Jones Sarah
Jones Thos.
Jones Thos.
Jones Walter
Jones Willie
Jones Wm.
Jones Wm.
Jones Wm. Henry
Lachine Geo.
Loyd Ann Jane
Loyd David John
Loyd Elfred E.
Loyd Ellis Jones
Loyd Margt.
Loyd Mary E.
Loyd Miles Edward
Lunan Alex.
Lunan Rosia
McCaw Ellen Jane
McCaw John Allen
McCaw Mary Jane
McCaw Matthew
McCaw Robt.
McDonald Lewis
McDonald Mary
McDonald Mary
McDonald Matilda
McDonald Wm.
McIntyre Annie
McIntyre Clara
McIntyre Henry
McIntyre Nelson
McIntyre Sarah
McIntyre Wm.
McPhail Alfred
McPhail Chas.
McPhail Daniel H.
McPhail Duncan
McPhail Hugh
McPhail John
McPhail Olive
McPhail Sarah
McPhail Sarah K.
Melville Catharine
Melville James
Melville Wm. E.
Mon? Alfred
Mon? Clara
Mon? Margt.
Moore Alex.
Moore John
Moore Mary Ann
Moore Robt.
Moore Sarah
Moore Wm.
Moore Wm.
Moorey Hannah
Moorey Isaac
Phillips David Alvin
Phillips Dortha
Phillips Emily Agnes
Phillips Geo. A llan
Phillips Harriet E.
Phillips Harry D.
Phillips Mary Ann
Piper? Agness
Piper? Almida
Piper? Frank
Piper? Margt.
Piper? Willie
Piper? Wm.
Pritchard Eliz.
Pritchard Jane
Pritchard Joseph
Pritchard Rosanna
Ramey Charity
Ramey Edway (Remey)
Ramey John
Ramey John
Ramey Joseph
Ramey Mary
Rednor Derling
Rednor Eva
Rednor Mary
Rednor Rachel [Rednor]
Reid Alex.
Robertson Chas.
Robertson Geo.
Robertson Grieves
Robinson Emylina
Robinson Gertrude
Robinson Helen
Robinson Laura
Robinson Robt.
Robinson Thos.
Russell Benj.
Russell Geo. Albert
Russell Joseph A.
Russell Mary
Russell Rhuban
Sawyer Adam H.
Sawyer Benj.
Sawyer Benj.
Sawyer Chris.
Sawyer Elisa Jane
Sawyer Elisa Jane
Sawyer Geo. H.
Sawyer Hiram D.
Sawyer James
Sawyer Jas. Henry
Sawyer Lewella
Sawyer Lewisa
Sawyer Mary Agnes
Sawyer Mary Ellen
Sawyer Matilda
Sawyer Norman
Sawyer Phoebe
Sawyer Saml.
Sawyer Saml.
Sawyer Wm. John
Shrigley Albert
Shrigley Alfred
Shrigley Charlie
Shrigley Edith
Shrigley Jane
Shrigley Jas. B.
Shrigley Maud
Shrigley May
Simms Fanny
Simms Geo.
Simms Geo.
Simms Mary
Simms Saml.
Simms Saml.
Simms Violita
Simms Wm.
Sisson Albert
Sisson Alfred
Sisson Clara
Sisson Dawson
Sisson Dora
Sisson Edward
Sisson Edward
Sisson Elisa
Sisson Ellen
Sisson Emma
Sisson Emma
Sisson Henry
Sisson Herbert
Sisson Isabella
Sisson James
Sisson James
Sisson Jane
Sisson Jane
Sisson Jane
Sisson John
Sisson Lissie
Sisson Richd. H.
Sisson Sarah
Sisson Stephen
Sisson Thos.
Sisson Thos.
Sisson Tom Mc
Sisson Wm.
Smith Elisa
Smith Hannah
Smith Henry
Smith Isiac
Smith John A.
Smith Mabel
Smith Margt.
Smith Mary Ann
Smith Mary Jane
Stevens Elisa
Stevens Geo.
Stevens Robt.
Stuart Jane
Stuart Matilda
Stuart Robt.
Stuart Sarah
Stuart Wm. Henry
Suitor Wm. John
Taylor Dawson
Taylor Issabella
Taylor Jane
Taylor Margt.
Taylor Martha
Taylor Miriam
Taylor Nelson
Taylor Sarah
Taylor Wm.
Thomas Ann
Thomas Ann
Thomas Chas.
Thomas Elisa
Thomas Fanny
Thomas Francis
Thomas Fred.
Thomas Geo. Edward
Thomas Jane
Thomas John
Thomas John
Thomas Martha
Thomas Mary
Thomas Mary Jane
Thomas Susanah
Thompson Geo.
Thompson Geo.
Thompson Matthew
Thompson Robt. John
Thompson Sarah
Thompson Thos.
Trott Benj.
Trott Melina
Upton Alex.
Upton Edward
Upton James
Upton Lonso
Upton Milo
Upton Richd.
Upton Susan
Welsh Abigail
Welsh Mrs. Samuel
Welsh Wm.
Wessels Nelson
Wessels Owen
Wessels Owen
Wessels Sarah
Wheeler J.B.
Whittaker Chas. Edward
Whittaker Ellen Jane
Whittaker L.T.
Whittaker Malisa
Whittaker Martha Etta
Whittaker Mary E.
Whittaker Wm. Robt.
Wright Bowcecil
Wright Chas.
Wright Frances E.
Wright Margt.
Wright Margt.
Wright Walter Edward
Wright Wm.